Chapter 104: Battle against the desert (III)
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Chapter 104: Battle against the desert (III)


Two giant beasts were currently fighting each other, one of them, made completely out of wood, while the other, made completely out of sand.

In the eyes of anyone, this amazing battle looked like the fighting between two forces of nature that opposed each other mutually. But in reality, one of them was being controlled by a human, while the other was a part of nature itself. But even then, the battle was completely even, and none of the sides budged in the slightest.


Enormous shockwaves spread across the battlefield as these two beasts punched each other with fury and fierceness. All the humans watching this could only open their mouths in awe while watching at the incredible level of this fight. Yuuki and Delbere didn't stop to watch though, although they were indeed surprised to watch that incredible battle, they knew they needed to help Aspen if they wanted the Kingdom to survive.

Soon, Yuuki started creating shockwaves inside the body of the Sand Elemental and started dealing internal damage. On the other hand, Delbere started attacking the Elemental from behind each time Aspen separated away from her and blew away very big pieces of her body.

The Sand Elemental wasn't just looking at everything unfold, instead, she tried her best to deal with these two humans. However, because of the speed of Aspen, she didn't have enough time to deal with them and had to take care of the biggest threat of all of them.

The body of the Wood mecha wasn't really in a good state. Although it could regenerate to some extent after receiving damage, at some point the wood composing its body could soon turn into dead wood and Aspen could lose control of it. Thus, although the mecha was still in very good shape, it was just a matter of time before it would eventually collapse.

However, Aspen planned to use it to its full potential as long as it was still standing.


Suddenly, while the Sand Elemental was out of the guard, Aspen's Wood mecha moved rapidly and pulled her into an embrace, before dozens of terrifying and dangerous Tree-saws started coming out of his body, and started cutting down the body of the Sand Elemental repeatedly.

The Sand Elemental did its best to try and free itself, but unfortunately, the strength of Aspen's wood mecha was too much for her and adding the constant output of damage in her body, it was even harder for her to stop Aspen.


Soon, from the wooden mecha's body, many drills started coming out and impaled the body of the Sand Elemental with great fierceness.

The damage that this attack was dealing at the Sand Elemental was enormous. However, unlike what it looked like, not everything was going smoothly for Aspen.

Inside the control chamber inside the Wooden mecha's body, the eyes of Aspen were tightly closed as he endured an enormous amount of pain in his brain, and even his nose started bleeding a bit due to the high amounts of effort he was putting in right now.

'26 Drills, 22 Chainsaws, and a giant Wooden mecha... It seems like that's the limit of my mind right now...!'

 Aspen clenched his teeth in anger and looked at the disturbing eyes of the Sand Elemental with a tired expression on his face.

°Sand Elemental°

Name: ---

Race: ---

TitleThe personification of the desert's wrath.


[Compact body: After shrinking the distance between the particles of sand in her body, this Elemental gains +50% Knockback resistance, 10% Agility, and +50% sturdiness, which makes the sand on her body harder to be dispersed]

[Hp: 21,568/30,000]

'My mana is draining enormously quickly as well, I don't think I will be able to continue doing this for long without drinking a mana potion...!'

And as expected, after a minute or so, Aspen's mana finally depleted, and he had to retreat away from the Elemental so that he couldn't become easy prey.

Using this moment to free herself, the Elemental jumped away from Aspen and looked angrily at him before she noticed that the Wooden mecha wasn't moving anymore, and decided to attack him right away.

However, to the surprise of everyone at the battlefield, including Aspen, the hand of the Sand Elemental took the shape of a spear, and soon started spinning at enormous speeds, just like Aspen's Tree-drills.

((("Your techniques are indeed rare human, but it doesn't mean I cannot use them!")))


Unable to move at the moment, Aspen giant Wood mecha got stabbed by the ever-spinning drill and got huge damage from that attack.

However, the Sand Elemental wasn't satisfied with this and punched upon the wood mecha before she started barraging it with multiple punches that had spikes on them.


Aspen quickly recomposed itself and drank the mana potion quickly so that he could counter-attack. However, unlike before, now the Wood mecha had an enormous hole in the chest, and several other wounds on its body that regenerated somewhat slowly, so it was obvious that the life span of his wood mecha was decreasing at a horrible speed, and that at any moment it could crumble completely.

Soon, with the help of Delbere that fired another rocket to the back of the Sand Elemental, Aspen moved rapidly towards her and pinned her down in the ground, before he controlled the hundreds of vines underground and used them to tie her completely to the floor.

Soon, both of the wood mecha's hands turned into giant drills and started destroying the body of the unmoving Sand Elemental, while Yuuki and Delbere did extra damage with their attacks by the side.

Several alert windows appeared on Aspen's vision, telling him the damage he was dealing at the Sand elemental, but he was too concentrated on attacking the Elemental to even notice them, not to mention the pain in his head that was making him numb to pretty much everything else.

