Chapter 106: The Real Story
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Chapter 106: The Real Story


"So it's you..."

Aspen turned to look with narrowed eyes behind him and saw the incredible and solemn figure of the woman he had met many years ago... The golden glow that his memory remembered, and the powerful and majestic aura surrounding her body did nothing but remind him of the moment where both of them met for the first time.

"Indeed, we met once before, but your memories of that moment must be already a bit fuzzy... Tell me, how has your life in this world been?"

Aspen gritted his teeth and a twisted grin appeared on his mouth while he looked at the apparently innocent woman in front of him.

"Shitty as fuck. So, what now? Did you come here to bid your goodbyes now that I'm no longer capable of entertaining you? Or are you perhaps planning to send me to another hellish world where I will be thrashed around constantly, Goddess of Order?"

The Goddess widened her eyes slightly seeing the unexpected reaction of the human she thought could greet her with a smile. However, knowing very well the chaotic and always changing heart of humans, she supposed that maybe something happened during his life that destroyed his opportunity to live a happy life.

Without warning, she teleported right in front of Aspen and placed a finger on his forehead without even letting him notice what had happened. Stunning him momentarily, and making his eyes look dazed for a minute.

After that, the Goddess receded a bit and started contemplating everything she had seen with a complex expression on her face.

"So that's why... This is not the world you should have been sent to..."

"What was that? Did I hear wrong? Or perhaps you said that I was actually sent to the wrong world?" Aspen had a vein bulge on his forehead when he heard the Goddess reveal to him that this wasn't even the world where he was supposed to live in the first place.

"That's indeed corre-"

"Oh perfect, now the reason why I suffered for so many years is that you, A motherfucking Goddess, was not even able to notice that the world where I was supposed to go, changed so suddenly, and I that ended up in the most hellish world in this universe?! You did not even check up on me for 20 years just to make sure nothing bad happened during my journey!" Aspen growled in anger and stepped right in front of the Goddess while looking at her with scorn, and eyes full of anger.

"I know you must be upset young soul, but there's a reason for everything that happened..."


Aspen then grabbed his head with both of his hands and released an exhausted sigh while looking at the floor.

"Whatever, I don't care anymore..."

 He then proceeded to take a seat in the floor, next to Harry's tombstone, and then looked with a calm gaze at the goddess in front of him.

Something that seemed to surprise the Goddess as she expected Aspen to continue shouting at her, and maybe even try to attack her.

"You are rather different from what I remember... Are you really not angry for this revelation, young soul?"

"As I said, I don't care anymore... It has been already 7 years since my hellish life started, and at this point in time, I stopped caring whether it was you who submitted me to this hellish treatment, or someone else..."

"I see, that's good the-"


Without even letting the goddess speak anymore, Aspen dashed towards her and tried to grab her neck in order to break it. Unfortunately, as soon as he tried to inflict the damage, his body passed through the body of the goddess, and he fell to the floor helplessly.



"Urgh... Well, not like I expected it to actually work..." Aspen stood up and patted his fragmented body with a troubled look in his eyes. He then looked at the Goddess with an angry look in his eyes and waited for her to retaliate or something.

However, unexpectedly for an existence that was above all living beings and that had almost infinite power, she did not eradicate him from existence instantly. He actually never cared whether she erased him or not, he was already dead anyway. And the gratification of actually having the possibility of killing her was pretty much worth it.

He needed someone to vent off all these 7 years of pain and suffering, after all.

"What's with you? Aren't you gonna do something?" Seeing no movement from the goddess, Aspen relaxed slightly and asked her with a calm expression in his eyes. However, he was already prepared in case she decided to attack him out of the sudden.

"I won't attack you, young soul, let me explain to you why did this predicament fall upon you"

"Whatever" Aspen snorted, and then shrugged his shoulders seeing that the Goddess seemed to be more peaceful than what he thought she could be... After all, the Sand elemental who was also from the faction of the order was a crazy bitch that wanted to erase a whole country in revenge for damaging the desert.

Aspen then took a seat on a nearby tree and then started looking at his own fragmented body with a raised eyebrow.

"Say... why am I all cracked? Did I get killed so hard that even my soul broke apart too?"

The goddess shook her head and looked at the air as if reminiscing something. At that moment, a few fragments of the moment when Aspen, or better said, Aeron, fell to the void and started disappearing into the nothingness came back to Aspen's mind.

It was when his body was about to disappear, that the goddess finally appeared in front of him and saved his soul from destruction.

"Those cracks and shattered fragments in your soul are the vestiges of your short time at the Void... In order to preserve your soul and stop it from dispersing, I had to use some of my divinity and bestow it to you in order to keep your soul together. My purpose was that you could live a happy life in this new world, and in that way repair your shattered soul back into its previous state... Unfortunately, it seems like it barely progressed anything since the last time we met"

"Well, I haven't been exactly overly happy with my life after all..."

The goddess nodded and then started looking into the horizon with a sad face. 

"This unfortunate event happened due to the interference of my counterpart, the God of Chaos. I don't exactly know his purpose in doing this, but he probably just wanted to enjoy your suffering and the chaotic thoughts that could sprout from you... After he saw that I helped you, he probably decided to interfere due to his rivalry against me as well"

Aspen furrowed his eyebrows and gritted his teeth in anger. Just the thought that there was actually a motherfucker that had destroyed his entire life, just for the sake of enjoying it like a show, sickened him to no end. Previously, he was just supposing that the goddess was playing with him as a toy, but in the end, it was still simply a supposition. Now that he knew that there had been actually a person behind the reason for all his suffering, all he desired right now was to rip his tongue off his mouth and insert it deep into his a-

"After that, he changed your destination towards that Apocalyptic world, and increased the activity of the monsters around the world to make it harder for you to survive..."

"..." Aspen just stayed silent while hearing everything with attention. Before he then narrowed his eyes and looked at the Goddess with the same hostile gaze from before.

"While all this was happening... Where were you?"

The goddess became stunned at this and then looked firmly at Aspen's face without avoiding eye contact.

"I was maintaining the order in the Universe. The God of Chaos never stays still, and always seeks to stir chaos in some part of the Universe. It is my duty to fix everything he ruins, and after you were sent to this world, the activity of the God of Chaos increased as well. I suppose he was actually trying to keep me away from you so that he could continue observing your life for a bit. Unfortunately for him, your death became imminent and my instincts warned me about the situation. So I came to greet you before you died.

"Before I died? I think you got something wrong here... I am already dead. My heart was pierced with the Sand Elemental's spike and I Spat an unnatural amount of blood from my mouth. Not to mention, now I can fly and I can see through my body, which basically means I'm a soul now"

"Indeed, your death is imminent. However, before you died I stopped the time of this planet in order to get to meet you without problems. Unfortunately, it seems like the situation has changed slightly..."

"Changed in which way?" Aspen looked stunned at the fact that she had stopped the time of the whole planet like that, but decided to just shrug it aside and asked with curiosity about what changed in the Goddess' purpose.

"Since I have failed in my job twice in a row, I will grant you a new opportunity... Do you wish to be transferred into the world where you should have gone in the first place, and have all your wounds healed right away?"

Aspen's eyes widened enormously, and then he looked at his hands with a bright smile on his face.



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