[5] Nuke
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The wind roared as Claire's black hair fluttered about. It was as if a hurricane had suddenly descended with the clash of two, monstrously strong, beings. The Ice Queen narrowed her eyes as snow became stained.

A red spear met a giant whose skin was covered in impossibly hardened ice.

The spear exploded and blood splashed as ice chunks flew.

There was no tactic in the battle between the vampire and the ice giant. They merely punched but the landscape had already become anew. Claire dodged massive chunks of ice slicing her way and watched as crystal-like trees were uprooted from the ground and destroyed with the movements of Ymir and the surrounding snow blown away by the ripple of the explosions Alicia caused.

Alicia's arm cracked and dislocated, but she didn't scream. As blood rolled about her, she merely twisted it back to place and punched out again.

A boom rang and a part of the giant's chest exploded, fragments of ice flying off its body.

A slap came down from up high and slammed into her.

Air escaped her lungs as she smashed into the snowy landscape, tumbling the fluff of white into the air. Still, as blood leaked from her lips, and a foot stomped down, the vampire smiled.

"<Death's Glare>"

It stopped for a fraction of a second—her skill weakened by repetition on the same individual—but that was enough for her.

Alicia jumped from the hole she found herself, blood formed armor upon her leg, and kicked.

Ice broke apart to reveal skin and her nails sharpened, extended, and she slashed with both hands, ripping at the leg of the creature. Chunks of flesh and meat were deftly sliced with the savageness of a beast in under two seconds.


Ymir's yell of pain echoed, long losing its dignity. A knee dug into the snow as it tried to steady itself and failed. It flared, eyes rolling around the landscape. A bat flapped then turned to human at the back of its neck

A scoff rang.

Alicia was fast, but she wasn't usually faster than it.


Snow erupted from the ground and devoured the vampire and her wings.

In a moment, Alicia froze into a sculpture of ice.

Ymir released a breath, the air chilling before it.

It looked down at Claire, who stood meters away from their battle.

"Your friend put up a hard fight, fairy, but will she lost. Are you ready for our match?

Claire shook her head as the wind blew her hair. "I won't be so sure. . ."

"Humph, you think a mere vampire can break the prison of the ice king?" It spoke of itself in third person.

The ice queen smiled.

A crack rang.

The giant's white eyes widened and it turned to the sculpture of ice in the air.

Alicia found it difficult to swallow air as her insides stung. Every breath she took chilled her core and threatened to freeze her. Her 'Abyssal Clothes' kept her from a frozen death, however, keeping the ice above her clothing, and she grinned as she felt the pain of her breath.

Pain only brought her a mild tingling of pleasure. The sensation of fighting someone as strong as her, if not stronger, was an exhilarating rush. She gripped her fist as the fragmented memory of a battlefield ran through her mind.

A battlefield where corpses fell from her bloodied hands. There, she was a demon queen who headed a nation of her kind.

She took a breath and gripped her hands again.

Other fragments of memories from another life formed.

A life filled with such things as cars and skyscrapers and. . .there, she was a male who led his peers.

Alicia grinned, fangs in full bloom as she bit her lips.


The cocoon of ice flashed red and boomed into shards. The explosion whipping the sky into a frenzy.

'That's really bloody. . .' Claire frowned as she saw her partner still within the air, blood circulating around her person.

Half of Alicia's head was missing but in merely a few seconds, it reformed back to normal as though nothing had happened. As Ymir watched, stunned to silence, Alicia flapped her wings and dove for him.

"I'm astounded. . ." Ice formed around Ymir's figure as he spoke. In seconds, he wore armor of the element, stronger than it had ever been. "Though, that's as far as you go."

A fist of blood as large as its head met a punch invaded in ice.

Once again, an explosion ripped the air.

Half of Alicia's body blasted to pieces but her wings flapped and she carried herself further with a laugh.

The ice giant furrowed its brows at her enjoyment.

As she reshaped back to form, the two stared face to face. One within the air, and the other towering over the land.

"Surrender," The ice king said.

Alicia didn't reply.

Her wings flapped.


More ice swallowed the chest of the creature.

"That's not my aim!" Alicia grinned.

She stretched out a bloodied hand.

"Wha—what, my tee—!?"

The crystal-like teeth of the giant exploded along with Alicia's arm.

A look of horror overcame the giant.

Alicia laughed like a madman as a chill slashed through Claire's spine.

"My body is my weapon. . ." The vampire grinned as blood pooled from her. She looked down-right insane.

She jumped into the howling giant's mouth as her voice trailed, memory upon the fragments of her past on earth.

"I am a nuke."


Ymir did not even have time to scream.

The head of the giant exploded into a mass of gore.

The flash of red died down as the cold wind of the land blew and Claire's lips pressed against one another.

The headless giant fell upon snow and the ground shook, rumbling and tumbling crimson-stained white into the air.

Claire frowned as she walked forward.

This was how an immortal vampire with exploding blood fought. A clear disregard for her body. As long as even a bit of her remained, she could fully heal. How it worked? No clue. It was as stupid thought as wondering how skills worked, Claire thought, Isekai will always Isekai was the only correct answer.

"Honestly. . ." She muttered, standing before a glowing drop of blood.

She sighed as she slowly watched the reforming girl. She knew Alice would largely be safe no matter what came her way but. . .a part of her also worried.

"Whoever gave you your set of skills must be really sadistic," She muttered. Somewhere, out there, was a goddess who was just offended. "Though I can't say it's not effective. An immortal vampire that finds pleasure in pain, with a secondary healing skill, paired with exploding blood? That's honestly genius."

She stared into the sky.

"One more reason to rip this game to pieces."

At that point, Alicia's head had already reformed and the rest of her body began to follow. Before she knew it, Claire found herself hugging the vampire, clothes already back upon her figure.

"How does it feel to practically die and come back?" She asked, staring into the face of her companion.

"Cold," Alicia muttered. "I dislike it."

"Yet you're still hugging me? Aren't I cold? I am an Ice Fairy, after all."

Alicia shook her head.

"I like your coldness."

Claire chuckled at the innocent expression of the girl who had just exploded a giant from the inside out. Then she frowned.

"That was a dangerous move you pulled off. Promise you'll keep safe?"

Alicia's eyes looked confused for a moment, then took on the traits Claire thought only a puppy should have.

"You're scolding me. . ?"


". . .alright."

Claire spread her hand between them as a chunk of ice, clear as a mirror, with a hole atop manifested upon her palm.

"Here, you want this back, right?"

Alicia nodded and smiled as she took the thing. "Mhmm mhmm!"

In no time at all, the vampire had a string of blood looped around her neck with the crystal dangling above her chest.

It was what had connected them together when they first met. Made from Claire's ice and Alicia's blood, it was a simple necklace meant to allow Claire to appear by Alicia's side from whenever at whatever time. Yet, for some reason, neither wanted to part with it even when it became unneeded. Sure, the Ice Queen might now own a ball able to teleport her but. . .

'There's something unique about a necklace made from both our powers.' Claire thought.

As she looked at the smile on Alicia's face, she thought maybe it was a bit more than just that.

Then, she stared at the corpse of the giant with furrowed brows.

Tomorrow, chapters will be posted until this site has caught up with Wattpad. Which, should take us to the beginning of arc two of this volume.