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Ancient stories and myths sometimes depicted gigantic beasts that can shake the earth and stir the waves. Even to this day many of this myths and stories remained, for the new generation, for us to read, for us hear.


Many said that our ancestors have a vivid imagination, that is why they're able to depict these creatures accurately, but... Is that really all there is to it? There must be people that have wondered what cause them to depict such creatures. What inspired them, how are they able to describe these creatures with such detail? Unfortunately that's all they did, wonder. In the end everyone thought the same thing, "they're not real" "it's just a myth, a story" they all believed it, the whole humanity believed it...


Until it happened.


On May 21, 20xx a few kilometers away from the western border of Russia. The sun is shining brightly as people go about their days peacefully, all of a sudden a large shadow loom over the small city, accompanied by a sound of something falling. After that something crash on the ground with immense force it shake the earth. The crash caused a powerful shockwave destroying the surrounding infrastructure and taking many lives in the process.


The survivors are wounded or hanging between life and death. They all look up to gaze upon the thing that caused this destruction, well at least those who can. There they see a beast, a monster.


It is huge, towering over skyscrapers, it's body is robust and have features of different animals, an arms of a monkey, a tail of a lizard, a head of a lion and the rest of its body is covered in thick grey furs.


The beast inhales and let out a deafening roar as it begins to rampage destroying and killing anything in its wake. Once it done thrashing the city it started to head west destroying anything it sees in its path.


The world is shocked to its core. The leaders of all nation dropped everything they're doing as they discuss what they are to do with this monster, but while they are debating they receive another shocking news. Another gigantic monster was sighted. It was sighted at sea just west of France.


This one have a very long neck, a serpentine head, sharp claws and tentacle like tails. This one is headed east intending to meet the other beast, and it intends to do so fast for its speed didn't decrease even after getting its foot on land. It seems the monster is capable of traversing both land and water.


Fearing the destruction the monsters will cause once they meet the world leaders agreed to stop it with everything they can.


The two monsters was bombarded with artillery and bombs, battered with rockets and missiles. But the they just shrug it off.


Eventually the two meet, they stare at each other's eyes growling and sizing each other up. That moment felt like forever for the everyone. Then as if to break the silence the two monsters roar at each other signaling the begining of their clash.


The battle lasted for days and nights, causing massive destruction through Europe. After days of fighting another event occurred that shreds the hearts of the soldiers on site and the world leaders on their comfy chairs.


A new monster emerge from the sky. But unlike the first one this one didn't come falling down, it came floating like it's swimming on the sky with immense speed. It's appearance is the very definition of an eastern dragon, shining blue scale covers its long body, whiskers, sharp yellow eyes and two majestic horns like those of a deer.


The serpent like monster and the lion headed monster stopped their fight and gaze upon the dragon. Meanwhile all of humanity dread at the appearance of this new monster. The first two monsters already caused immeasurable destruction, they don't want to know what will happen if this new comer joins the fray.


Due to this the use of nuke has been allowed. An intercontinental ballistic missile armed with nuke was fired.


The dragon as if sensing the missile snorted and turn to the general direction of the said missile, it gathered a green energy on its mouth and blasted it towards the missile. The energy travelled at extreme speed covering hundreds of kilometres before making contact with the nuke.


The nuke exploded in the middle of the sea unable to fulfil its duty.


The dragon then let out another snort and did something which again shocked everyone. It spoke, "Hmp! Foolish humans." It spoke in ridicule with its high pitch girly voice like that of a child. Everyone was shocked because the voice doesn't suite the dragon at all, it would have been comedic, hell everyone would even laugh if it weren't for the immense power it has shown everyone.




The lion headed monster roared towards the dragon as if angered at the dragon for taking the spot light. The dragon just snorts, afterwards its horns let out a bright light that caused everyone on site to be temporary blinded.


Once their sight returned to them, they found the serpentine monster and the lion headed monster dead, their bodies dry like the life was suck out of them.


This... was not the end though.


A few months after the event at Europe new monsters emerge all over the world, causing destruction, some even clashing when they meet, and there's also extremely few that remained docile.


