Thoughts of The Empty
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What was she hiding from him?

Her master's words seemed to echo loudly within her heart. For the first time, Daiyu found her lips opened and closed without any effort to form the words she wanted to say. There was so much to say that it almost seemed like there was nothing to say at all.

It was all too much, it would be overwhelming to hear.

Her heart.

She was hiding her heart from him.

Daiyu bowed her head, but it no longer mattered since she no longer had a heart. Looking at her master in the eyes, Daiyu managed to push out her words, "What does Shifu think I'm hiding from you?"

The sect master found himself startled at her words. Yes. What was he hoping to hear from her? What did he want to hear? There was too much to ask that it seemed like there was nothing to ask at the same time.

"When did you change?" His voice was slightly shaky but clear. He noticed her changes these few days, but he never overthought of it. For her to transform and mature, it would be a pleasant thing. She would be able to take care of herself, and he wouldn't have to worry. He had thought that this child would be okay now, but now he found himself eating his words. She changed too much and far too quickly.

Daiyu paused.

Choosing her words carefully, she spat out the answer, "I had a dream. I was a butterfly that would fly endlessly in the air. Until one day, I looked back, and my wings were riddled with holes and wounds. Once I saw the defects, I fell from the sky. How strange was it that I flew so many days with those wounded wings and I flew so well. Yet once I happened to catch sight of them, I fell."

The sect master couldn't help but crease his eyebrows, his heart was unsettled, "This is your reason?"

Daiyu lowered her head, hiding her eyes, "This is my reason."

The sect master shook his head ever so lightly. Little Yu, you really changed.

There was no need for confrontation nor any need to push out the truth. People change as they pleased with the slightest shift of the wind. There didn't have to be a reason, and by the looks of it, he knew she wouldn't say. Nonetheless, seeing her hold back brought a slight sense of disappointment.

After all, she was the only child in the whole sect he raised with his very own hands. To have something that she couldn't even tell him— just how much did she change?

He sighed.

If she won't tell, he won't pry either.

"It is good you decided to change for the better... this old man is glad... In the future, if I'm ever gone, I wouldn't have to worry too much," There were so many pauses as he talked. It was like if he was also holding something back. He paused, "However, pushing yourself too much isn't good. You forced your body into deviation, leaving your body dried out of power."

Daiyu reached over to the wooden stand next to her bed and gently set down the now empty teacup, "This disciple knows."

You know? If you know, why push yourself too much? This child was harder to understand more and more.

"You need to take better care of your health. What else will I tell your mother?"

Daiyu's pupils shrank. It had been so long since the sect master ever mentioned of her mother. No matter how she asked, he would never tell.

Leave the past to the past, my child.

He would also often say that whenever she asked, and Daiyu would have to push down her brewing questions.

Daiyu nodded, "This disciple understands."

"Good," The sect master nodded his head. There was no room or the need to say anything else. Turning to Huizhong, who had been standing quietly with his head down, he tapped the top of Huizhong's head, "Watch your senior sister well."

With that, he stepped out of the room.

Daiyu sighed. Her eyes looked up, and she set her focus on the sky before her. As she was immersed in the view before her, a small tug on her sleeve brought her attention next to her.

"Senior sister."


Huizhong stopped, not knowing what to say. Finally, he looked up, "I'll get stronger. I won't make the same mistake I did today."

Daiyu frowned, her attention was caught, and she stared at Huizhong, "What mistake did you make?"

Huizhong dropped his head and started telling her all that happened after she fell unconscious. During the entire time, Daiyu didn't seem to have any change of expression. Huizhong found it was slightly frightening. Why was it that her eyes were always so dull?

"Is that so?"

Huizhong nodded.

"Who was the boy you speak of?"

"Older Brother Guiren."


How is everyone's Monday?