Chapter 2
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A few days have passed after the chaos that ensued at the port. Right now Dawn Mesemede is giving her report to the higher ups. In front of Dawn are five screen projecting the people who're currently leading the Earth Arm Forces, although Dawn can't really see their faces. All she can see are the necks down to their waist. She can only really differentiate them by their clothing and voices. They are called the directors.

“So when you found out that you're dealing with a Dragon class monster you ordered your men to stop your assault?” A man wearing a black suit ask.

“Yes sir, I then initiate Procedure Bridge.” (Dawn)

“Hmp! You should have just kept assaulting the thing!” . One of the directors said, this one is wearing an officer's uniform making him part of the arm forces., Dawn assume his rank to be a General, after all you need to be someone smart experienced  and important to earn a seat within the circle of the Directors.

“I disagree with you.” A man wearing a lab coat said back to the General. Dawn assume that he's some sort of a researcher.

“Why’s that?” (General)

“We have no idea how destructive a Dragon class monster is, angering it further is a bad idea. I think what Major Mesmede here did is the right thing. I also read on the report that she’s the one who tried to communicate with the monster when she initiate Procedure Bridge, that bravery deserve praise.” (Researcher)

“That bravery of hers put her in danger as well as the important data she have!!! What's more Procedure Bridge failed!!!” The General shouted.

“You only want the Major's data for your own selfish desire so shut up.” A woman in red dress reprimanded the General. “And also, Procedure Bridge only failed because of the Sky Dragon's unexpected action.”

“Everyone we're getting off topic, we should be discussing things about Violet Tyrant.” This time a man in a priest clothing said. “On that note, I think we should decide on Violet Tyrant's official name.”

“Oh, I already thought of one.” (Researcher)

“No, we already let you name Seasaurus.” (Man in suit)

“Should we really be doing this kind of work, I think coming up of a name for these monsters should be left on the Research and Archive Department.” (General)

“Now – now, let us hear his suggestion first.” (Priest)

“I’d like to propose the official name for Violet Tyrant as Viosaurus.” (Researcher)



“You, do you always have to name every monster with a saurus?” (Woman)

“Hey I didn't name all of them like that, only the dinosaur looking ones.” (Researcher)

*Cough* “Any other suggestion?” The Priest asked for he feared that the discussion may end up being about the naming sense of their colleague. Unfortunately for him this question of his was only answered by silence, it seems that no body else have thought up of an official name for Violet Tyrant. “How about you Major Mesmede, any suggestion for a name?”

“I am fine with Violet Tyrant.” (Dawn)

The researcher scoff at that and said “Laaaaame.” Dawn's tired eyes twitch but the directors didn't notice it or maybe they just choose to ignore it.

“As long as I have a name to identify the thing my men are about to shoot I don't really mind, sir.” (Dawn)

“And that's why we need to think of a cool name. You don't want to go to your men and tell them “go shoot that camillapopieboo” or something, right?”

Dawn can do nothing but groan inwardly as she stand there. For her dealing with the directors are as stressful as dealing with two certain idiots on her base... well the other idiot is missing, but Dawn think that Lapis is still alive, Lapis mostly have an average capabilities as a soldier, but what made her keep a close eye on Lapis is his ability to quickly adapt to any situation. She's actually more worried about the other idiot, Kian Ward


Kian is sitting on his bed staring on an empty bed on the other side of the room. When the monster attack happened on the port that day he knew that Lapis is there somewhere after all he was there when Dawn gave Lapis the order to go get some supplies at the port. Days have passed and there's still no sign of Lapis. “Damn idiot, where are you...”

He remember back when he first met Lapis, he's pretty much what you call an average person, normal looks, normal physique, normal brains almost everything about him is normal, but Kian didn't believe that Lapis is anything but normal. Kian has been raised in a way that make him think that everyone have something they're good at, people who claim otherwise just simply haven't discover it. So he went and try to find out, and he did find it, his ability to adapt to different kind of situation is extraordinary, he would have been a good soldier if it weren't for his stamina. But while Kian was trying to dig deep beneath this seemingly normal person he found out something more precious.