For three years humanity is at the mercy of these monsters, for three years many nations fall. Great minds was gathered to combat this predicament that could erase the whole human race. After years of research it was found out that these monsters' skin are extremely tough artillery, bombs, missiles and other heavy weapons will either feel like a poke or an ant's bite to them. While nukes pose a significant threat to them, using it to eliminate all presently known monsters will upset the earth's eco system, even if they only aim for the hostile ones the result will still be the same.


Hence the researchers opted for the second and seemingly impossible option. For them to get through these natural armour they needed something to strike it, something of the same mass to produce enough force to get through these defences. They need a f*cking mecha.


The world leaders are reluctant to do this of course. First of all making one of these so called mecha will cost them billions if not trillions, secondly it's not even one hundred percent sure if this will work. They are now presented with three options.


1. Nuke them contaminating the whole planet with radiation in the process which will slowly kill all of humanity.


2. Do nothing and let all these monsters end the human race.


3. Do this impossible endeavour in the hopes that it works.


In the end the choice was obvious. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.


The day the very first model of this mecha was introduced is the day humanity stopped being at the monsters' mercy. Although it was not able to eliminate its first target it was able to repel the monster. This first battle provided precious combat data. Improvements were made and more models are created. They kept on doing this until they succeeded on killing one. After three years of despair humanity gained a real fighting chance. After some time they decided to designate a name for these mechas, the Guardians. Since they're guarding humanity from these monsters they thought it was a fitting name.


After 20 years, all the pieces are in  place for the war that will decide on who shall rule the world.




"Lapis, don't just stand there help me!!!" (???)


"Ye- yes!" (Lapis)


Lapis Hartman a boy with spiky dark purple hair and tan skin was startled by the shout bringing him back from his reverie. In front of him is the thing that responsible for his reverie. A Guardian.


Lapis always admired these so called Guardians ever since he was a child. Although unlike many children who wants to pilot a Guardian Lapis want to create one, besides if you want to pilot a Guardian you need to be an elite of elites.


To achieve his dream Lapis decided to enlist in the army as an Engineer, to get the chance to see the inner workings of a Guardian first hand. Although he's mostly working as an assistant for his senior officer, lucky for him his senior officer is quite talented on his job, this allows Lapis to not only see the inner workings of a Guardian but he also get learn techniques just by observing his senior.


"Lapis!!!" (???)


"Coming!" (Lapis)


The person who's been screaming at Lapis is none other than his senior officer, Rosa Maxwell. Rosa is an old lady with a grumpy face and grumpy attitude.


"Honestly kid, what took you so long." (Rosa)


Rosa handed over the tools that she's been holding. It consist of wrenches, giant screws and other stuff that is vital for Lapis and Rosa's job.


"I'm just wondering how it get... those." (Lapis) Lapis gesture towards the guardian with his chin, or to be more specific towards the damage on its waist.


The Guardian that Lapis is working on is called St. Peter. It wields a spear and a shield, the shield has been cut in half though. St. Peter's also missing a huge chunk of its waist, there’s a couple of claw marks on its body and sparks can be seen flying from its neck from time to time.


"I heard it fought a Leviathan that spits out acid." (Rosa)


Rosa then glance at Lapis. "You do know what a Leviathan is right?" (Rosa)


"Of course I do. Leviathan is one of the three classification we have for monsters." (Lapis) Lapis answered.


"Good then what does it mean when a monster is classified as a Leviathan?" (Rosa)


"Leviathan class monsters lives in deep bodies water of water, although they live at sea they are also able to travel in land. Why are you even asking me this questions?" (Lapis)


"You'll be taking a test next month which will determine if you're ready to go on your own or if you still need more training from me. These questions are sure to come up on the said test I'm merely reviewing you." (Rosa)


"Wait, this is the first I have heard of this test." (Lapis)


"Because it just got announced today. Now then give me the other two classifications for monsters and what it means to be classified by said classification." (Rosa)


"The second one is Behemoth, monsters with this classification lives underneath the earth, it is theorise that they live near the earth's core, it is unconfirmed if they are able to travel at sea. The last one is ummm... err... (Lapis)


Seeing that Lapis don't know the final answer she let out a sigh. "Kid, this should be common knowledge specially in our kind of work." (Rosa) Rosa then give a light bump on the head, Lapis still acted like his hurt though. "Listen up, the third classification is called Dragon, and as the name suggest monsters of this classification often have a trait of a dragon, and possibly intelligent. So far there's only one monster that's classified as dragon and that's the Sky Dragon." (Rosa)


"You mean that monster that appeared 20 years ago?" (Lapis)


"Yes." (Rosa)


Lapis and Rosa eventually reach the foot of the Guardian while talking. The two of them looking up at the giant.


