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So some good news is that Charlie has now been completing all of my daily tasks. Although the awards are going to Chalie, I still get to keep the case of potions and the 50 DP so I'm winning some. 

Manager we still need a forge so please do something. We are running low on product and the little goblins are eyeing the ***** incorporated merchandise. 😱 

No. Were are they? That cannot leave the store. Brunoes here is ***** incorporated approved caution tape. Place it all over the store. No goblin, that drink is not for sale. Someone help me. 

Team meeting everyone to the center store. Ah, now we have a slight issue at hand. Our forge was liberated by some rouge employees along with our daily quota of metal and Melissa's beginner care box. Now until this issue can be resolved we need a new way to drum up business. Does anyone have any ideas? 

Manager, you are a dungeon core cant you buy something using DP? 

I have always wondered Aleeya. How is it you know so much about dungeons in the first place? 

It is common knowledge regarding dungeons and their point systems. Does not everyone know that? So use your points and buy us a forge or products to sell. Wait, when did I become like you and need to continue this store? I get fed and live in a comfy break room so the forge does not matter anymore. 

That settles it i going to bed. 

The sun is still up Aleeya get back here. 

Dont want to. You and the brunoes, figure out this new plan. I am an unaffected party in all of this.