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While Daiyu didn't think highly of Guiren, Huizhang did.

Even if the Daiyu had accepted Guiren as her new junior brother, the young boy didn't think it would be unfair to him. He had very much respected Guiren. The older boy had been able to handle something so thoroughly, Huizhang thought Guiren was an astounding person.

His hand reached up and gently cupped over his once slapped cheek. The skin no longer tingled in pain, but he could still remember how the slap felt. His mother had never raised a hand against him, and the times that he was hit before was due to others' contempt of him.

This was the first time someone hit him to guide him.

This hit... while he was shocked to receive it, the pain was a lot lesser than if he was punished for extending the chaos he unknowingly created.

He dropped his head.

It wasn't like he wanted to be impulsive.

What else could he do? He was inexperienced. This type of awareness wasn't something he could simply study and prepare to achieve.

It was from experience.

He was still too young— too innocent.

From this recent occurrence, Huizhang genuinely yearned for guidance with a firm direction he could be led to.

Step by step, his foot seemed to follow his senior sister's footsteps like a shadow. Daiyu stopped, and Huizhang copied her actions. As he looked up, his eyes were matched with a scene he never imagined he would be in all his life.

The sect training ground.

High up into Tianhua's mountains, the sect training ground was only a mere walk away from the Main Pavillion. In total, there were 3 mountains of diverse heights, each with complex layers as one climbed higher.

Each layer was equipped with numerous platforms for varied styles of training. Different fighting platforms were geometrically etched into the sides of the mountain.

The higher one went, the smaller the platforms as they were for self-training in special combat skills, depending on the disciple. At the second base of the first mountain, there were 15 circular training grounds mainly build for beginners.

These platforms were more abundant in size due to group training and teaching.

This scene was something Huizhang could only dream of but never imagine to step foot in.

After all, he didn't have the qualifications due to his physical limitations.

His fingers curled and uncurled as his heart swelled with excitement.

What would it feel like?

Nevertheless, in the end, he stopped himself from taking another step forward.

"Why hold back?"

Huizhang had been so absorbed in his thoughts, Daiyu's voice startled him.

"I... can't."

He would make a fool of himself.

Daiyu narrowed her eyes.

"If you can't, there's no point of coming here. I wasted my time."

Huizhang flushed. He understood her subtle meaning, but he couldn't help but feel incompetent. He really didn't feel ready, but he also didn't feel like he ever will be prepared. She was giving him the drive he needed, but he was still reluctant to receive it.

Huizhang took a deep breath. He leaned his weight forward and stepped on to the platform. However, due to his nervous state, he stumbled.

Cringing, Huizhang immediately looked over at Daiyu. However, he was met with blank eyes.

She didn't seem to mind.

Huizhang took another deep breath and tried not to look overwhelmed.

"Have you ever been taught?"

Huizhang shook his head.

Daiyu stared at his stance in thought, "You seem to know to hold some knowledge, no?"

"I... only seen others practice. I've tried to copy it."

"Then why don't you show me what you know."

Huizhang nodded.

He stood with his feet apart. He tried to strike the air with his right hand, swinging to the right. However, since he wasn't used to it, he used too much force in this movement and caused the weight in his feet to shift. Huizhang widened his eyes as he nearly lost his balance with the first move. He caught his balance, but he stood frozen.

W-what would Daiyu think of this?

He tried again and faltered once more.

This time, Huizhang swiftly looked over, and again he was met with dull eyes. Previously, he had been assured since she didn't show any irritation or dismay at his mistake. But, now, he sensed a coldness going down his back.

How unsettling.

He wished Daiyu showed some sort of emotion. Even if it was a slight disappointment.

Her lack of acknowledgment was like he was putting on a play himself. He knew he made errors in his movements. But she never said a word, and he couldn't tell what was transpiring in her mind.

It... was frightening.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see that a small crowd was gathering around his platform. He halted in place. He unquestionably wasn't executing the right moves. If he continued with his foolish actions, he was bound to get laughed at.

Why wasn't senior martial sister telling him to stop?

Huizhang felt like he needed to finish his demonstration quickly.

This time, he was going to show off his kick, but the pressure he gave himself due to anxiety was crushing.

He slipped and fell.

A roar of laughter resounded in the crowd as a slow rush of sourness edged into his heart.

Even now, his senior sister gave no response. Even if she had laughed, Huizahng wouldn't have minded it so much, but her uninvolved attitude made it seem like...

Like he wasn't even there.

His embarrassment gave way to frustration. With just a word from Daiyu, no one would dare to laugh.

Yet she said nothing.

Icy cold beauty~ I thought this would be an interesting way of portraying it. I always seen examples where the character playing the "icy cold beauty" is just flat out mean. It doesn't have to be mean, just unfeeling