[2] Just Us Two
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"It's good to see you two again." The receptionist smiled, her emerald eyes twinkling, the left of which had two moles beneath. "Did you enjoy your rest? Your break? Had some fun alone together?"

Claire stared at this tomboyish woman with a trace of annoyance. She could hear the sing-song way she emphasized the words you two. The smile below her short locks of dark blue, almost black, hair was more a grin of teasing than anything, and she leaned forward onto her bare arms, the length of her black shirt folded.

Yet, the Ice Queen was not one to fall prey to teasing. As Alicia shamelessly nodded beside her, Claire spoke without a shred of shame.

"Yes, we did," She said.

"Ooh ohh."

"We lived together. We ate together. We bathed together. We even slept together." Claire smiled. She knew how it sounded, but she wasn't lying. "Isn't that right, Alice?"

The vampire nodded, twice. "It was fun being woken up by kisses."

Claire realized that maybe her partner had gotten used to that action of hers.

"Oooh ohhh," The receptionist of Aclair's adventure guild, Clara Stone, seemed to find this news even more interesting than her work. As the guild bustled about them, her eyes were focused on the two girls.

Yet, noticing a rather long line developing at the other receptionist's desk, she nodded, folding her arms, and stood back up.

"So, what have you came for today? A new request?"

As soon as those words descended, it was as if her aura changed. The sly smile still played on the corner of her lips, but the woman named Clara Stone was replaced with what could only be called a business attitude.

Claire shook her head, already long deciding that trying to buy land in Aclair at this point was wasteful of their time. At least, it could not be done until her plans were set.

"Don't bother, we came here to ask some questions," She said.

If there was anything Claire knew about otherworld novels, it was that the Adventure Guild always had information. Someway or another, they always did. Most of the time, it was explained through having a branch in almost every civilized city, but some of the time it was also due to the darker depths of the world they could reach. Either way, the adventure guild was a go-to spot for world-hoppers to claim information.

"About what?" Clara raised her brow.

"The Seven Deadly Sins."

"Huh? Why do you want to know about something that useless?"

Claire briefly explained what occurred in Aclair's Dungeon and how she had killed the Sin of Pride. She still remembered ripping through his hard skin with her blade, slicing him in two as snow drowned out his flames. At that time, it had been a rush of emotions that calmed the realization that she had killed a sentient being. If it were not for his capture of Alicia, he might have still remained alive today.

However, she could never say she was a good enough person to grief from killing an opponent that tried to kill her in return in the first place. She wasn't a saint that would hold out her neck for her foe's blade, nor someone who would waste time with the realization of killing. In the end, she froze the emotion before it could ever prickle her.

Her story earned furrowed brows from the receptionist. She looked at the two girls for a moment, then spoke.

"It's a tale anyone knows, really. . .they were the seven strongest demons that served under the demon lord of old. As far as we know, each of them had powers that worked on rules and strength fit enough to rival heroes. Yet, when the True Hero did kill the True Demon Lord, they were nowhere to be found," She said, "At least, that's what you'll find in most books."

"Oh?" Claire's interest was piqued, "Does the guild have other bits of information?"

Clara nodded, "Dig deeper and it seems the demon lord of the time gave them a task and that's why they have yet to be found."

At that moment, Alicia chimed in, "I think my past self gave them, at the very least, the goal of reviving me once I've awakened. I was supposed to inherit the memories, ideals, goals, and will of the me from then. And then, with what was left in my tomb, become whole."

She turned to Claire, smiled as she held her cold hands, "But you came and I decided I rather stay with you."

Clara Stone tilted her head, their display of affection flew over her mind as something else caught her attention.

"Your past self?" She asked.

"She is the demon lord," Claire stated, matter-of-factly.

". . ."

The doors to the adventure guild swung open as a figure walked in. Via goodwill, dressed in her abdomen-revealing shirt and miniskirt, bunny ears flapping, pointed at the two as she glared.

"Goddammit let me repay you! I don't want a free lunch!"

The adventure guild quieted.

Claire looked at her and realized she meant the Dragon Heart she had given the girl. She briefly glanced at Via's status and saw that it had been used well, the girl's strength had been increased to the rank of B+.

"It's a gift though?" She said as the bunny-girl walked towards her.

"Tch," Via folded her arms in front of the two girls who were both a head shorter than her, "The worst things in the world are free."

Claire thought that was the oddest statement ever. Though, she didn't necessarily disagree.

"So you want to help us in return for the heart?" She asked.

"Yup. I'll help you with anything you ask. As long as it's within my limits."

"I'm sorry but. . .this is a power couple arc, maybe I'll catch you next time?" Claire said.

Via blinked her eyes, "Huh? I always have no idea what you're saying."

She sighed, however.

"Fine, till we meet again," She said.

The two girls nodded as they disappeared from the place. Essentially, it would be an adventure with just the two of them. It was time to tackle the Glacial Tower and its remaining trials.

"Well hello there, Miss Goodwill." Clara smiled. "Could you do something for me?"

". . ."

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