"Well kid, I'll leave the tools to you. Just get it up there." (Rosa) Rosa points towards the damaged waist of St. Peter. Lapis can only stifle a sigh as he stares at the height he need to climb, he's slowly losing his motivation to do his job today.




Lapis is extremely tired after trying to fix St. Peter. Trying because St. Peter's sustain too much damage for the engineers on sight to fix it up. It will take time before St. Peter is combat ready again.


Lapis immediately headed to his quarters and plop down to his bed letting out a satisfied moan in the process.


"Tired?" (???)


A man across the other side of the room asked. Lapis look up on the man and there he found his roommate laying on his bed reading a magazine with a smile, he have a light brown hair and a white skin. This man is Kian Ward, an infantry soldier.


At first many thought that since the Guardians are now here to fight the monsters, there's little use for soldiers like Kian. Unfortunately this is not the case. Creating a single Guardian cost billions because of this there are only a total of 11 Guardian one of this Guardian currently don't have a pilot. Moving said Guardians to the combat area also take time due to its mass. This is where the soldiers comes in. Their job is to stall the monsters and contain it within the combat area to prevent it for causing more damage and lastly to weaken it so that the Guardian will have an easier time fighting.


"Me too man, today's training drained me." (Kian) Kian then smile towards Lapis.


"Tell you what I'll lend you this, this may charge you up." (Kian) Kian showed Lapis what he's been reading. Lapis take look and he found out that Kian was actually reading a p*rn magazine, Lapis blushed a little upon seeing the images.


Just as Lapis was about to take the magazine (for research purposes of course) the door to their room suddenly burst open with a bang.


There they found their commanding officer. Dawn Mesmede, Dawn's appearance is pretty unique. Dawn despite being 35 years old have the appearance of someone who's still 13 or 14, white hair, deep red eyes, under those said eyes are deep eye bags and lastly her complexion is pale like sickly pale.


You shouldn't let her looks deceive you though, the last time Lapis saw her mad Kian was kissing the ground quite passionately, it was so passionate that Kian started to bleed.


Lapis and Kian stares at Dawn with dread in their eyes, meanwhile Dawn is currently looking at the object on their hands. The p*rn mag. Now for those who don't know, objects such p*rn mags are not allowed in the base. Seeing the magazine Dawn's sleepy and irritated eyes turn into that of a cold glare.


"I came here to have the two of you run an errand for me, instead I found..." Dawn stares at Lapis then to Kian then back to the magazine, "...this."


"Ermm ... This belongs to Kian." Lapis said as he let go of the magazine.


"Y-you!" (Kian)


Kian glares at Lapis wanting to skin the turncoat alive.


"Both of you get your asses out and run on the track field and run 20 laps." (Dawn)


"20 laps?!!" (Kian)


Dawn look back at Kian and said "Very well 25 laps it is then."


"Wha-- I-I mean yes ma'am!" (Kian)


"You just have to open your mouth do you." (Lapis)


Lapis glares at Kian blaming him for the additional five laps that they received.


Kian was about to say something back at Lapis but was interrupted by Dawn shouting at them to hurry it up to the field.




At the track field Lapis and Kian are panting after finishing their runs. Well... Lapis is actually crawling with an expression of someone who's about to die while Kian is still standing with the help of his will and fear of Dawn... mostly with the help of his fear with Dawn.


"Hmp! You two are these tired with just this?" (Dawn) Dawn is still glaring coldly at Lapis and Kian, it seems she wants to punish the two idiots more.


Lapis look up to her with difficulty and said between breaths, "Tired... from... work..."


