Chapter 66 Lyn’s Lust (nsfw)
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“Good. now that's done. It's time to get to the mating session.” Amie said, writing on her clipboard.

“Wait. what?” Van asked, turning to look at the fairy, while Lyn seemed to go berserk with excitement, almost like a dog who lost control of its tail.

“Lyn has an appointment in forty-five minutes. So please proceed to the designated coupling area I made beforehand. It’s in a clearing surrounded by one of the few forests we were able to grow here. I know it’s no five-star hotel, but we make do with what we have, and you will find many comfortable blankets and cushions to protect you from the hard ground.” Amie said, pushing up her glasses as she wrote on her clipboard.

“How did you? When did you? What!?” Van said, feeling completely lost at the moment.

“You promised a mating session, I penned you in for one, now please follow me,” she said as she put her clipboard away and began to fly in a direction that was probably the clearing location.

“Now hold on here!” Van said, trying to keep up. “I said soon. Not now!”

“This is soon,” Amie replied. “‘Now’ was fifteen minutes ago.”

“I said within a month!!”

“This is ‘within a month’.” Amie said matter of factly.

Van wanted to argue with her about that, but for some reason would feel like A child if he did.

Lyn then flew up to him with a big shit-eating grin. “Amie isn’t just my secretary and adviser. She’s also my lawyer…” then giggled. “And every good monarch needs a good lawyer after all!” then tried to suppress a laugh at a joke that only she seemed to get.

After a few more minutes they landed in the clearing that Amie set out for them. Looking like multiple picnic blankets were laid out everywhere and layered over each other several times. Making a surprisingly soft-looking area that covered the grass below.

As they flew. Van couldn’t believe all the plants, trees, and even the few birds and animals that were thriving and growing in the greener part of his island. His soul realm really has developed far in the past many months he had been focused on studying.

“Here we are… Now please commence copulation.” Amie said once they landed.

Van blinked at her. “Wait. Are you... going to watch?”

Amie arched a brow at that. “Would you rather I join? If so, please give me a moment while I move my schedule around and pen myself in for this copulation.”

“No. no. that’s fine. I’m good.” Van quickly said. Then turned to find Lyn already naked with a massive beaming and excited smile on her face.

Van Stared and was reminded once more how much Lyn had matured and grown. Her long legs, her fuller breasts, her shapely figure.

But he still felt very uncomfortable about this. Still, he realized that doing this was what a good male… a good husband… would do. Lyn was at least right about that, even if he felt like there were underlying motives about what she said. It didn’t change the fact that she was right. He had a duty, as a male of this world, to help his wives with their needs. For they had their own duty, to sacrifice themselves for him. He could hold the ideals of both his past lives and the duty of this one’s, without conflict. Or so he would like to believe.

Van took a deep breath, and let it out. “Alright. Let's do this…”

---sex scene!---


Van got naked and Lyn squealed in joy, running up to his cock and giving it a big hug and kiss. Making him feel a little confused and conflicted. On one hand. Beautiful girl hugging and kissing his cock. On the other hand, Said cock was as big as her once fully grown.

“Get down! Get down!” she said, trying to push Van onto his back, to which he complied. She then got on and straddled his cock and started to grind her wet lips on it. “Oh fuck! This is like a dream come true! I waited so long for this!” moaning as she moved her pussy all over the massive dick of her dreams.

She went down to kiss its tip, then sucking the entryway, hoping to swallow any fluids that might leak out of it. Getting seriously into it, she started riding harder than ever, producing small electric shocks that at first scared Van, until he realized it didn’t hurt and in fact worked to stimulate him.

Now in her own little world, Lyn moaned and pounded herself on Van’s shaft until her eyes went wide and one larger shock went through her body. She then went a little limp and settled down on her dreamboat. “Oh, gods Amie. you should totally try this.” Lyn said dreamily.

Amie nodded. “As you wish.” And took off her clothes in a single motion. It was so fast, Van could hardly tell when she took them off. She then sauntered towards Lyn’s position.

Van… oddly enough was not against it, Amie was a beautiful woman, with an amazing body, now that he could see her without her clothes. Normally, he would say no to this, since Amie was not a part of the harem. But he kept his mouth shut because now his dick had grown almost to its maximum size as it is now, and those electric shocks set him up for a need to release. So he had no room to complain.

Once Amie joined in, the two girls got to work, twisting and twining their bodies together up and down his shaft. Kissing it and rubbing their clits on it along the way. There was something about the scene that strangely got Van’s heart racing. Perhaps it was their flowery smell, or maybe the way they looked him in the eyes as they licked every inch of his dick with their tiny tongues, or maybe just the fact that their bodies were slightly smaller than his own cock. Whatever the reason, he was getting close.

