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Not an update, but I have a request I hope all of you will be willing to hear out. [I just finished editing/adding/changing some of the chapters, so VBH should be set to go.] I started VBH because I wanted to push myself to do something new, something I had never experienced, and I was hoping to grow my writing skills.

I was inspired to write within this genre. [and some of my MOS readers know this]... but, actually, I'm not too fond of this type of style. However, that was my goal- to push myself. People always said that the more strongly you felt against something, the better it comes out in writing, whether you as the writer hate/love the topic.

When writing this, I noticed that the issue wasn't with the grammar/wording but rather the lack of details. The backstories were all over the place, and I can understand how the readers might have felt it was lacking.

Like wth? How did Guiren change his heart so fast? Why did he seem so brainless back then? Scum!

And I agree.

I was focusing on the idea of angst too profoundly on the idea that one side of the party had to be hurt, and it would allow the rest of the story to flow. So, I made a character [Guiren] too shallow just for the sake of it. It was really unfair and unreasonable since it told the story in a different light than I intended to. After all, the best angst would be found when both characters are so deeply hurt. [Hehe~]

As the author, I should have been the one to guide the readers in a particular direction. Still, due to my inability and inexperience, I lost the flow of the story in a different direction. Everything that I have written will stay the same, aka, all events, plot. However, the reasoning/story/emotion/goal behind specific actions are more defined after my edits. *cough* Guiren's character. *cough*

As a writer, I want to grow and reflect my growth within my writing. I was really careless and was really unsure of what to do when I realized my mistake. It just kept building, and my writing went downhills.

So please, please, if you could [author's pleading], go back to reread. This way, certain things would rewire and write over the previous outline. As the author, I would be able to rebuild what I messed up. If you have any comments, anything you would like to give as feedback, I am welcome to it all.

Thank you for your time.