"Hmp, well a single person would suffice for the task I'm about to give." (Dawn)


Dawn contemplated for a moment looking between Lapis and Kian. After a short moment she slightly smile and look at Kian.


"Very well Kian you're with me. As for you Lapis, you're free to do whatever you wish now." (Dawn)


With that Dawn turn to leave followed by Kian who's enviously looking at Lapis clearly not wanting to do any work.


"Ah, that's right." (Dawn)


Dawn suddenly stop walking and look back at Lapis.


"Supplies will be arriving at the port later at night go get then when they arrived." (Dawn)



"Ye- yes ma'am." (Lapis)


"Good, Kian let's go." (Dawn)


“Yes ma'm.” Kian said followed by a whisper “I hope my job is as easy as Lapis'”


Dawn heard this whisper  though so she look at Kian and smile menacingly. At this Kian can do nothing but swallow a mouthful of saliva.




Night eventually came and Lapis is at the port right now waiting for supplies that was mentioned earlier to arrive. Right now he's leaning on the military truck that he brought with him as he observe the bustling people.


The city near where their base is stationed is big and the port is a big part of this city's system. Due to this the port is still very active during this time.


One particular stall caught Lapis eyes. It's a stall selling a wasabi. Lapis has been observing the stall owner who's been claiming that he's wasabi is special and it being the best in the city (It's the only place where you can buy a wasabi in this city so...)


Lapis' curiosity was piqued not because of what the stall vendor was saying but because he never tried a wasabi before. It so just happen that they letting people have a taste of the said wasabi.


Lapis look down at his wrist watch and said "A quick taste wouldn't hurt would it? Besides there's still a couple of minutes before the supplies arrive."


Lapis walk towards the stall. The vendor see him coming and smiled. "Young man, I've been seeing you looking at my wasabi for some time now, how about wanna try it?" (Vendor)


"Yes, I don't know what wasabi is but I like to try it." (Lapis)


The vendor smile at him take out what Lapis think is some sort of snack, the vendor then put a tiny amount on the said snack. "Here." (Vendor)


Lapis look at the tiny amount of wasabi.


"Umm... can you add more I don't think I can taste it with this much." (Lapis)


"Are you sure, this is quite spicy you know.?" (Vendor)


Lapis' eyes light up at this. "Spicy? You definitely need to add more." (Lapis)


With this the vendor added a little more.


"More." (Lapis)


The vendor got annoyed at this point and added a big chunk of wasabi. "Nice!" Lapis exclaimed.


"Looking down on wasabi, just you wait." The vendor mumbled.


Lapis then put the snack with a big amount of wasabi on his mouth while the vendor wait in anticipation for his reaction. But suddenly something erupted from the sea.


A gigantic monster with reptilian features and fins on its head and tail emerge from the water, it stand on its two hind legs, it have two short arms with three sharp claws, it have a dark brown scale. The monster let out a roar as it set foot on land.


Lapis and the vendor was startled by the appearance of this monster and despair immediately filled their hearts. Lapis is specially on great despair as he is now choking on the wasabi some even went to his nose... Oh wait did I said some? I mean a big portion of the wasabi went to his nose.


"*Choke* He- Hel *choke* *cough*" (Lapis)


To make matters worse another monster appeared, this one suddenly burst out of the ground without any warning. It have the appearance of an armadillo that stands on its two hind legs, it have long arms and many  spikes on its back. It roar towards the other monster.


By this point all of the people are running for their lives, except for Lapis who is currently crying due to the torture the wasabi is giving his throat, nose and mouth. The monster you say? He couldn't care less he needs water, WATER!!!


Meanwhile the two monsters are clashing clawing, biting and whipping their tails at each other. While this is happening Lapis started to run towards the only source of water he could think the sea.


Unfortunately for Lapis the reptilian monster was pushed to his general direction. A shadow suddenly looms over him. He look up with his teary and burning eyes and he see the foot of the monster.


Right in that moment something warm burst out from inside him. Something hot he feel like his whole body is on fire... and no, this is not the wasabi.


