Chapter 111: These pirates are certainly a treasure!
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Chapter 111: These pirates are ironically a treasure!


"Whew~ That job was certainly very easy... But you know, I think we can destroy a little bit more. After all, it's because of that senile shitty old man that the king is, that we ended being labeled as criminals... We were just having fun~! What's his problem with that?!" Captain Morgan smiled with satisfaction seeing the incredible damage that his ship had inflicted to the castle and commanded his subordinates to fire once again the cannons.

"Fire!!!" Morgan raised his hand high into the air while grinning in arrogance. However, right when the cannons were about to get recharged, a sudden impact made the entire ship tremble out of nowhere. Something that surprised Morgan as he didn't expect the castle to react so fast.

When he turned to look at his subordinates to ask what had happened he suddenly noticed an unknown figure standing in the middle of his ship. The figure was holding an enormous sword in his hand that could even rival a human in size and was wearing a beautiful-looking armor that seemed to shine with majesty in front of his eyes. Because of the color, he deduced that it was probably made of platinum, However, such a mineral was incredibly hard to find, and there were almost no humans that could dare to venture so deep in the caves just to find Platinum. Thus, finding someone that actually dared to make an entire armor out of it seemed really a luxury in his eyes.

"What's this? A royal pet has come to take revenge for his master? Hahaha, very well, your armor looks perfect for me anyways... Come, show me what can a royal pet do against me!"

If there was one thing that Morgan was confident about, then it was his physical strength. After finding a strange temple at the border of the continent during his time as a fugitive, he found what seemed to be the old treasury of a pirate from ancient times, and stole everything inside it.

With that, he was able to acquire this enormous flying ship, powerful cannons, and an incredibly dangerous weapon that no one has knowledge about... If used properly, even armies were not a problem.

However, right as he was about to leave, his body absorbed some kind of mystic aura and soon became stronger and strange voices started appearing on his mind... His body, which was fragile as the average human was soon exposed to an enormous growth where his strength increased by fivefold.

After that, there was no one that could stop him, as even Antlions were not that much of a problem for him now. That's also why he was so confident in winning, as there was no human on this planet that was as strong as him.

His subordinates were only cannon fodder for him in the case they were to get surrounded by the Kingdom's army, as even with his strength he knew that he couldn't deal with that many people without receiving grave injuries.

But right now there was only one man standing in front of him, it was as if he was looking at a harmless bunny that wanted to kill him.

"Whatever..." The man's voice echoed inside his armor, and soon, he prepared himself to punch Morgan in the face.

As Morgan watched the man's fist come in his way, he smirked and prepared himself to dodge it and counter-attack immediately. As arrogant he might be, he didn't want to receive a punch just for the sake of having fun, instead, knocking the man down right after he tried to harm him was far more satisfactory.

'You are too slow for me...!'

But right when he thought he had already dodged his enemy's attack, the fist suddenly changed directions and grabbed Morgan's face for a second, before his head was violently smashed against the floor.


The floor of the ship shattered, and a sharp pain struck Morgan's head as he recovered himself from the sudden attack.


As he tried to stand up, he suddenly received a direct kick on his stomach and was knocked several meters away as all the air left his lungs in one go.

'What's this shit...? How am I getting hurt...?!'

 A bit of blood ran down from Morgan's mouth while he panted due to the lack of oxygen, as he recovered himself from the attack and tried to stand up in order to defend himself, suddenly another hit struck the back of his head, making him lose consciousness for a second, and embedding his head into the floor once again.

'Where the heck are those useless bastards?! Don't they see I'm being attacked without mercy?!'

As Morgan did his best to recover himself from the pain and turn to look at his supposedly loyal subordinates, he noticed how all of them were currently being turned to minced meat by some kind of shockwaves without stop.

'This magic...' As Morgan recognized the magic that was being used on his subordinates, he turned to look for a moment at the library where they had attacked a moment ago and saw the figure of Yuuki attacking from afar with her resonance scepter.

'What's this shit? That Duke bastard didn't tell me there was someone that had similar strength to me!!'



As Morgan did his best to stand up, he suddenly had his face grabbed tightly before being lifted high into the air by the man in front of him.

"D-don't tell me you are the so-called hero that saved the Kingdom...?!" Morgan's eyes shook in shock after realizing that the man in front of him was actually his original objective. He had first thought this was going to be an easy job... But the man in front of him was above his expectations in many ways, for the first time in many years... there was actually someone that was able to kill him, something that scared him.

"Who's a hero? I just want to go home in peace" Aspen, who was looking at him with a bored expression from behind the helmet, grabbed his Blood Butcherer and prepared himself to stab the pirate's stomach.

"...!!" Seeing this, Morgan reacted violently and kicked heavily Aspen on the ribs, sending him flying away at an enormous speed, and making him crash against one of the ship's walls.

'I need that thing!! Otherwise, I will die, I will seriously die!!' Morgan fled from the battlefield and entered into one of the rooms of the ship before he started rummaging across everything there.

"Where is it?! Where the fuck is it??!!"


Unfortunately for him, soon an extremely quick kick struck his head and made him go through several walls due to the force behind the attack while also creating a small cloud of dust.

"I thought you would be a lot more annoying, but in the end, you are just a pushover that has a lot of strength... Piece of shit, making me worry so much..."

Aspen walked slowly towards the destroyed area where Morgan's body was sent flying and started channeling some mana in his hand silently.

"Hahaha, you sent me straight towards my weapon!! Die motherfucker!!!"

"...?!" Aspen's eyes widened enormously as he saw what Morgan was holding in his hands, but being unable to appreciate the view for more time due to the danger of the situation, he created an enormous ice wall between him and Morgan and hid behind it rapidly.


Soon, hundreds of bullets started barraging the wall of Ice Aspen created and destroyed it completely. The shooting speed of whatever was firing them was incredibly terrifying, and the power behind each bullet was no joking matter.

It wasn't long before a great part of the ship was blasted away as the power behind each bullet was too much for the wood to endure.


In Morgan's hands, a rifle-like gun attached to what seemed to be a miniature cannon let out a small strand of smoke after it finished barraging the spot where Aspen had been hiding, it had heated up quite a lot after shooting bullets at such high speed, and it was probable that it could explode if Morgan continued shooting without stopping. Thus, he decided to restrain himself and sighed in relief after seeing that there was no more movement behind the destroyed wall of ice.

While Morgan gasped for air, suddenly many voices started echoing inside his mind.

(Look what you have done to my ship!!)

(Filthy imbecile, look behind you!!)

(What the heck are you doing with all the power I gave you...?!)

"Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, stop TALKIIIING!!!" Morgan grabbed his head and panted in pain while the voices in his head continued screaming at him in anger.

However, right as the voices were starting to get silent, Morgan suddenly felt a piercing pain strike his heart, more specifically, his back on the area where the heart was located.


When he looked back, he saw that it was Aspen that had attacked him. On his palm, a few remains of fire magic could still be seen, but even after seeing this Morgan was still confused about how could a fire spell pierce through his body, after all, no fire magic should be able to do anything besides giving him burns on his skin... But fire magic working as a bullet? It was impossible...!

Aspen grinned mischievously as he glanced calmly at the shocked Morgan.

"You sure are full of treasures... I will gladly take that strange gun with me when I'm done with you..."


I think I'm somewhat recovering my inspiration. Let's hope it lasts though...

Anyway, that's all for today.

Bye bye!