Chapter 100: Fury of Nature
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Chapter 100: Fury of Nature


"Damn, no wonder other people don't use this magic as their principal one, the mana consumption is crazy as fuck..." 

I was currently trying to connect my consciousness with the Universe and move the meteorites moving around this planet. However, the mana consumption for doing so was so crazy that for doing so I had to at least drink a mana potion if I wanted to endure enough to connect my consciousness.

It was like walking underwater, moving was slow as fuck, and if you tried to rush things you could end up not progressing at all... No, more like water, it was like walking on mud, because I couldn't even see where I was moving to.

And to make things harder, if I drank a mana potion my concentration could be slightly distorted, and thus, my progress could be slowed down as well.

Fortunately, I had already understood the trick, and connecting my consciousness wasn't as hard as it had been a few weeks ago. Not that it wasn't hard now, but it was still easier than before nevertheless.

Until now I had been able to control small occurrences like where when will the clouds create rain, or when should the fruit fall from the trees. Reaching farther than that is still a work in progress.

Fortunately, every time I connected my consciousness with the universe I could feel that my connection with it increased slightly as if I was slowly becoming part of it, thus, making it slightly easier each time. Which made me think about how deep must have been the connection of the greatest mage Sargon Magius to be able to control the meteorites from space and use them to attack his enemies.

However, besides the small progress, I was making in bending the will of the universe, there was also something else that I noticed while I was in the process of making that connection.

Not only could I feel myself to be entering some strange place wherever my consciousness connected with the universe, but I could also feel that I was in a very frail and weak state as if I could die instantly if I were to be harmed in some way.

I had yet to understand why though, as the book did not mention anything about feeling extremely weak. Instead, it explained that you should feel pretty much normal besides some abnormal feelings that may present in special cases.

Either way, I would probably discover the reason later. 

"I could like to buy five Ironskin potions"

"That could be five gold coins then" I acted like I took the potions out of my bag, and then presented them to the man in front of me.

"Here you go, thank you as always" The man paid the five gold coins and then took the five potions I placed in front of me, before he then bowed slightly and then left.

"No, thank you" I just waved my hand softly while watching his departing back, and then went back to counting my current money with a small smile on my face.

-Copper coin x15

-Silver coin x20

-Gold coin x100

-Platinum coin x9

"It's finally done, huh?"

I stood up from my spot and then looked towards the crowd walking around the street with a satisfied smile on my face.

With this amount of money it should be enough to buy or build a ship for me to leave this place. Thankfully, it seemed that some of my regular customers recommended me to their acquaintances more than usual, and the business skyrocketed a lot during this last week. Which ended up in me reaching the goal much sooner than I thought.

"So tomorrow is the day, huh?"

"Yeah, to think that the war will finally end tomorrow. It almost feels like we are dreaming!"

"It is like yesterday the Kingdom was about to be destroyed by those Antlions, and now we are about to destroy them once and for all. It truly feels surreal..."

As I overheard a conversation from some people passing by the street, I ended up sighing in exhaustion and then decided to leave the street right away to return to my room at the Royal Palace.

I left Neo and Fluffy to take care of Yuuki while I was making money, so I doubt some assassin actually had the ability to pass through them and kill her without dying first.

They are quite the fierce guys after all.

"Hey guys, I came back from my business. So, you can go back to- Hmm?"

As I arrived at the castle and entered the room where I had left Fluffy and Neo together with Yuuki, I saw her with a silly smile on her face as she caressed softly the hair of Fluffy, and patted the head of Neo with a blissful expression on her face.

She seemed to have not noticed my presence, so as any other considerate person could do in this situation considering that she must have been exhausted from her duty as the princess and this must have been a really relaxing moment for her, I decided to make my presence known so that she could stop caressing my friends.


"E-eh?! Who is there?" Startled by the sudden cough, Yuuki jumped out of her spot and stopped caressing Neo and Fluffy instantly before she looked around to find the source of the sound.

When she saw me, she got a flustered expression on her face before she started trying to explain what she was doing. It seemed that she wasn't used to being seen in such a situation.

"I was just...Eh... you know..."

Well, as I said, she tried.

"It's okay, nevertheless my friends need to go back to their home to take care of their peers"

"Y-yeah, of course, I know that" Yuuki just nodded when I told her that they had to go back, however, I could still notice some reluctance in her eyes.

What a strange woman...




-The next day...


"In ten minutes the AE-MD, which had been placed inside the nest of the Antlions secretly by one of our best stealthy teams, will be detonated. After that, an enormous explosion will engulf the horizon, and soon violent winds will reach this place. That's why we will ask everyone to take cover and protect yourselves from the force of the explosion that will soon arrive, otherwise you will risk your own life as these winds are especially dangerous and can kill someone easily"

The voice of Delbere, which had been amplificated by magic, started echoing around the whole city, and many other towns and villages that were within the destruction range of the explosion. After all, such was the force behind the bomb that he had created, that only the winds generated by the force of the explosion could be extremely dangerous if anyone were to face them head-on. Even while being kilometers away from the explosion.

