Chapter 101: The wrath of the Desert
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Chapter 101: The wrath of the Desert


"What... what is that?!" The King, who until now had no words for everything that was happening, finally managed to let out some words and leaned forward with incredibly widened eyes as he looked at the gigantic Sand Elemental moving towards their Kingdom.

He had seen many types of different beasts during his long life, but none of them were as big as this strange monster. Not only that, but it could even talk. Which meant that it had enough intelligence to understand what it was doing... then why was she attacking them?

He quickly found the answer when he thought deeply about the situation. She was a being made out of the sand from the desert, thus, it wasn't crazy to think that maybe this creature was somehow related to the desert and got angry after receiving the AE-MD directly upon its home, and now wanted to make them pay for destroying an enormous part of the desert.

Aspen, on the other hand, was just thinking rapidly in a way to stop the Sand Elemental. After all, although not really a boss, but more like a mini-boss, she was still part of the hardmode, which pretty much made her almost invulnerable against any weapon made from normal materials, even the Platinum wasn't an exception. Only explosives and other different types of offensive methods would be able to hurt this monster somehow, but still, he doubted that they could have enough of them to defeat the powerful Sand Elemental.

Not to mention that with her enormous size and her body being made out of the sand, which made cutting and stabbing her pretty much something useless as she could just regenerate the lost sand instantly, the only way of dealing with her could be to destroy the sand that conformed her body.

Or attack something like a nucleus, if it had one.

However, her being from the Hardmode, and being literally a being born from a force of nature made Aspen very skeptical about attacking her.

Maybe she could simply slap him and that could be it, the end of the story.

He had no way of knowing if he could survive one hit from her, and her having 30,000 hp wasn't helping either.

Even if he managed to dodge most of her attacks, could he last enough time to defeat her?

He wasn't really sure if he could, nor if he even wanted to try.

His chances of survival were already pretty slim now that the cultists were making the mechanic build those giant mechanical bosses, if he fought this monster, who could say whether he could survive or die instantly without even having the chance to try?

His mind was already wandering about the possibilities of escaping alone and taking the beds of this place inside his inventory. However, right when he was about to make his move and leave the castle, by chance his gaze ended up falling upon the crowds of people that were gazing with fear at the incoming Sand Elemental.

More specifically, on the families that were hugging their child's trying to calm them down, and on the orphans that were gazing at the horizon with gazes full of despair.

Memories of his past appeared on his mind, and the scenes full of blood of those he had known for so long, together with the pained expressions of those that the goblins had killed, ignited a small flame of anger inside his mind.

Anger against this world for its unfairness, and towards himself.


"Whatever... whether I die today or after I go back, it's the same thing anyway" Aspen soon took out the Royal Guard's armor from his vanity slots, and soon the shiny and very fierce-looking platinum armor appeared on his body. Hiding his face slightly due to the size of the helmet, and attracting the gaze of the King and Yuuki.

He took out several potions of different colors and drank them all in one go while looking with a burning determination at the incoming enemy.

Soon, an incredible Aura appeared around his body, as many different types of effects surged from the depths of his body and made him incredibly stronger.

Both, Yuuki and the King gasped in surprise seeing Aspen like this for the first time since they met. After all, until now he had acted completely calmly and seemed to not take anything seriously, but now, not only was he preparing to go battle that monster, but his abilities seemed to be incredibly higher than what they thought to be in a beginning.

Name: Aspen (Aeron) 

Race: [Human...]

Age: 20 (39)


[Superior Swiftness: 50% Increased movement speed] (6 hours left...)

[Superior Regeneration: Provides highly increased life regeneration](6 hours left...)

[Superior Ironskin: Increases defense by 20] (6 hours left...)

[Superior Archery: 50% increased arrow damage and speed] (6 hours left...)

[Superior Builder: Highly increased block placement speed and distance] (20 hours left...)


[Hp: 400/400]  [Mana: 120/120]

Hour: 13:20 PM



-[Platinum Helmet]

-[Platinum Chainmail]

-[Platinum Greaves]



-[Hermes boots] (Visibility Hidden)

-[Shield of Cthulhu] (Visibility Hidden)

-[Platinum Watch]

-[Band of regeneration]

Total defense: 46

Aspen's fist tightened up and soon he jumped off the castle before he started moving swiftly towards the giant Sand elemental that moved rapidly towards the City with a furious expression on its face.