Lapis' body was suddenly engulf in purple flames moments later those flame turn into a massive explosion destroying everything and sending the reptilian monster reeling back. Huge smoke soon follows that prevent Lapis on seeing anything.


The wasabi torture that he's been experiencing is gone, Lapis sigh in relief at this. The smoke that covers him immediately dissipate, Lapis look down to check if he sustained any injuries only for him to be shocked once again.


He see his skin have become scaly, his five fingers are no more instead it is replaced by three claws, on his elbows are purple spikes. This changes are just the beginning


As of right now Lapis have a draconic appearance, he resemble a western dragon with no wings, he have black scales, purple eyes, he stand on his two muscular hind legs, long whip like tail and his teeth have become sharp, his size is simply gigantic the skyscrapers are just reaching his waist. Huge purple spikes can be sewn on his shoulder blades, the tip of his tail and a single one on his chest.


“What?!!!” Lapis shout, but this shout of him startled him more, the reason being his voice have become hoarse and monstrous. Lapis have no idea on what is happening.




The reptilian monster who was sent reeling earlier let out a roar towards Lapis. Lapis instinctively look back towards the monster but due to Lapis not being used to his new body he is currently having trouble controlling it. So when he turn to look his tail whip out towards the reptilian monster hitting it in the face making it stumble to the ground.


The reptilian monster is extremely pissed right now, first it was sent reeling back and then it received a tail whip on the face. Enrage the monster stand and charge towards Lapis while letting out a loud roar. It slammed to Lapis with immense force making Lapis loss his balance. Lapis tried to hold on to something to balance himself but his stretch out claws accidentally slash the chest of the armadillo like monster who's been observing the two on the side-line.


The armadillo like monster roars in pain as it strike Lapis with it claws. This strike cause Lapis to lose any chance to regain his balance making him fall destroying structures in the process.


As Lapis lay there something inside him awaken, an instinctive feeling. He feel like this feeling was with him the whole time in the depths of his very being. He stand up and following this feeling he let out a powerful roar, louder than the other two monster can do.


The armadillo like monster is immediately pacified, it took a step back, then it turn around and dig a tunnel to escape. The reptilian monster however will not go down without a fight. Its pride had been wounded it will challenge Lapis.


The reptilian monster once again charge towards Lapis. This time another feeling inside Lapis emerge, this one is stronger and quickly took control of his emotions, he was enrage due to this feeling. Lapis stomp the ground with a great force, an earth spike sprout from the ground afterwards hitting the reptilian monster. The monster is now gravely injured, alive but it can't continue to fight. It let out a groan filled with pain as it detach itself from the spike, it turn towards the sea obviously attempting to escape.


Lapis is about to move in for the kill but was stop when something hit his face and exploded. Now that explosion is not that harmful unlike the earlier attacks he received from the reptilian monster and the armadillo like monster, but it still hurt. If you ask Lapis how painful it is he will say that its like a slap in the face.


Lapis turn towards the ones responsible for the attack. What Lapis found are jet planes, tanks, and armed soldiers surrounding him. The Earth Arm Forces is here. That's when Lapis realise that he look just like the monsters that they're suppose to be fighting.




In the base Dawn is staring at a huge screen projecting a map of the city. Small white circles and triangles are moving on the said map surrounding two big red triangles. The white ones indicating the Earth Arm forces while the red ones are indicating the two gigantic monster.


“Ma'am, all units are in position. We also have visual on the monsters.” A soldier reported to Dawn. Two small tab then opens up on the screen showing the reptilian monster and Lapis on his monster form.


“Do we have any data on them?” (Dawn)


“This one,” the soldier pointed on the reptilian monster, “was last seen near 300 kilometres of east of Australia it was docile during this time. The Research and Archive Department named it Seasaurous, classification; Leviathan. It's fins we're observed to be highly sensitive, it is easily agitated and it is believe to be nocturnal it remained docile until now, therefore we currently don't have any live combat data on this one.


