[35] Is it time for filler? Yesn’t
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By the time they walked the city, it was high morning and the sun blazed down onto the earth. None of them felt the heat, however, as they stuck close to Claire's form. A hazy layer of blue light perpetually surrounded her, and she radiated enough chilliness for them all. Those who passed by glanced at them strangely and could swear they sometimes saw flakes of snow drift about.

"You still haven't got a handle on your powers?" Via spoke as she stared incredulously at the girl who was both beautiful enough to make people want to step closer, and cold enough to push them away. The closer you came to her, the more you'd begin to freeze, so she and Lara kept a few paces of distance behind. Yet, Alicia walked hand in hand with Claire, side by side without a care in the world.

Claire chuckled.

"Not at all. If I don't focus enough, the floor and the surroundings will begin to freeze," She replied honestly. Her assimilation percentile with the Water Seed was at 28%. Ever since her duel with the Hero of Strength, it had become a bit more chaotic, as if that fight had ignited part of her potential. "You should be thankful I'm wearing elven clothes as it is, else my mana would have far more of an effect."

". . .you're—you're wearing elven clothes?" Lara muttered in disbelief as she took a once over of the girl.

Claire laughed. "What? Are you surprised?"

Via rolled her eyes. "Don't bother being surprised, Lara, or you'll waste your time and mental energy."

Claire smiled with a shrug as the bunnygirl watched her incredulously.

"Well. . .I guess it's a bit surprising that she's already that powerful. . ." Via muttered. At one point, she had compared herself to her, and even challenged her to a duel, but that time was long gone.

Though she had seen the girl fight numerous times, Via still had no idea just what the limits of her might was. She could understand the vampire's to a degree, that girl still seemed to have opponents capable of facing her, but not Claire's.

It was said that, if an individual was powerful enough, their mana would have an effect on their surroundings simply by being released. It was the very reason Lara De. Frag whipped the air about her and cracked the earth when she released hers—as if a cork coming undone. Yet, as broken as she was, even that wasn't considered the limits of the word 'powerful'. Those beings, those who were considered 'overpowered' did not even need to release their mana. Merely their presence alone affected the world.

Via remembered how the air about the Sword Saint she once knew bended, folded, and twisted; sometimes even forming blades of space when he was least conscious. When he walked, he seemed to move through the very concept of distance and, even without mana, space magic not of his own creation had no effect on him. When that boy wasn't careful, he could make sections of the world itself disappear. There was no barrier on the planet capable of stopping him. He was a walking disaster with the single goal of becoming something more.

'She's becoming one too huh. . .or has she already?' She thought with wonder. Then she spoke.

"You know this city belongs to the Hero Killer, right?" She said.

In this world, there were several disaster-level individuals. At least, several that were known. The Sword Saint was one and so was the Hero of Light, termed the Hero Killer. The current lord of Felcius and its surroundings and the protector of Tress's southern border.

"Oh?" Claire raised a brow. "Should I be cautious, then?"

Via shrugged.

"Who knows. Just be careful. He. . ." She paused, looking for the right words. "He tends to have a thing for killing people he sees as unworthy of their powers. At least, that's the rumor. Though, of course, he's definitely killed 2 heroes before."

Oh? Claire found her words interesting. So he didn't kill people just for the sake of it. From what she had heard previously, she had assumed so. Especially based on the words Fieth Tross had once spoken, body crumbling.

"Noted," She said.

They stopped at an intersection. Ahead, on the next street over, just in front of the secondary wall of the city, and in front of the doorway through it, was the adventure guild. Though they had asked around, in the end, it wasn't needed, and it looked every bit as similar to the one located in Aclair. A rectangular building of black that reminded her of marble.

"Alright, that's the adventure guild," Claire said. "Let's meet there tonight before we return home."

Naturally, the 'home' she referred to was the Glacial Tower she owned. That had happened to become their living quarters the previous night. Claire didn't mind, there were enough rooms for all of them.

"Aye gotcha," Via nodded. Then grabbed Lara's shoulder. "I'll be taking this one. . ."

". . .huh. . .umm. . ."

"And. . .where's the boy?" Via ignored the girl in her grasp and asked.

Asta appeared before Claire, his body shining under the sun. He blinked his metaphorical eyes and tilted his head as he glanced around, entirely confused.

"Where are the monsters I'm fighting, miss?" He asked, puzzled.

Claire unashamedly pointed a finger at Via.

"Her. Go with her. And train under her as you complete requests from the adventure guild."

". . ."

Even without a face, the silence of the boy seemed palpable enough to describe his expression. He almost wanted to cry.

"Bu-but-but. . ." He stammered.

"Train and earn us some money. Two birds. One stone. Okay?" Claire replied. "Though, I also simply want some alone time with Alicia, so shoo off with Via."

". . ."

Via rolled her eyes.

"But. . ." Asta said once more.

Yet, the bunnygirl grabbed him by his head and dragged him away before he could speak once more.

"But nothing! Let's get going you block of ice, I don't have all day to stand here dammit!"

Claire waved the defeated boy away, along with Via and Lara. Why the girl had also wanted the form-hero who she still debated giving her powers back to? She didn't know. It seemed, though, that it wasn't for a pleasant thing. If Claire wasn't mistaken, that girl was going to see quite a bit of blood. Via had almost cursed her out during the morning when she squirmed from the sight of them killing beasts and remained at the rear of the group. Though she wasn't religious, Claire silently prayed for both the girl and Asta, who was sure to get the brunt of the tough-love.

In the end, she sighed as she felt Alicia's hand tangled with hers.

"We haven't been alone in a while, just the two of us enjoying ourselves, doing nothing in particular, right?" She asked.

Alicia nodded. "That's true."

The last time it had been just the two of them, it was done specifically to complete Claire's challenges towards obtaining the Water Seed. Now? They had nothing in particular they needed to do. They were simply passing through Felcius for the most part. Planning to stay perhaps a few days before they would depart once more.

The vampire smiled, a fang poking out in the way Claire thought cutest.

"Where are we going?" She questioned in return with a tilt of her head.

"On a date, of course. Isn't that what lovers do?" Claire replied as she smiled. "A new city. A new place to explore. Don't you agree? Two birds. One stone. Think of all the new food as well, and you have three birds."

Alicia's visible crimson eye seemed to glaze over with the promise of distant enjoyment. Both for the food and the date.

"That sounds good."

Claire laughed.

One-day filler arc speed run, any percent, let's go.

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