Everyone in the city soon noticed a figure pass fastly through them and go directly in the direction of the monster, which startled them slightly as they soon noticed the departing shadow of a man covered in shiny and majestic armor running to face the monster face to face.

The King, who had finally regained his senses, noticed the reckless action of Aspen and called out to his guards in order to deploy the entire army and fight that monster with everything they had.

They had to use everything in their arsenal if they wanted to win. And he knew it.

From the shadows, the scientific Delbere appeared behind the King and grabbed his shoulder before looking at him with an incredibly serious expression.

"I will go"





-Aspen's POV:


As I once again jumped to fight for the lives of others recklessly, the figure of the Sand Elementa got bigger and bigger as I moved swiftly towards her location to stop her from reaching the city.

It took a few minutes for me to finally reach my destination, and soon, I was standing in front of her with my hands ready to use the nearby trees and attack with everything I got to this monster.

As she noticed my figure standing in front of her, her golden eyes turned to look at me with an expression of surprise as she soon knelt down to take a better look at me, which startled me a bit since I thought that she could try to squash me right away thinking of me as nothing more than an annoying fly.

Her ethereal voice soon echoed all around the surroundings and looked at me with an impassive look on her face.

((("To think that a human blessed with the Power of Order could appear in front of me right now, what do you try to stop me, little human? I can sense your emotions full of anger and determination...")))

This surprised me a little, as she seemed to know about the goddess, or at least about the blessings bestowed upon me. But seeing that I could seemingly avoid this fight with a conversation, I went for it either way.

"I want you to go back from where you came from, and stop trying to kill everyone at the Kingdom"

The Sand Elemental looked at me momentarily, before she shook her head and stood up once again to look at me from above.

((("That is impossible, those humans have perturbed the order of things with their weapon. I must destroy them before they distort even more the balance of this world. Why do you try to stop me, Human? Shouldn't someone like you try to restore the balance of things, and eradicate those humans? I can feel that you are the apostle of the Goddess, so you should be carrying her will as well, right?")))

"I don't care about her will, I just do whatever I want"

((("Oh, that's rather unfortunate then...")))


Without even thinking about it for a second, the giant palm of the Sand Elemental crushed the ground where I had been standing just a few seconds ago.

Just like I thought, conflict was inevitable from the very beginning.


As magic started gathering rapidly on my hands, the surprised look the Sand Elemental gathered on me as she noticed that I had dodged her attack easily.

However, before she could think about attacking me once again, suddenly a giant fist made out of strengthened wood appeared beside her and blew away an enormous part of her face as it connected heavily.


Sand scattered everywhere, and the impassive look of the Sand Elemental turned into one of extreme hostility. Soon, her face started regenerating slowly, as the surrounding sand gathered once again in her face, replenishing the already lost sand.

The fist of wood that I made, which could have broken easily after hitting her with such force, was without a scratch even after hitting her so heavily. The reason for this was because this time I fused my tree-shaping and controlling ability, with the plant reinforcement technique that I learned from Evvie.

With this, although the wood was not as hard as metal, the density and sturdiness were enough to prevent it from breaking easily as normal wood could do, allowing me to deliver even more powerful blows without the fear of breaking the wood apart.

((("Very well, that's how it will be then, Blessed human")))

As she wavered her hands softly, soon dozens of golden-colored sand tornados started appearing around me and moved swiftly towards my position in order to crush me with its ferocious winds.

[Ancient Storm]

"Bring it on, sandy bitch"

I jumped high into the air and connected myself with all the nearby trees before transforming them into different types of weapons. Be it either giant hammers, swords, spears, chainsaws, drills, or even giant fists, every one of them moved with a terrifying speed towards the Sand elemental ready to blow her away in one go.



The sounds of a fierce battle soon started and filled the surroundings with destruction and chaos of a caliber never imagined before. Obliterating the beautiful landscape and terraforming it into a hellish place where ferocious winds and giant trees fought against each other

Would I be able to win against the desert's wrath personification?

Or would I die without even being able to defeat a mini-boss from the Hardmode?

I could make sure it was the first one, even if it meant losing an arm or two.


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