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So to all my dear readers: How should I start?

Long story short, you can say that I ran away.

Thinking back, I was really childish to do such an act. Perhaps, I was overwhelmed. Running through all the events that had occurred in my head, I feel ashamed.


This fluff had a reason and an excellent one at that.

I was fluffed out.

Let me explain, bit by bit.

So at the beginning of last summer, my dad got Lymes disease. [I did send out a post in all my MOS novels, but oh my god, after I recently checked my other work VBH, I realized I didn't post it there. My fault. So sorry QAQ! Please forgive me~]. The doctor he consulted with misdiagnosed it like a fever, rash, etc. Due to this mistake, my dad was on the wrong meds, and his heart stopped. We got him treated, then he was discharged. A few days after, he had a high fever and fainted. So he was back at the hospital. After spending more weeks there, he was then discharged again.


At about the same time, we discover that his business partner was doing shady things behind his back, and they ended up shutting down the business. His partner had planned to stop the business a year earlier but never informed my dad, so my dad continued to invest in it. It came to the point where we started to wonder where all the money had gone to.

After talking it out, they settled the issue. However, my dad was left with cleaning up the mess, but since he can't speak English, I took over.

Currently, I'm helping with the process of a lawsuit against the first doctor who misdiagnosed my dad.

And I understand most of this doesn't hold a lot of importance as it doesn't entirely concern the readers; instead, it's just me.

However, around the time that everything occurred, I was 18. A really childish 18. I was the only one who spoke English in my household, and suddenly I was thrown into situations I almost couldn't handle. I was breaking down with the translations, trying not to cry since I was so overwhelmed. I had to be the one who talked to the doctors, complete the paperwork, trying to end a contract early, etc. I really couldn't write due to how stressed I was.

After 3-4 months, everything started to calm down, I could have picked up writing around that time. However, my doubts began to stir up again. I had changed so much from the time I started writing this novel, could I even continue it? And even if I could, will I be welcomed?

And this fluff couldn't help but procrastinated; however, it wasn't for long.

But at some point, I stumbled back, and I felt inspired to continue.

I went back.

For MOS, starting from the first chapter, I edited and corrected all the mistakes I made when I was younger, as well as looking over the plot.

I have to say.

For MOS, my first 20+ chapters were riddled with so many mistakes.

I am so darn grateful for everyone who made it past all of that. There were just so many grammar mistakes, wrong use of terms, and weird wordings. Gosh, how did you guys made it through all that?!

As for VBH, I feel so guilty for not checking and realizing that I never posted a notice. I'm surprised at the number of readers I gained. I lacked so much detail within the plot since I wanted to focus on the emotional part. It must have bothered a lot of readers since it could have been confusing. I'll go back and correct that.

And somehow I'm back here again.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to understand.

I'm going to try my best and hopefully continue to improve so you can be proud of from waiting all that time.

I will try my best to get both novels up and running again starting Sunday. It might be every two days rather than the everyday system I had when I was in high school due to the fact I'm in college now.

Whew, I finished my main points, but I still feel like I lack a lot with my words. Even now, I'm scared of the reaction I'm going to receive. Either way, I made a promise to a reader that I was going to finish MOS, so I'm going to keep it.

Even if it's a long journey, please be patient with me. I'll also try to do the same with VBH.

Thank you~