“And the other one?” (Dawn)


“This is the first time we've encountered this one, ma'am. For now we're calling it Violet Tyrant. Earlier it showed capabilities to manipulate earth which is unique to Behemoth class monsters hence it is temporary classified as Behemoth class until further notice. The name and classification is subject to change, the Research and Archive Department has given you authority to change its name and classification as you see fit, ma'am.” (Soldier)


“No Data on the Behemoth class, Our Guardian St. Peter is still not operational and the nearest Guardian will arrive after three hours.” (Dawn)


Dawn frown making her irritated expression scarier and click her tongue. “Ignore Seasaurus, I want all weapons to focus on Violet Tyrant. Tell them to prepare to load different types of ammunition, I want to find out its weakness.” (Dawn)


“Yes ma'am.” The soldier then take some time relaying Dawn's order. Dawns just stare at the screen with frown waiting for her orders to be relayed, she didn't have to wait long.


“Ma’am all weapons are now trained on Violet Tyrant.” (Soldier)


Dawn didn't waste anytime and calmly gave her order. “Fire.”




Back at the port, Lapis who unknowingly receive a name that's enough to make him cringe is currently reeling back from the explosion that felt a slap from his mom. After he collected himself he look back at the big number of tanks, cannons, soldiers and flying jets around. Moments later the muzzle of their weapons fired and all of these weapon are aimed at Lapis.


“Wa- wait!” (Lapis)


*Bang* *Boom* *Boom*


Many kinds of lethal weapons struck him, but none of them are working thanks to his armour like skin. The warheads have different kind of reaction as they make contact on Lapis' skin. There's the one that explode, there's the ones that bounce off, there's also some that release some kind of smoke and many other things. But what Lapis really find irritating are those gigantic missiles that're coming directly from the base, it feels like he's being slap all over his body. The other warheads felt like a poke to him.


In the midst of all this Lapis noticed that the Reptilian monster is about to get away. “You idiots!! The damn reptile is about to escape!!!” He shout with his monstrous voice.




Back at the base, Dawn is currently watching the Violet Tyrant get bettered by different kind of weapons when it suddenly shout, “You idiots!! The damn reptile is about to escape!!!” Dawn's tired eyes widen at this. Everyone else in the base stop for a moment not believing what they heard.


Dawn let out a sigh. “Sharp claw, thick scales, sharp eyes and sharp teeth, an appearance that resemble a pre-historic creature and lastly capable of speech and actions that shiws it is quite intelligent.” (Dawn)


Dawn turn to the soldier beside her. “Lieutenant, designate Violet Tyrant's classification as Dragon.” (Dawn)


The soldier is speechless for moment, they don't really know how powerful Dragon class monster are. The first Dragon class monster to appear rendered atomic bomb useless and it did it like it was nothing and now they're facing a monster with the same calibre as that monster.


“Soldier did you understand what I said?” Dawn ask with irritation as she did not hear the officer's reply.


“Ye- yes ma'am”


“Good. Also have the soldiers cease their attack and commence Procedure Bridge.” (Dawn)




Back at the port the attacks on Lapis suddenly ceased. This left Lapis bewildered on what's going on. He look around and found the tanks and cannons still in their position and the jet fighters flying over the sky.


Everything is quiet. Lapis just stood there not knowing what to do. Eventually a military vehicle approach him with Dawn on it with a megaphone on hand. The vehicle later stops maintaining distance, the driver ready to floor it if things go south. Dawn look up on the beast as she bring the megaphone to her mouth.


“Gigantic creature can you understand me?” (Dawn)


Lapis eyes light up at this. ‘They’re trying to communicate, this is my chance to tell them I mean no harm.’


Lapis open his gigantic mouth to speak but was interrupted by a roar from the sky. Everyone look up and there they see its blue scale, sharp yellow eyes, whiskers and magnificent deer like horns. The Sky Dragon. Everyone's chest tightens, two Dragon class monsters in one place they don't know how much destruction will happen if these two monsters fight, and every time two monsters meet it always end in a fight. Everyone was preparing for the worse when something unexpected happen.


The Sky Dragon move at lighting speed and wrap its body at Lapis. It speak with its high pitch childish voice, “You! You're coming with me!” (Sky Dragon)


“Wha- Ahhhhh!!!” (Lapis)


Lapis was not able to finish whatever he's about to say as the eastern dragon fly away with him traveling faster than lightning this time.