A comrade, a companion, a friend.

They can say what's on their mind without holding back on each other, curse each other and fight each other and reconcile afterwards. They're partner in crimes, always together when getting into trouble, and now that partner of his is nowhere to be found.

Kian stayed like that staring on the bed at the other side of the room, when the door suddenly open, he turn to look who entered without knocking only to find his roommate.

“Kian, you look like you've seen a ghost.” (Lapis)

“Wha- Lapis!” (Kian)

“I’m not Lapis.” (Lapis?)

“What do you mean?” Kian asked with a frown. Instead of answering Kian, Lapis did something unexpected. He throw a headbutt on Kian's way.

Afterwards Kian was awaken from his slumber with his nose in pain. He slowly open his eyes and see two red round objects in front of him. As his mind and sight became clearer he found out that those two red round object are actually Dawn's eyes, and with those very same irritated eyes Dawn is staring at Kian coldly. Kian  immediately realised why she's irritated. Right now Dawn is on top of her and Kian is hugging her, quite tightly at that.

“Are you still asleep or do I have to kick you in the balls this time?” Dawn coldly said.

Kian quickly let go of Dawn while apologizing.

“Get up, you have a long day.” (Dawn)

With that order Kian get up and start to get ready, seeing this Dawn turn to leave the room to wait for Kian outside. After waiting for a few minutes Kian came out of his room.

“Follow me.” (Dawn)

Kian follow behind Dawn in silence, the silence dominated the air until Kian decided to break it. “Ma’am, are there any news about the missing persons?”

“If you're asking about Lapis, then there's still no sign of him.” (Dawn)

“I see...” (Kian)

Kian look down to the ground feeling down. Dawn subtly look at him and see this she inwardly sigh. “He’ll be fine.” Dawn said with her back still facing Kian, her tone not showing any emotion. “That guy wont go that easily, beside you and Lapis seems to really enjoy to give me a lot if stress so I'm sure he'll come back. Hmm, maybe I should enjoy this while it last, right now I only need to deal with half the stress with your partner not around.”

“Major...” (Kian)

Kian stares at the back of his commanding officer that looks like a 14 year old girl while they walk. “Major, is this what they call being a tsundere –” The moment those words left Kian's mouth his face was greeted by a fist. This send Kian to the ground with his nose bleeding. He look up and found Dawn staring at him coldly.

“Huh? Tsundere? I don't know about the dere part but I sure am filled with tsun right now.” Dawn said menacingly.

“Doesn’t that make you a tsun – tsun.” Kian said back making the 'tsun – tsun' part sound cute as possible. Dawn take a step forward towards Kian. At this moment Kian can only chuckle and think ‘I went too far.’


Meanwhile somewhere in the vast cold space a high pitched childlike voice can be heard. “Fight!! Fight like your life depends on it.”

“Well, my life really depends on it!!!” A monstrous voice shout back.

These voices are coming from two gigantic beings, the high pitch one is coming from an eastern dragon otherwise known as the Sky Dragon and the other is a western dragon with no wings known as Violet Tyrant (temporary). From an outside observer it looks like the two giants are fighting and the western dragon is losing, but make no mistake this is actually a training or so the Sky Dragon said. But let us not focus on that right now, for now let us rewind time for a few days and see what events transpired that lead to this one sided figh- *cough* training I mean.


“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Lapis scream like a girl with his monstrous voice as he got taken away by the Sky Dragon. Where's he being taken? He doesn't know but right now they're so high they're about to leave the earth's atmosphere.

“NOO!!! It's the outer space no air... I'm gonna... die...” (Lapis)

“Shut up!” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon stop mid air, and look back at Lapis who's still in his monster form.

“A lord doesn't need to breath to live anyway!” (Sky Dragon)

“What?!! That's impossible, are you dumb or something?! Besides I'm not a lord I'm a mere peasant, a slave even if you look at my relationship with my commanding officer!” Lapis was about to cry when he said that last part.

