Chapter 13 – The 13th Night
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By the time all the furniture was unpacked, the sky was almost dark. But even though moving makes one bitterly tired, one can't let a movie star go hungry. Thus, Mi Xi Er went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Feng Jing.

Meanwhile, Feng Jing sat comfortably on his newly delivered sofa and sent a text message to the secretary of ChangXin studio.

【Feng Jing: I found the dog my soul's been swapping with. When will your boss be back?】

【ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Hello, you may have to wait a little longer [☞☜]】

【Feng Jing: Can he really stay abroad for so long on a tourist visa? :)】

【ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Our boss has gone to Africa again... [☞☜]】

Feng Jing: "..."

What the hell!

【F.J: Well, I'm waiting :)】

【ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: I'm really sorry [☞☜]】

As the sky became completely dark, Mi Xi Er finally served up a tableful of dishes. Feng Jing logged off WeChat and went to the dining room for dinner. Due to the new environment, the assistant was particularly worried about his illness being aggravated and waited for him to fall asleep before leaving. 

So that the assistant would at least have the peace of mind to surf Weibo, Feng Jing took his medicine on time and went to the master bedroom to sleep.

Whether Dr. Zhang's medicine was showing its effects or that the dog had begun to gradually adapt to his body, Feng Jing's nights had been much calmer as of lately. Mi Xi Er watched him fall asleep and made sure all the windows were closed before leaving.

When he woke the next day, he had barely changed his posture. After a shower, he was on his way to the kitchen to dig up some breakfast when he got a call from Mi Xi Er. 

  • "Mister Feng, Bunny's new lipstick is about to go on the market and advertisements are going to be launched on major television stations and online platforms. They've sent you a box of lipstick. I hope you'll cooperate by posting on Weibo as a warm-up for the next promotion."

Feng Jing paused, just about to scramble some eggs. "A box of lipstick?" 

This was the first time he had heard about quantities of lipstick calculated by the box.

  • Mi Xi Er said, "Well, this one's kind of like those cash boxes in movies but with their logo printed on it. It looks rather nice."

Feng Jing: "—"

  • "I've counted, there are around 200 colours inside."

Feng Jing: "—" 

Mi Xi Er was so excited to talk about this box of lipsticks and had even counted the colours! Even though he considered himself a man that was up to date on fashion, 200 colours was honestly pretty amazing.

And for a new series, at that!

"How are there so many different shades of red?" Feng Jing queried.

  • "Nature's just colourful." Mi Xi Er lamented.

Feng Jing: "—"

Mi Xi Er quickly brought over the box of lipsticks. Disentangling himself from issues of colour, he retrieved the lipstick and asked the assistant to take a picture of himself. 

Proving himself once again to be an outstanding assistant who always went the extra mile, Mi Xi Er had even studied photography. He pulled out his phone, chose an angle and composition, and didn't forget to give pointers for a more seductive look. 

"Mister Feng, take a lipstick and hold it to your lips, yes, just like that. Don't look at the camera, look down. Give me that feeling of looking at nothingness."

Feng Jing: "—"

These requirements were even higher than the photographer who took his magazine photoshoot.

Mi Xi Er took several shots in a row and then chose the most satisfying for Feng Jing. 

"Mister Feng, isn't this one good?" 

It was a silhouette, not only highlighting the perfect outline of Feng Jing's face but also showing his eyelashes clearly, dense and long. He looked slightly downcast in the shot as if he were distressed about the box of lipsticks.

"It's a good shot," Feng Jing said, pleased with his own beauty.

Mi Xi Er's heart shone upon hearing this praise. "I'll fix the colours up a little and send it to you."

Through his hard work, the photo was edited and sent to Feng Jing who then logged into Weibo, thought about the wording of his post and published.

【Feng Jing (V): How should one use Bunny's new box of lipsticks? [image]】

A second after the post was sent, comments began to emerge.

【Give me the best ones!!!】

【Ah, ah, this is crazy! Feng Jing is so handsome!!】

【So much Bunny lipstick! I'm so jealous!】

【@Feng Jing Make a raffle please! *covers face*】

【Since you all want lipstick, there's always mine.】

【I just want to be the lipstick in your hand [bye]】

【When do the Film Emperor's ads go up? I'm already starved to this point :'D】

Jiang Ran was still reading Kitano-sensei's original manuscript when she accidentally saw this post. Ever since the time her head had been patted at the airport, she had been following Feng Jing. However, the frequency of his posts wasn’t that high, and this kind of photo was even rarer!

As a salesgirl who constantly paid attention to beauty, skincare and fashion, for the first time, Jiang Ran's focus was not on the box of lipsticks but on Feng Jing - Ugh, how humiliating!