Just like that the biggest crisis that humanity could ever face was averted. All that's left is the destroyed port, buildings and the soldiers who are either dumbfounded or still tense from the earlier predicament.


Dawn can only massage her eyebrow at this situation. “Urgh, Lieutenant have the men look for survivors.” Dawn let out a long tired sigh after giving that order.




Deep beneath the earth the armadillo like monster is digging with immense speed, It's eyes, filled with fear and excitement. Fear from its earlier encounter and excitement because of what it discovered. After digging for quite some time it eventually arrive at a place where no human being of today know of. A sanctuary for creatures like him.


The place is filled with vegetation, with vast land and hills. Despite being underneath the earth it still look like there's daylight. The sanctuary is like a world of its own, it has rivers and other creatures. At the centre of it all is a gigantic tree that provides light for everything in the place, it is big, bigger than the armadillo monster by a hundred times.


The armadillo like monster gaze at the tree for a moment then after satisfying his eyes with the scenery he did something amazing. He begin to shrink. His spikes retracted, his arms became longer as well his legs. His skin became like that of rubber but less elastic and less durable. His face are not that of armadillo, in fact his body doesn't resemble that of armadillo's anymore. He now resemble that of a human with tan skin brown hair and golden eyes.


He run towards the gigantic tree. After arriving he found an old man with white hair and white beard holding a wooden staff to support himself as he take care of the growing plants at the base of the ginormous tree.


“Elder.” The armadillo turned man called out. “Elder you wouldn't believe what I found out.” He said between breaths.


“Hold your horses Ashka, let me get you some water first.” The elder said after seeing the man's tired state.


“Forget about that Elder.” (Ashka)


Ashka then hold the old man on his shoulders to stop him from leaving. “A lord of earth and flames, I found one.” (Ashka)


The elder turn around to look towards Ashka with wide eyes. “Are you sure about this?”


“Yes there's no mistake, it let out a roar imbued with its authority. The authority definitely belong to that of a lord of earth and flames.”


The elder turn his back towards Ashka and look upon the giant tree. “I can't believe it. One survive... the tree of life can be awakened... I thought that this day will never come.” Then as if coming to decision he look back at Ashka. “Ashka we must make good relation with this new lord.” (Elder)


“Ermm... About that... I kind of strike him in the face when we first met...” (Ashka)


The elder just stare at Ashka with a blank expression after that.


“Hehe.” (Ashka)




Meanwhile somewhere under the uncharted depths of the sea a lone lady sat upon a dark grey throne. She have a long black hair, white skin and a cold grey eyes. She's wearing a black pants a sleeveless grey shirt with a white poncho that reach her waist over it.


She's just sitting there alone contemplating on things only she knows, until she was interrupted by one of her subjects. The monster known as Seasaurus to humans arrived severely wounded. The reptilian monster shrink and it's appearance turn into that of a human, a woman with blond hair that reach her shoulder and white skin. She kneel with difficulty due to her wound. “Lady Fjord.” She address the woman sitting on the throne.


Fjord look at the kneeling woman her eyes remaining cold. Afterwards a portion of her hair became a tentacle and touch the woman’s wound and heal it. “Andromeda, what happened?” (Fjord)


Andromeda the kneeling woman look up and said “I encountered a lord of earth and flames, your highness.” (Andromeda)


Fjord's expression didn't change. Instead she pose another question to Andromeda. “Are you certain? I'm pretty sure their kind was lost along with the lords of seas and life.” (Fjord)


“Yes, I am certain, your highness.” (Andromeda)


“Is the new lord with us or against us?” (Fjord)


“I am unsure, your highness. He appear to be confuse when he appeared, I don't think he's aware of the current status quo.” (Andromeda)


“I see...” Fjord went quiet for a moment as she contemplate on something. “Continue as before, I don't think it is necessary to change our current plan.”


“And the lord of earth and flames?” (Andromeda)


“If he decided to go against us I will surface myself.” (Fjord).


Hello everyone author here, thanks for reading the first chapter of my work, there isn't much right now on the story because it's still chapter one but I do hope that I manage to caught your attention. That's all for now. Thanks.