That's why besides alerting everyone inside the nearby cities, villages, and towns, they also looked for everyone that may have been too near the explosion zone and evacuated them to the nearest city or village.

"You can watch the spectacle after the winds have passed, However, try to stay away from any window or glass as it may break or explode due to the strength of the wind"

After that, the voice of Delbere ceased, and everyone went back to their homes in order to protect themselves from the retaliation of the explosion. The homeless and other people without proper places to take cover were sheltered insides small warehouses that could hold an enormous amount of people so that most casualties could be avoided.

After all, such a massive destruction weapon was bound to create casualties on their own side, even if they didn't want to.

I was currently standing a few meters away from Yuuki and her father, who were watching the horizon from behind a reinforced wall of glass that couldn't break even while being hit by a small explosion with impassive expressions on their faces. They seemed to want to watch the moment when the war that had been going for so long and had followed their Kingdom for so many years finally ended.

However, just in case the glass wall was to break, the king asked me to make sure nothing bad happened and protect them in case something dangerous happened.

They even had some wine glasses in front of them in order to watch the spectacle more comfortably.


-Blocks chemical signals between neurons, and leads to the common immediate symptoms of intoxication.


-Blocks chemical signals between neurons, and leads to the common immediate symptoms of intoxication.

[Aditional effect of the beverage: Poison]

Hmm, well, that's really unexpected. 

In front of the princess' wine glass, a window popped up and showed me that its contents had poison in it. Which wasn't the case for the King.

These guys really don't let me take a rest, huh...?

"Hmm... Princess Yuuki, I don't think that drinking wine is very good in this situation" I picked up the glass of wine and threw its contents to the trash without even letting Yuuki react. 

"W-wait- Eh? But I was gonna..."

"Better pay attention to what's about to happen right now..." I pointed my finger to the window of reinforced glass, and with an upset expression, Yuuki just turned around and looked at the window while her father chuckled softly before he turned to look at the window as well.

Soon, a terrifying silence enveloped the whole Kingdom, as everyone was too concentrated on what was about to happen. No one talked, and no one even wanted to. They were too busy trying to hear something or concentrated trying to understand what was happening.

Soon enough, an enormous pillar of light rose in the sky in the direction where the desert was, and a gigantic explosion which was glowing as brightly as the sun followed it. It was rather scary but beautiful at the same time.

Just like watching a volcano erupt and see all the lava go up in the middle of the night.

It wasn't long before the sound of the explosion reached this area, and pretty much made us flinch in terror to the monstrous sounds coming from the explosion.


The shockwave of the explosion soon reached this place, and many things were blown away by the force of the wind. It was as if the world was ending in front of our eyes, even though we knew it wasn't.

After that, soon everything calmed down, and the people started coming out of their houses to go and watch what had happened in the desert.

In the distance, that mushroom-like shape that I had seen so much on the internet about how did Nukes look like after the explosion, was standing imposingly into the horizon.

However, suddenly out of nowhere an enormous sandstorm started brewing in the now completely destroyed desert, and then it started enveloping the mushroom-like shape of the explosion.

Was that because of the strong winds? I honestly had no idea, after all, I wasn't an expert of meteorology, nor did I know how nukes could affect the surroundings, aside from spreading radiation like crazy and burning everything near it that is. (A/N: That's what it does right?)

However, soon enough something happened that made me understand that it wasn't something created by the explosion.

The sandstorm started circling around the explosion at enormous speeds and soon engulfed it until it became nothing. Leaving only the terrifying and mysterious tornado spinning around without a destination.

However, suddenly out of nowhere inside the Tornado an enormous pillar of golden light appeared and rose into the sky with fierceness.

Two golden eyes appeared in the middle of the Tornado, and soon the shape of a very beautiful woman completely made out of sand appeared as the tornado started dissipating slowly now that she was there.

Her voice, which sounded extremely ethereal and majestic, echoed all around the Kingdom and startled everyone seeing the spectacle.

((("You, who has destroyed the desert and everything living inside it with your dangerous weapons, now must face punishment and receive the wrath of the Desert to pay for your crimes")))

In front of me, a small screen popped up and showed her status. And when I saw its contents, my eyes widened enormously, after all, this was not a pre-hardmode monster like the ones I have been finding until now.

She was a hardmode monster, just like the Duke Fishron.

Sand Elemental

Name: ---

Race: ---

Title: The personification of the desert's wrath


[Hp: 30,000/30,000]

Holy macaroni...

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