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Come back you thieves, were is your sense of battle. 

We go back in time now, to Charlie out with brunoes 6 thru 9 and Ewe.  Who are currently are showing off their wares to potential customers. 

Brunoes, you are descendants of the Great Annihilator. Now attack and bring me our new employees. Charge. 

I Charlie, am currently using a grey area to complete the case counts task. I was gifted with the horrid bible that is, ***** incorporated employee manual, by the dungeon core. After reading  about case counts, I determined if I kill the employee after the count is completed, then Arrow counts the task as complete. 

We were attacked by bandits on our way to what use to be the Crystal Union. Now they may be crazy to attack a metal carriage filled with mini versions of the Great Annihilator and pulled by a beast of nightmares. But, I think it was despiration. 

We caught them and put them to work trying to make a sale. All of their coins were placed in something called U scan that the brunoes adored. While one was let loose to stock a small table set up at the first town. After selling a few arrows and axes, the thief was left bound in a monster nest. The alert from Arrow confirmed my suspicion as the task was marked complete following the bandits death. 

I had missed this feeling, the joy of battle and the rush of adventure. My rusty chainsaw was replaced with a oversized butcher knife and a pickaxes. The Clown God's rewards were always tailored to more bloodshed. 

A few days later I had a suprize somewhere east of the Crystal Union, I thought I saw the master. My soul was lit a fire in the thought of uniting with him, but he disappeared as soon as I saw him. But was it him? 

My master was an immortal and an old one at that. One of the original two humans, if you could call them that. His goal was to reign society into a glorious era with his skill Item Meiser. A skill that brought anything into creation but at the cost of his soul. The more he used his skill, the more his body would fail. He then secluded himself within Mysterism to recover.

That was my master, the Demigod Decaford Censorship.