“Ugh.” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon didn't pay any attention at Lapis at this point. Instead she gather energy on her  majestic horns causing them to glow.

“What are you doing?” Lapis asked, but the eastern dragon just continue to ignore him.

Then all of a sudden the energy was released and the Sky Dragon travelled faster than the speed of light.

“AHHHH!!!!!” Lapis begin screaming again startled by the immense speed. No harm will really be done to Lapis though, because the Sky Dragon use some of the gathered energy earlier to protect him from any harm their high speed travel can cause. Lapis is not aware of this though so he can do nothing but panic.

Moments passed and Lapis eventually stop screaming. The dragon was relieve at this thinking that he's finally used to the speed, unfortunately for her this is not the case.

“Urg, I think I'm going to puke...” (Lapis)

“What?” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon look back at Lapis after hearing this and what she saw brought her to a halt. Lapis is vomiting on her.



“You!!!” (Sky Dragon)

“Yes?...” (Lapis)

“Do you have any idea how much effort I take to keep my scales shiny and clean?!” (Sky Dragon)

“Ermmm... I don't really know anything about dragon skin care so...” (Lapis)

“Argh!!” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon then suddenly continue to move at fast speed, but this time she's not caring about Lapis' well being. She's not moving as fast as before but still fast enough to give Lapis a hard time.

They stayed like this for some time until a castle floating on space came into view, it's size is enormous. The whole castle can cover a huge portion of a nation if you drop it on earth. “Where here.” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon didn’t waste any time, she take Lapis inside and brought him to a massive hall enough to fit many gigantic monsters inside. In the hall is a golden throne, pillars of unknown metal that support the ceiling, bronze statue of many magnificent monsters.

The sky dragon went to the throne and did something that amazed Lapis. She started to shrink, her horn retracted, she's transforming in an appearance of human. Lapis watch as this transformation happen a few moments later Lapis is now staring with a dumbfounded expression at a woman with a long black hair, white skin and blue eyes.

The woman look up at Lapis who's still at his monster form. She said “Don’t just stare, hurry and turn back to your humanoid form so we can talk properly.” Her voice is not high pitched and childish anymore, instead it's mature and have an elegant tone.

“How?...” Lapis said still in shock.

“What do you mean how?” (Sky Dragon)

“Yo- you became human.” (Lapis)

Realisation struck the Sky Dragon who's now in her human form. “Don’t tell me you... you transform without knowing what you are or who you are?” (Sky Dragon)

“Well, I'm Lapis, and I'm human.... was human.” (Lapis)

“Human? You thought you're human? I thought you're some lord who's been asleep for a long time and just awaken...” (Sky Dragon)

“What are you talking about it doesn't make sense.” (Lapis)

“You... No we'll take things one step at a time.” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon then look down contemplating and mumbling words like “this might work” and “can’t risk it” and other stuff. After contemplating she look back at Lapis.

“Tell me before you turn into that form and during your fight with that reptile did you feel anything inside you?” (Sky Dragon)

Lapis take a short time remembering if any of that happened.

“I felt a warm burning sensations inside me that suddenly burst out, then during the fight I felt something I can't describe that took over my emotions” (Lapis)

“Good, we can skip the part where we awaken your instinct.” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon in her humanoid form then burst in to light and appear in front of Lapis in high speed. She look up and said “Listen I'm about to stimulate your senses to make that burning sensation resurface but this time don't let it burst out I want you to control it to contain it.” (Sky Dragon)

“Okay... I don't know how I'm suppose to do that but I'll try.” (Lapis)

The Sky Dragon touch Lapis afterwards Lapis feel a cold sensation enter his skin, that cold sensation triggered that warm burning sensation he felt before he transform into a monster to surface. Following the Sky Dragon's instruction Lapis tried to contain it, Lapis don't know how to do it though so he just did anything that he think that might work like holding his breath, tensing his muscles or clenching his butt cheeks. Eventually Lapis was able to control it albeit weakly, the moment this happen something incredible happen.


Lapis farted. It's incredible for Lapis because this the first he ever farted in this body. For the Sky Dragon however it is torture. Right now she's pinching her nose and glaring at Lapis.

