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Another lonely night working the graveyard shift. I listen to the old outdated tunes on the intercom as I reshelve the go backs to there assigned aisles. It is just a little store that provides minor needs to the population. The lights start to flicker and the store starts to shake. Cans fall from the shelves and glass jars break spraying their contents across the room. A white light envelops the store and causes me to pass out on the floor. When I awake from my slumber my body is formless. My hands become the shelves and groceries in the store. What has happened?

 You have become a dungeon core and merged with the building you were in.

 Who said that?

 I did my name is Melissa, I am the goddess of this world. You will become a dungeon in my world and help develop the world of Hades.

 Hades, why is your world called Hades?

 The demigod Decaford called it Hades ?

When it was being developed and it stuck. Now if you have any questions regarding your management of the dungeon you need to pray to the demigod of chaos and torment, Clown.


 Yes, he and Decaford are the pillars of Hades development, but neither of them are what you call in the right mind. They both hate me and they do their jobs, but are not really people persons. Now, if you are lucky, Clown will walk you through the fine print and give you a cheat skill as they call it.

 Why dont you give me a skill?

 I made you into a dungeon core and allowed you into Hades. This is tiring work, I want to take a break but my authority as a goddess is dwindling. I dont see how the pillars are gaining in support. So that is it for me have a good day in Hades whoever you are.