This continued for a few seconds, until the Sand Elemental screamed in rage, and made a small vortex on her chest that soon created an incredibly high speed moving spike that penetrated the head of the Wood mecha, and pierced Aspen's stomach with fierceness, making him cough an enormous amount of blood, and stop the control on the Vines that were tying the Sand Elemental to the ground.

A screen soon appeared in front of him and made him frown in pain while glancing at his rapidly bleeding stomach.

You have received 247 Damage!

Aspen soon stopped controlling everything and drank a healing potion as soon as he could in order to at least close the hole on his stomach, and be able to move without problems later if the situation needed it.


Aspen drank the healing potion and soon 50 hp were recovered in his status, closing the enormous hole in his stomach, but still leaving some of the internal damage inside his body.

((("It's over human, just accept your death and stop causing prob-"))) The Sand Elemental gasped in seemingly exhaustion after the long fight, but even then, it walked directly towards the lying body of the wood mecha and stepped over it with superiority.

However, unlike what she expected, suddenly the wood under her feet suddenly started moving across her leg and tightened around it so that she couldn't escape.

The Elemental widened her eyes seeing this, and tried her best to escape from the wood's grasp, but failed completely as she suddenly noticed an enormous chainsaw move towards her immobilized leg with unprecedented speed.


The chain saw soon severed her leg apart from her body and made the Sand Elemental lose her balance as she was now standing in only one leg. However, before she could fall, she noticed that the body of the wooden mecha was standing up and that it was moving all the wood in its body directly to the fist.


When she fell to the ground, an enormous earthquake affected the whole area around her fall and made everyone around it dizzy.

However, when she turned to look back at the wooden mecha, her eyes widened in shock, and wariness covered her whole expression on her face.

In front of her, although the giant wood mecha had turned several times thinner than before, his right fist had acquired an enormous size that towered over her and threatened to fall upon her at any given moment.

She tried to stand up rapidly and move away from that attack. However, due to her still regenerating leg, she was unable to, and soon, the enormous fist fell down upon her.


A small screen appeared in front of Aspen as soon as his attack hit the Sand Elemental, and made him grin slightly even while feeling enormous amounts of pain in his stomach right now.

You have dealt 2210 damage! [Critical hit!!]

After the attack, the whole body of the Wood mecha cracked due to the damage that his very own attack had also dealt with its body, and many parts started falling to the ground unable to be controlled anymore.

 Soon enough, the whole body of the wood mecha fell to the ground, and collapsed completely, as it was only dead wood that couldn't be controlled by Aspen's nature magic.

From the dead body of the wood mecha, Aspen came out with a bit of a struggle and looked into the cloud of dust that had risen after he had attacked the body of the Sand Elemental with the wood mecha's last attack. He knew that attack hadn't been enough to kill her, and although it indeed dealt an enormous amount of damage, he was still halfway killing her for good.

And indeed, soon as the dust cloud dispersed, two golden eyes appeared and looked at him with unprecedented hostility.

°Sand Elemental°

Name: ---

Race: ---

TitleThe personification of the desert's wrath.


[Compact body: After shrinking the distance between the particles of sand in her body, this Elemental gains +50% Knockback resistance, 10% Agility, and +50% sturdiness, which makes the sand on her body harder to be dispersed]

[Hp: 15,268/30,000]

The body of the Sand Elemental had been completely destroyed by now, only her arms and her still remaining leg was left unscathed after the attack, while her upper body was either incredibly damaged, or simply gone for good.

Unfortunately, as expected from a being that was the personification of an aspect of nature, The Sand Elemental soon started regenerating the lost parts and did its best to stand up.

At this moment, Delbere appeared from the sides and took out a rather strange-looking weapon that resembled slightly a catapult, and launched a small-sized round object that hit the back of the still regenerating Sand Elemental, and stuck to it immediately as it came into contact with her back.

A few seconds later, suddenly a small explosion happened where the object had landed, but instead of blowing away an enormous part of her body like many expected, the explosion pierced through her body as if a giant bullet had passed through her, and burned rapidly the sand around the explosion, melting it rapidly, and making the Sand Elemental lose control of it instantly.


Aspen widened his eyes seeing the power of this new weapon Delbere used, it reminded him of a certain type of bomb used exclusively for excavation.

'Scarab Bomb!' 

And Aspen wasn't the only one surprised after this. However, the motives for the surprise in the eyes of the human army were completely different from Aspen's.

Delbere, who everyone had thought was a calm man that enjoyed performing experiments related to explosions, was now acting completely different from what they had thought.

"Hahahaha!! How's that Sandy bitch?! How does it taste my new invention created exclusively for excavation in all kinds of terrains and surfaces?!" With a crazed smile on his mouth, Delbere laughed like a madman while watching with dazed eyes at the enormous explosion that his invention had created.

Soon, Delbere launched even more Scarab bombs at the body of the Sand Elemental, as he continued laughing crazily like never before.

((("F-filthy human!")))

Aspen, who had been looking at the Hp of the Sand Elemental, widened his eyes enormously seeing that the hp that had been 15,268 a few seconds ago, was now 14,268 after receiving the scarab bomb on her body!


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