Chapter 128
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Sam decided that he would stay within the sect for a while and meditate. It would be safer to keep a low profile for a while. At the same time, he will find out if they can find him.

He led Anna into the cultivation room and sat her down on a meditation mat.

Sam - It's best to meditate on this rug, if you get hungry or want to take a walk, you can distract yourself at any time and take a break.

Sam closed his eyes and began to meditate.

However, after only 4 months, he opened his eyes and looked at Anna with surprise.

It took Sam seven months to get to the Foundation Establishment. This despite the fact that he received a breakthrough pill from an old man.

But Anna recently became a cultivator of the Qi Condensation, Sam did not even have time to give her any pills for this stage at all. And now, after only 4 months, she is already at the stage of Foundation Establishment.

It was the first time he saw someone who is more talented than himself. He began to ardently remember whether he had offended Anna from the moment they first met. After a little thought, he could not remember anything like that.

All the same, with her cultivation speed, she will one day bypass Sam and leave him behind, he made a note of treating her better, just in case.

He thought that if, among the cultivators in the universe, people with such a talent come across at least one in a hundred billion, then he shouldn't go into the World sector at all, he will simply be mixed with shit there.

After all, how many star systems are there in one galaxy? Billions! How many planets? And how many cultivators are there on these planets? And this is only in one galaxy, not to mention the whole sector of galaxies.

Sam was slightly sour thinking about this. He sighed and dismissed those sad thoughts. At least he can become strong enough on this abandoned planet.

Sam - Congratulations on the breakout Anna.

Anna - Thank you, master.

Sam - Hmm, I have a couple of pills, I don't know if they will be of any use to you, perhaps when you break through to the Core Formation stage you will need it, in general, take it just in case.

Anna - Mmm.

Calmed down, Sam continued to meditate.

Only after a month and a half, Anna reached the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment. Sam decided not to be distracted and again plunged into meditation.

After another 4 months, she was already at the peak of the stage.

After almost 2 more years, Sam finally managed to get to the peak of the Core Formation stage.

During this time, no one bothered the sect, which means they never figured it out.

Of course, he was not very happy about his breakthrough, because Anna in front of him had also already reached the stage of Core Formation, and even broke through to the middle stage some time ago.

Sam smiled sweetly and once again congratulated this now ten-year-old girl, but inside he was certainly in shock.

Mason explained to him that mutations are not so rare in the World sector because there are more strong cultivators there.

The fact is that a mutation cannot always be detected at an early stage, for this you need at least a cultivator of the Spiritual Origin or some special means. And even so, mutations are different and not everyone will be able to notice them even at Spiritual Origin stage.

On the outskirts of the universe, like this planet, there are obviously no such cultivators. So even if someone with a mutation appeared on the planet, there is a high probability that no one simply could detect it, and it is not a fact that this person managed to survive until the day when the mutation manifested itself.

He still did not know if Anna had a mutation, although the probability was not small.

Sam - Anna, I'm going to leave for a while, you can stay here to meditate, but if it's boring, you go outside, teachers can tell a lot about different professions or spells, in general, everything that interests you.

Anna - Can I go with you?

Sam - You are already quite strong of course, only you have absolutely no combat experience, besides, you do not know any techniques of attack, defense, movement, and so on, so right now you are greatly lacking in this relationship.

- Here are all the techniques and spells that the masters of this sect had for spirit cultivators and also some of mine, you can learn whatever you want. Well, if something is not enough, you can ask around the teachers, maybe they will advise something. At the same time, I advise you to practice with the others in battle, even if you are stronger than them, you need any combat experience.

- In theory, all these techniques and spells are just ways to use your own cultivation in the right way. So if you want, you can modify the already known ones, or come up with your own, although I still know little about it, you will interrogate others.

- I hope that the day I will get back you will be strong enough to defeat even me. And then, even if I don't want to, I can't help but take you with me in the future. In fact, in my absence, you are in charge here, and you can say the master of the sect.

- Do you remember what I told you at the very beginning?

Anna - Yes, there are no kind and honest people, well, except for the master.