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Day 1 as a store.

Where did Melissa go? I still have questions about my body. Nothing. I have been waiting for hours and no one has come. I really should clean the mess on the floor but how do I grab the mop and broom. PURCHASE BRUNO AUTOMATON FOR 10 DP. who said that? This store is the property of **** incorporated you should leave now we are not open. Hello? That was weird, I definitely heard a voice and what is a bruno automaton? BRUNO AUTOMATONS ARE DEVINE HELPERS CREATED BY DEMIGOD DECAFORD. DO YOU WISH TO PURCHASE FOR 10 DP. What are DP things you are talking about? DP OR DUNGEON POINTS ARE CURRENCY DUNGEON CORES USE IN THE DUNGEON SYSTEM. BY OPENING YOUR STATUS SCREEN YOU CAN SEE ALL THE WAYS TO EARN DP. Status screen. A transparent board appeared in front of me. 

Daily   Weekly.  Monthly.  Yearly 

Name: ?

Race: dungeon

Lv: 1

DP: 200

The tabs showed tasks that rewarded DP by doing stuff as selling five items a day to the yearly tasks as advertisements for the store. So 10 DP is a small price to maintain the shop. SPENDING 10 DP FOR ONE BRUNO AUTOMATON MODEL A. A pillar appeared to the right of the register and a white metal ape the size of a toddler saluted from the pillar. Wait, why is it saluting the U-scan counter? Hey over here, this way. It jumped and looked around for a person. Can you clean the glass and oil off the floor over there? It walked to the broken glass and started smashing its head into the glass and oil. No, use the mop and broom you will damage the floor that way. It runs over to the mop and broom to clean up the mess. 200DP AWARDED FOR MONTHLY TASK HIRE ONE EMPLOYEE. Wait this thing is my employee and I doubled my points this really is just like work.