Lyn and Amie seemed to sense this and slowly worked their way up towards the head. They straddled the head, their clits rubbing against the tip. Each one taking a side, legs locked around the head and each other as they began to hump it in unison together, their hips moving in wide arcs as they kissed each other while looking him in the eyes. Daring him to release, and promising to catch it all, all with one look.

Van’s rod was pointing straight up now, the veins working overtime, as he watched the very exotic and erotic scene in front of him. He could hold himself back. but he didn’t want to. And so released his fury onto them. Drenching them. Bathing them, with his seed.

They moaned in unison, as their bodies were covered in a sticky warm coating. They kissed and licked the sperm off of each other, even as it continued to spray all over them. Soon they climaxed together and shuddered, holding onto each other for fear that they may fall, due to their lack of strength. Their wings, hair, body, all of it was covered in Van’s love. There was hardly a part of them that wasn’t affected by the geyser of lust they subjugated themselves to.

“Wow… I have to admit… that was… something...” Van said, his heart still pounding a little.

Lyn and Amie looked at each other, then back at Van. “oh. Where not done yet…” they said, motioning to the fact that he was still a little hard.

Which was true for Van, it was normal for when he finally did decide to have sex, he could go several rounds if not more a day, every day. It was just that he chose not to. But he felt like that wasn’t what they were implying.

“What… do you mean…” he asked a little nervously.

Lyn and Amie shared a mischievous grin. And slowly Lyn moved her body until her lower lips were aligned with Van’s dick.

Van’s eyes went wide. “There’s no way that’s going to fit.”

Lyn gave a coy and knowing smile and dropped herself.

It fitted.

---even I wasn’t willing to go into detail of something like this, perhaps next time, sex scene part 2!---

“By the gods, I'm going to have nightmares of that! That was so gross! I can’t believe it bulged like that!” Van said after the fifth and final time. “I can’t believe it fit! Goblins, I can kinda understand. But Fairies!”

Lyn nodded with a smug look on her face. Laying on her back, prompt up with a pillow, arms crossed behind her head. She casually moved one of those arms and with a hand scooped up some sperm from her chest and ate it. Then moved to massage her overinflated stomach appreciatively. Spreading the coating of warm sperm around.

“Admit it,” she said. “You loved it. Once you go fairy. You never go back. And I make a fucking good anohole!” Then she pulled out a joint, lit it up with a spell and took a long drag, and exhaled the smoke.

Van blinked. “Where the hell did you get that joint? Is that why you are always so goofy?” he asked, wanting to change the subject so he wouldn’t have to admit that it really was amazing sex.

“Nope,” she said with a smile. “I made it myself, Ren taught me. I also never smoked before today. I’ve been saving it for just this occasion. Didn’t want to smoke a cig, seen enough lung cancer commercials with Ren to never want to try it. Also, you didn’t answer my question. The sex was amazing. Wasn’t it…”

Van paused. Refusing to admit such an outlandish thing.

Just then, Amie woke up from her cum coma, sperm dripping from her in waves. She coughed and swallowed. “Lyn… we have to do this again…” She said matter of factly.

Lyn nodded. “Damn straight.” then made another pull of her joint.

Amie then pulled a bucket and what looked like a soup ladle and started to gather some of the excess sperm into it. As she worked, she noticed Van’s incredulous look. “What? I’m saving the rest for later. We also have the queens to think about.”

“That’s a good point,” Lyn said, munching then swallowing some more sperm before taking another pull. “Van’s needs to grow his harem, but that doesn’t just mean with just anyone. We can give them the excess we make, and they should be happy.”

Amie took another scoop of sperm with her ladle and brought it to her mouth taking a swig. “It’s of very good quality, that's for sure. I don’t think they would be able to complain about this. Though some might want to know where we got so much of it from.”

Lyn shrugged. “We’ll just make something up. Now come over here and relax and enjoy the afterglow! I have a joint with your name on it!” she said, pulling out another joint.

Amie looked at Lyn for a moment. But then shrugged and put her bucket and ladle away and joined her friend on munching on sperm and smoking pot.

Van watched the whole thing thinking one thing. “The women of this world are fucking crazy.”

“You want to join us, Van? I have a spare joint! It’s not very big, but you could try it anyway.” Lyn said kindly.

“No thank you… I have to go and… talk to Ren now… bye.” Van said slowly rising off the ground.