Recollecting that such a person had touched her head at the airport, Jiang Ran somehow felt calm. It would be nice to see him again if she had the chance. Unfortunately, Feng Jing only acted and didn't sing, otherwise, she might see him at a concert. For this kind of acting-dedicated star, one could only watch his films!

The penguin chat icon on her computer suddenly beeped wildly.

【Yan Huan Huan: Ah, ah, ah, Jiang Ran!】

【Yan Huan Huan: Have you seen Feng Jing's new Weibo?】

【Yan Huan Huan: It's soooo hot!】

【Yan Huan Huan: How can there be such a handsome, lipstick-owning man in this world!】

Jiang Ran: "..."

【Yan Huan Huan: I just want to keep him!】

【Jiang Ran: Who doesn't?】

【Yan Huan Huan: Don't twist the knife.】

While all his fans were excited and screaming, Feng Jing's sister - that's right, the sister who sent his resume to Kai Huang1 See Chapter 5. Feng Jing's sister once sent in his resume to Kai Huang Entertainment because Mo Zhen works there and she's a fan. :P - gave him a call. 

  • "Dear brother, I saw your Weibo. It's a shame you can't use lipstick! No matter, your dear sister will help you out with them.”

"—" Feng Jing smiled slightly. "Thanks, but no thanks."

"—" On the other end of the phone, Feng Ya was silent before saying generously: 

  • "Oh, you don't have to be polite to your sister. I'll have my secretary pick them up later."

Then she hung up quickly.

Feng Jing: "..."

Well, she didn't know he'd moved anyway...

Once Bunny's planning department saw how warmly Feng Jing's post was received, they contacted Qin Fan to add another wave of publicity. The manager, who was busy with meetings, tossed the matter over to Mi Xi Er.

However, Mi Xi Er was just an assistant. He wasn't authorized to make business decisions, so he had to ask Feng Jing himself.

"Mister Feng," he called out to the balcony. 

After lunch at noon, Feng Jing was sitting by the balcony looking out into space. When he heard the other’s voice, he turned his head to see him. "What's the matter?"

Mi Xi Er said, "Bunny's planning department just contacted me, asking you to add a lip print onto their cards. They'll print a thousand as a limited giveaway. How do you feel about this?"

Feng Jing asked, "What's Qin Fan's opinion?"

"Manager Qin is very busy these days. He said this little thing would be your decision. If you agree, he'll sign a supplementary agreement with Bunny."

"And the original card? Will Bunny want it or can I keep it?"

"If you want to keep it, we can ask."

"That's fine then."

"All right then, I'll talk to them!" This was Mi Xi Er's first contact with this kind of work and his enthusiasm was unprecedented.

In the evening, Jiang Ran sat in front of her computer to count the orders, and once again her chat icon rang wildly.

【Yan Huan Huan: !!!!!!!!!】

【Yan Huan Huan: Look at Feng Jing's Weibo!】

Jiang Ran: "..."

She ignored the chat notifications that were still popping up and went straight to Feng Jing's Weibo to get to the bottom of it.

He really had already made a new post, and it was even a video. Jiang Ran tapped her index finger and it began to play. Sitting on the sofa in a white shirt, Feng Jing held a custom Bunny card in his hand. He looked at the camera and smiled, then kissed the card very gently.

A light lip print was left on the card, which he handed to the camera and then said, "Good night."

The video came to an abrupt end, only a little over 10 seconds.

However, the fans were already going crazy.

【Saying goodnight to us!】

【Oh! My! God! Can! He! Be! Any! Hotter!?】

【I'm having a nosebleed... can't stop-】

【Playing the song "Can't sleep tonight" for all of you here.】

【I'd pay a billion for that card at an auction!】

【Which lipstick color is Feng Jing using??】

【How exciting.】

【I don't want the lipstick anymore, just give me the lip print [kneeling]】

【Bunny's really winning out with Feng Jing covering them.】

Bunny was having a most excellent day. During the discussions with Qin Fan about the contract they had felt that the asking price was a little high, but now it seemed that this publicity wave would absolutely be worth the price they had paid. The lipstick used by Feng Jing would be their next main push, and they could already foresee the scene of carnage after the sale!

Seeing the fire burning high, Bunny officially forwarded Feng Jing's post and explained how to obtain the lip-printed cards.

Meanwhile, Jiang Ran had played the video eight times over during this time. Pheromones that could somehow be felt across the screen are crazy. Wasn't it just selling lipstick? Why test a fan's heart like this?

Jiang Ran touched her face and quickly went to bed. Really, male stars were incredible.


TLC: MamaGoose

Editors: tipper9 & Larkspur