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*(Warning) The following chapter has strong language, please be worn.*

Uh, where are we? (Aleeya) 

Let's play Hades's favorite game show: Worms play pennical on your snout. (Clown) 

What is going on? (Manager) 

Manager, is that you? I did not expect you to be a clown. Or is it that all dungeon cores are clowns due to the Clown God. (Aleeya) 

Who wouldn't want to be a clown there awesome. (???) 

I looked at the individual standing at what looked to be a game show podium. A man with greesy red hair that fanned outward from his shoulders. He had blood red eyes and a black goatee. His face had creaking white face paint that hid his yellowish skin. 

He wore a dirty orange three piece suit. The top hat on his head, was covered in polka dots with the top of the had broken popping up like an antenna. He positioned a cane on his side that looked like a giant pair of scissors. 

Wait those are scissors and is that eye in the center looking at me. (Manager) 

Now, let's get back on track with the show. Let's play Worms play pennical on your snout. Today's contestants are the staff from THE STORE, give it up for Manager, Aleeya, and the brunoes. I am your loveable host, Clown. (Clown) 

Where are we? What is going on? (Aleeya) 

Excuse me, Mr. Clown. Could you please tell us what is going on? (Manager) 

We are playing Worms play pennical on your snout. I thought I made that clear, he did say this one was stupid. Any way, the game is simple to play so let us play, but first. Worms play pennical on your snout is brought to you by the never ending chaos. Just remember, if you are bored, add a little chaos to your life. Round one, the first one up is bruno 1 and go. (Clown) 

Ook. (Bruno1) 

Bruno 1 approached the podium with his trusted stick. Stars in his eyes proved he was intrested in this game show. On another note why am I a clown? 

Bruno 1, your first question is what is the first verse? (Clown) 

Ook? (Bruno 1) 

I am sorry the correct answer was if a hearse should pass you bye. Next contestant is Aleeya yeahhh! (Clown) 

Why me? (Aleeya) 

Next verse is what? (Clown) 

Aaah! I don't know what is going on? (Aleeya) 

Nope, we were looking for: you know your the next to die. (Clown) 

Wait, this sounds like the song that the boss was singing in my nightmare. How did go again? Aleeya, I heard this song before in my nightmare a few days ago, the next answer should be: they wrap you up in a clean white sheet. (Manager) 

Next up is bruno 5. (Clown) 

What do we do Manager? None of the brunoes can speak. (Aleeya) 

I have an idea. Bruno 5 just open you mouth. I will throw my voice. (Manager) 

Ook. (Bruno 5) 

Now bruno 5 the next verse is? (Clown) 

They wrap you up in a clean white sheet. (Bruno 5) 

Correct. Yes that was the answer we were looking for and your prize is the chaos of the verse, blindness! (Clown) 

Bruno 5 fumbled back screaming and clawing his eyes. 

Sorry, bruno 5. Manager, we cannot answer correctly so what is the next verse? (Aleeya) 

It was: throw you down six feet deep. (Manager) 

Wait, the day after we were blind was what again? Oh, everything started to sink into the floors and walls. (Aleeya) 

Nothing has happened to us if we get it wrong yet, so let's go with that. (Manager) 

Next up bruno 2. (Clown) 

Remember bruno 2 do not answer correctly. (Aleeya) 

Ook. (Bruno 2) 

Bruno 2, what is the next verse? (Clown) 

Ooooook. Ook. ook. (Bruno 2) 

No, but good try. It was: they throw you down six feet deep. A personal favorite of mine. Moving on, bruno 3. What is the next verse? (Clown) 

Ook. (Bruno 3) 

Nope. Only one right so far. We were looking for: it goes alright for a couple of weeks. Next one bruno 4. (Clown) 

Manager, how many verses are there? (Aleeya) 

That was all I heard in my dream. We can not answer this correctly. This chaos was the rain that melted bruno 16. (Manager) 

Bruno 4, next verse. (Clown) 

Ook. (Bruno 4) 

No! That one was easy: then your body begins to leak. Even a child can get this one you all are no fun. Fine, it is fine. We still have more questions. (Clown) 

Clown was getting mad at us not playing along. But how many verses were there? The next chaos should be the bugs from yesterday. This game maybe a form of chaos so maybe one verse is: worms play pennical on your snout. We need to find a way out of here. 

Next up is Manager. As a child of chaos, he is sure to get this right. He probably sings it every night. (Clown) 

I do not know the song. (Manager) 

Whattttt! That is it. I have had enough. You all do not deserve his grace and love. The correct answers to the following were: worms crawl in, worms crawl out. Then it was the easiest on: worms play pennical on your snout. Finally what does the song summon: our gracious lord, the Clown God. (Clown) 

Clown was fuming at our disregard to the game but wait we are summoning the Clown God. 

Yes. You are running out of time to prepare. There are only three more verses left till he shows himself. Three days for you bastards to learn the glory that is his reign. Oh, and dont you dare make his arrival fucking boring or I will come and skin you as an offering for his amusement. So peace out and happy chaos. (Clown)

Easy clown, it will all play out in the end. Can you all wait for the hymn of chaos to finish, only three more to go. Here is the next one, try to guess the chaos that comes with it. 🎶Your body turns a ghastly green.🎶

And remember the Clown God wishes you all Happy Chaos.