Lyn shrugged. “Suit yourself.” as she and Amie then started to do girl talk.

“Oh!” she shouted as if suddenly remembering something. “If you ever want to know the full story of my epic adventures. Just come around and I'll tell you okay?”

Van nodded. “I’ll take you up on your offer when I get back with Ren. see you then,” he said, as he flew out of the clearing.


--- end of sex scene-

Leaving Lyn to her… afterglow… Van went to look for Ren. he had some choice words to share with him about what he had been teaching Lyn. as well as a few questions about the echo he became fused with. Surprisingly, he found him right outside the inner layer of his island.

Van landed in front of him, confused as to how this was possible. “How are you outside the barrier? Shouldn’t you be unable to leave the communion?” he asked.

Ren shrugged. “I have my ways,” he said with a mischievous smile before it turned into a frown. “And besides, this is an emergency.”

“Emergency?” Van asked, more confused than ever and now a little worried.

Ren nodded once more before he took a sip of his cola and sighed. “Yes. emergency. Like that ticking time bomb of a focal core, you brought in here. Or at least, the essence of one.” he shrugged once more.

Van’s eyes widened. “Are we in danger!?”

“Not immediately no. but soon? Who could say?” Ren said, taking another sip.

“Well, what do we do about it!?” Van asked, now a little exasperated by Ren’s seemingly uncaring attitude.

Ren sighed. “I was hoping you would save all that essence in the vault for a rainy day, but it seems like you will need to use it to upgrade your soul realm once more,” he said, taking another sip. “Honestly, I’m not mad. If we could take advantage and restore that focal core, we could put it to good use as a training ground to grow and gather passive essence. Just next time you try something like this, maybe ask me first.”

“Wait,” Van said, a little panicked. “I don’t have enough for another upgrade!” I only have 27.5 thousand essences from last time!

Ren rolled his eyes. “Your soul realm has matured a lot since then. 27 times faster than what a normal soul realm would mature at. Of course, once you upgrade it, it will be fully mature and won’t grow at such a fast rate anymore. But at least you won’t have to worry about not having enough essence.”

“What will happen to my soul realm once it’s mature?” Van asked.

“Like I said, it will just grow slower, just because it's matured, doesn't mean it can’t still grow or be upgraded. Now stop wasting time and get to it!” Ren said, a little annoyed at Van. turning around to walk casually towards the core of Van’s soul realm.

A little annoyed himself. Van ran towards his core, jumped up, flew, and landed center stage. He then took his seat and opened up the menu to his soul. Pressing buttons, he got to where he needed to go.

“Lets, see… upgrade soul realm… here it is! Hmm… Whoa! It went down from costing forty thousand essence. To twenty-two thousand! Another few years and I could have gotten a free upgrade!” Van shook his head. Now was not the time for that.

He immediately pressed the confirm button for the upgrade and sat back as the process did its work. Absent-mindedly he wondered if he should have been so quick to trust Ren when he said he needed to upgrade his soul realm. But he didn’t feel like he was lying, and more importantly, as Van got closer to his core. He felt the effects of the focal core more and more, so he at least knew that Ren was right when he said it was like a ticking time bomb.

As he laid back in his seat to enjoy the show and the feeling that would follow it. His entire soul realm shook so hard he felt like he was in the middle of an earthquake. Soon, power flowed from the core that was the center of all existence of his soul realm. Bathing everything in shining light. Reality warped and changed, and his island grew.

It’s size, doubling, then doubling once more. The compass-like layout of his inner layer, turning and changing, soon it was all gone, leaving nothing behind but a flat black surface. Then rose hard black rock walls and buildings from the ground. Slowly his inner layer turned into a castle, and he was in its throne room. With a large open window so that he could see out of his tower, over the castle town and the lands beyond the inner layer. Which now grew trees, mountains, rivers, and more in rapid fashion.

Once done, Van felt euphoric, like he was a king or lord. He looked towards the inner layer and saw it could clearly be improved upon, just like Ren promised.

In the distance. He saw Luna’s, Anna’s, and even Leah’s, thought that the last one was a bit farther, island’s come very close to his own. Great stone bridges formed between his island and thiers, allowing one to cross from one island to another on foot except for Leah’s.

Small islands also formed from nothing, to either hover next to his island, or even above it, allowing a cascade of water onto the greener parts of his outer layer.

“Holy shit… this is my castle and castle town… and everything beyond that is tamable land… I can feel it… I can bring people in and settle them here… grow my power, my rule...I… I…” Van had no word to say to this feeling. He had a little kingdom in his soul realm. Now all he needed was subjects.