[Prologue] Hero Killer
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In her grasp was an unconscious body and she ran because she did not want to kill. Dainty and small, the girl carried a figure twice larger than her own, moving her legs at a pace faster than a galloping horse.

"You're really persistent."

The ground ripped apart with a blade of light, but she dived, escaping only a slice that tore at her leg, spilling blood upon the broken cobblestone.

She gritted her teeth, disregarded her blood and stared down at the unconscious male in her arms. Multicolored eyes softened and she found power in her legs.

Once before, she watched him break. Now, again, she did not want the same fate.

'I can't fail here,' She glared ahead. It wasn't just her life at stake. 'Not here.'

The darkness of midnight did not block her view. In seconds, the ground rumbled as gold shined upon the girl. She leaped from a bleeding leg, spun within the air, and kicked.

The iron gates of the manor shot back from its hinges, smacking against the ground yards away, and she landed, a small yelp of pain escaped her lips, but she landed soft, afraid for his sake.

A blade of light bore down from behind and the girl had enough focus to dodge and begin her run anew.

Why, she asked herself, why must they kill each other? Were heroes not supposed to save others in plight? Were they not supposed to stand together and rid the world of its evils? Or was she the one mistaken? Somewhere along the lines, had she become disillusioned?

Her eyes widened as a gigantic weapon of light fell from the heavens, impaling the ground before her, rumbling the earth, and tearing the street and its houses apart until she was blocked. The sword glowed, sucking the darkness.

She ripped her eyes away and turned to the footsteps behind her, deep breaths filling her lungs as she forcefully pitted her weight on one leg.

The male walked leisurely towards her, sighed, a sword of light spinning in his grasp. "Why won't you give him up and let me kill him? A death for him, a grace for you. Don't you see the simplicity in that action?"

She glared at him.

"Because. . ."

She faced the Hero Killer as the ground rumbled. Behind his person, a manor was bloodied. If she went all out, the city would become rubble.

"I'm the Hero of Heart."

He scoffed and slashed.

"Your name matters not. I'm the Hero of Light, yet I kill just the same."

As the torrent of light came, Aura Fiora decided to fight. For if she didn't, she would certainly die. Her death was but a passing thought, but she could not allow the person in her arms to perish.

Love was a cruel thing. She might have realized it too late to live with him, but not late enough to disregard his person.

"I'm sorry," She whispered as her mana of gold flowed from the earth, through her veins, and bathed her in its glimmer.

Fieth Tross wouldn't want her to give her life to protect him. He wouldn't want her to face his brother head on. Yet, the ground rumbled for she would fight for his sake.

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