Prologue: The death of a certain guy
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A/N: Edited chapter.

A/N: Edited it again because I can. (July 2nd of 2021)

Prologue: The death of a certain guy.

Aeron was a pretty normal guy, finally starting his life in college, wondering if he would be able to sustain himself without the help of his parents, and wondering if he could be able to even find a job someday.

That was until a certain pandemic appeared, and his college life was suspended and replaced with a beautiful quarantine, leaving him trapped in his apartment with nothing to do, completely bored to death.

While surfing through hundreds of videos on YouTube, his eyes caught a glance of a certain video that made him interested

[Terraria 1.4 release]

After watching the whole video, Aeron started speaking to himself with an excited look in his eyes as he looked through all the new things that this new update could have.

"It has been almost 3 years since I played Terraria, and since I'm kinda bored these days... Maybe I should play it once again?..."

And just like that, Aeron spent his days playing Terraria. Whether it was getting all the achievements, making beautiful houses, becoming rich, or of course the most tedious of all them, creating the zenith.

It actually took him quite a while to create...

" I finally did it, I created the zenith" Aeron, who was leaning back on his chair, sighed in exhaustion after finally managing to create the ultimate weapon in the game.

After reminiscing all those hardships he went through to create it, his thoughts started wandering across the memories of this long path that he followed until this day.

'That fucking enchanted sword was impossible to find... I almost used a Map Viewer to reveal the whole map just to find it easily... But in the end I managed to do it by myself'

However, soon the sound of his guts stopped his thinking and reminded him to eat something before continuing to play.

Soon, Aeron got up from his seat and left his room while caressing gently his stomach with an expectant look on his face.

"Let's check what's in the fridge to eat"

However, as soon as he entered the Kitchen and opened the fridge, he found out that there were just ingredients for him to cook himself some nutritious food. Of course, him being the lazy person that he is, thought that cooking was too much work, and decided to go to the nearest shop to buy himself some snacks.


However, as if karma itself wanted to punish him for being too lazy, an incredibly fast truck soon appeared on his path and started speeding up towards him. On top of the steering wheel, there was a sleeping drunk driver that seemed to be completely unaware of the guy right in front of his truck, and pretty much continued sleeping even after feeling a small bump at the frontal part of his vehicle.



An unknown amount of time later...


"How long is this fucking line? I don't know how much time have I been here waiting, but I still can't see the end of it..." Aeron said in a low voice while watching the seemingly infinite line of souls.

"Shut the fuck up and wait like everyone else" the soul behind him said with an angry tone on its voice.

*sigh...*  'Whatever...'

The place Aeron was right now is called the judgment hall. A golden floor that shined beautifully when you looked at it, and a majestic starry sky that once in a while could show meteorites passing across it.

This place was infinitely long, and the line in which he was waiting to be judged seemed infinite too.

Aeron continued waiting for his turn for days, months maybe years until something finally happened. Two beautiful stars in the sky crashed and created an enormous explosion.


Everything that was near that place was destroyed, everything except the line of souls waiting for their judgment, which were being protected by an invisible shield.

Or at least they were supposed to be protected...



A part of the shield was destroyed and Aeron was coincidently in that place.

Luckily instead of being destroyed, Aeron was just sent flying away by the force of the explosion, probably because the partly destroyed shield absorbed most of the heat and power of the explosion.


Aeron screamed as he had never done before, after all, you don't usually get blown away by a big bang that happens next to you. Moments later, Aeron found himself reaching the end of the Judgement hall at an incredible speed without signs of stopping.

Outside there was...


The feeling that place gave him was that of certain death, so he started screaming even harder, hoping that someone could save him.

Soon the soul of Aeron left The Judgement hall and entered the void, a place where nothing exists and nothing is allowed to exist. His soul quickly found itself being destroyed and erased by the force of the void. The pain Aeron felt was nothing he felt before, even that truck felt like tickles compared to this, it was like having every cell of your body just ripped apart.

Luckily his screams for help inside the bottomless void soon reached someone. The Goddess of Order, one of the two godly beings that rule and balance this universe noticed the anomaly within the void and decided to help out of pity at the poor soul that was going to get erased in no time.

Golden hair, incredibly beautiful skin without imperfections in the slightest, and a golden armor that seemed to represent the Divinity itself, her only presence gave Aeron peace and soothed his pain.

"Oh poor soul, you who has suffered the explosion of a star and the force of the void because of an error on our part, shall be given a new life, one in which our error must be amended."

"Because of the force of the void, your soul has been shattered and almost destroyed, hence, you are no longer able to receive your judgment"

"That's why you will be granted a new life, to cure and repair your broken soul once again"

"This game "Terraria" has many similarities with one world in particular across the vastness of existence, a world in which I believe you will find happiness"

"You will be given my blessings, so you can survive and protect the ones you will love in this new world... Without more delay, I wish you luck in your journey young soul"

Soon Aeron soul started shining in a golden glow and disappeared.


In an unknown place at an unknown distance.


"Interesting... The goddess of Order gave her blessing to this mortal soul"

The voice of someone sounded in the darkness, an enormous and very muscular man, seated in which seemed to be a throne made of bones, was resting there in a dignified manner while glancing into the air with his profound red eyes that could traumatize even the bravest of men. He had an enormous dark beard that seemed to be made out of gas and had very sharp nails on his hands that could even put a bear to shame.

He was the counterpart of the powerful Goddess of Order... The God of Chaos.  He, unlike his counterpart, only wished to stir up the chaos in the whole universe, fill the heart of every living being with his essence, and watch everything develop in a way no one could have expected it. Even if it means the death of trillions.

"I'm growing tired of stories like this, a beautiful journey, in which our protagonist lives a wonderful life and makes a lot of women fall in love with him without even knowing him a bit... They are so predictable... Though it's really entertaining when these stories crumble and reality strikes heavily, like their women killing each other, the women having an affair because of him not being decisive enough, or him being killed by someone stronger than them or their descendants killing them just to get their wealth

Although your incredible strength is something that could stir a lot of Chaos in the world you are going... It will probably go in the same way as all have gone until I'll consider yourself lucky, because I'm going to improve your boring destiny, and make things a bit  harder for you so that I can entertain myself a bit in this boring world of mine. Because of course, a divine being that controls half of the universe like me has nothing else to do...

Let's see... Oh, so this is the chosen world? Terraria? Really an interesting world... I think there was a subordinate of mine stationed there that had an enormous amount of Chaotic energy... Very well, you shall go to this alternative world in which humans are the weakest race of all, a world in which you will be killed in one hit if you do not prepare enough. You shall see the reality of an apocalyptic world where humans are almost extinct, mortal.

This name may sound familiar to you, right? "For the worthy" The hardest seed on that game, this world is similar to that seed.

I shall wish you luck young soul, I hope you entertain me a lot with your suffering and the chaos in your life.


And like that the course of our protagonist was changed.

What could have been a wonderful adventure in which our protagonist could have enjoyed himself a lot, had a harem, has changed to one where everything can kill you in one hit.

Will he survive? Probably not.

Read more in the next episode of this story!

Regarding romance... For now, I'm thinking of making him fall in love at a late part of this story. However, you can tell me what you prefer in the comments.

That's all.

Hope you like it.

PD: I fixed this chapter because it had some errors and other things that I didn't like.

Probably will fix the next chapters another day :P