Extra #2: The in-laws
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Ragna had given birth, so the number of pets had risen to six. The four little ones had grown very slowly, but were now acting as scouts - they lived with Farin and would warn him long before anyone would be able to approach the hidden path when he went there.
Aware of how he could use this to heighten security, Farin decided to finally invite his family over.

After all, they had been pressing him for years, but he had refused to take the risk until the current situation. The pets had a long lifespan - forty or fifty years, even - but just like human children, they took years to grow independent. Besides, they didn't give birth to children often, so until Ragna had been pregnant and the little ones old enough, Lori and Alec had already gone to the capital for the one-year test period.

Finally, his friends and family had gathered around the ground near the path, staring at Alvarr who was just allowing himself to be gazed at like a statue, only his tail and ears moving.

"Fluffy", was Eylir's first comment that caused Skari to break out into laughter. "What? Look at him, he has fur, he does look fluffy!"
"And actually is", Farin responded, reaching out to scratch Alvarr's ear.
The gesture might have been humiliating for a human, given the situation, but Farin had observed the race for quite some time. Smoothing hair or fur, rubbing the ears or at the base of the horns were simple, loving gestures akin to humans holding hands or locking arms. It was fine to do whenever, and Farin had gotten used to it. Besides, Alvarr would often play with his hair when he was thinking, as well.

Alvarr smiled peacefully, tilting his head and then looking at the oldest two in the group - Farin's parents.
They didn't bow to him after Farin had informed everyone that bowing was something the Gods found rather weird.

"It's nice to finally meet you. Marrying is quite different for us, so I hope you're not angry I haven't introduced myself yet?"
In the passing years, Alvarr's knowledge of the human language had become so wide that he could talk perfectly smooth, rarely missing words.

Farin's mother smiled in delight, walking over to pull him into a hug. Behind her, Farin's father chuckled.

"Of course not! We are happy that Farin has you. It is showing that he loves you, and there's nothing parents wish for more than that their children can live a happy life."
Farin wasn't the first of the family to marry anyway - the oldest of his younger siblings had caught up and already found a husband.

"He will be living with you most of the time soon, so please watch out for him", Farin's father quietly said.

That was another reason for the meeting. After Lori and Alec would have married, and he had laid down his task, Farin planned on switching the time he was in and out of the mountain. He'd live with Alvarr and visit the outside when he wanted to. His family was going to keep one of Ragna's children so that it could inform Farin when his family wanted to meet up.

"Yes. You can visit, too, if you wish to. My village is close", Alvarr suggested, earning thoughtful glances as everyone wondered whether that was alright.
Farin stepped in with an awkward sound, hurriedly correcting. Alvarr wouldn't say anything contrary to him; besides, he had explained the situation in depth years ago.

"The servant's village. One of them is very close to the path."

The two oldest ones, Farin's parents, shook their heads, even though the rest looked very curious. Especially the youngest ones and the curious Skari deflated at their words.
"It's too dangerous. Farin might be tolerated, but we can't risk angering the Gods. It's kind of you to invite us, though", Farin's mother answered, her face relaxed.

The carrier was relieved to see that his parents were so calm. Obviously, they worried about their children's safety and wanted them to have a peaceful life, so they were slightly skeptical about Farin marrying someone of another race. Only with continuous coaxing over the years had they accepted the situation and now, seeing Alvarr in person, they had confirmed that he was a good partner.

"I'll visit you often, then. We might even-"

He stopped himself, then smiled.
Far to the east, weird creatures had been sighted. Humanoid beings that the humans believed were somehow linked to their Gods, or even lesser deities themselves. They avoided humans, but children and old people seemed have met them several times, or at least seen them from afar. 

If there were really new races appearing, then he might be able to leave with Alvarr and travel.
If humans could accept the 'foreign beings'.

A nice thought that, even if it would stay a dream, was still making them excited. The world was changing.

His family and friends had heard the news, too, as they had spread everywhere. 
They had all had the same thought: Maybe, just maybe, they could go out someday.

"If that day comes, take us along", Eylir declared, punching softly against Farin's arm. Skari nodded along.
"We'll go together."

"We will", Farin promised, pulling them into a heartfelt hug. He couldn't help but feel moved at their words.

"Four isn't too large a group, but it's not bad", Farin's mother agreed. "Better than two. It's good to have a group when traveling far."
Farin shrugged. "It might be more by then."

Everyone blinked in surprise.

The carrier opened his mouth and told them the news the old God had just told them recently.

In front of Farin, his mother squealed in delight.

Which you'll find out about in the next extra! Two more to go :) I'm moving, though, so I hope I can get them out in time...