*Cough* “Sorry.” (Lapis)

The Sky Dragon started fanning the air with her hand and said to Lapis, “We’re doing it again.”

“You want me to fart again?” (Lapis)

“No!!! We're going to stimulate your senses again to make that burning sensation surface!” (Sky Dragon)

Once again the Sky Dragon touch Lapis. “Don’t you dare fart this time, if you do I'll stick your tail up your ass!”

The burning sensation resurface again, Lapis tried to remember the feeling he got when he manage to weakly gain control of the sensation. With this he once again gain control of the sensation but this time he slowly manage to gain full control over it once he did so he followed the Sky Dragon's instruction and contained it within him. After doing so Lapis experienced something far more incredible than farting earlier. The purple spikes on his body begin to retract, his purple eyes return to their normal brown colour. Moments later Lapis is back to being human, outside that is.

“Now we can talk properly.” (Sky Dragon)

The Sky Dragon then smile at Lapis and introduce herself. “I wouldn't say it's nice to meet you, but it's good to find a fellow lord who's still alive. I am Vishpa, but I would like you to call me Vishna instead.” (Vishna)

“...” (Lapis)

“...” (Vishna)

“...” (Lapis)

“And you are?” (Vishna)

“Oh, sorry I'm just having a hard time to wrap my mind on what's going on. I'm Lapis by the way.” (Lapis)

“Well Lapis you're in luck for I will help you wrap your mind on many – many things. So, tell me what you want to know.” (Vishna)

“I don't know, there's too much going on... I mean just moments ago I'm this big scaley monster and now I'm back. Right now I'm talking to one of humanity’s most feared being. I don't know where to start.” (Lapis)

“We can always start from the very begining it'll take some time if we did that though.” (Vishna)

“The very beginning?” Lapis ask, In which Vishna only smile.


Long ago before, the world, before the universe and all that came before it. There were deities with their concept and one vast emptiness. Each deity have their very own unique concept some even so unique that even humanity of the current time will not believe that such concepts existed. But that's all they are concept.

The deities wanted bring their very own concepts to life. But to do so they will need to use the vast emptiness as their canvas, as their draft, as their paper or whatever you may call it. This emptiness despite being vast cannot accomodate all deities, only few may use it to bring their own works to life. Because of this the deities debated on who shall have the right use this vast emptiness, the debate turn into an argument, the argument turn into fight and finally the fight turn into an all out war.

The war lasted for eons, everyday lives are lost. Until all fighters perished. In the end all deities that waged war on each other fell, the result of the war between deities is mutual destruction, no one survive except for two deities that didn't participate in the war.

The first being have the concept of creation hence she called herself the Creator.

The second being have the concept of destruction hence he called himself the Destroyer.

As the only survivor, the two found themselves having the vast emptiness all to their self. They later decided to use it.

First the Destroyer destroyed all the corpse of the fallen deities in order the cleanse everything. After that the Destroyer let the Creator do as she please with the vast emptiness.

First the Creator created stars, meteors, asteroids and other heavenly bodies. Afterwards she gave birth to the very first lord of the universe, the very first dragon, the very first lord of earth and flames.

The new born lord was given an order; to go pick a group of star and meteors and arrange it so that life may thrive in it, and so the first lord did. The first lord then created a planet within that group of stars, the planet is filled with mud, sand and dry earth. Volcanoes are everywhere releasing burning hot muds.

Once the first lord is done with his task the Destroyer picked a distant star and destroyed it. The destruction caused countless kind of gasses to disperse, the Creator took all this gasses and merge it, from it the second lord was born, the lord of skies and air.

The second lord was then given an order, to go and cover the planet with its power and protection. The second lord didn't waste time, the planet was then covered with dark clouds that holds waters and rumble as it unleash lightnings. Afterwards the clouds released the water making it rain slowly cooling down the planet.

Once the planet is cool enough, planet began to be covered in water and later the seas were made. The Creator then went down to the planet and gave life to a portion of the sea creating the third lord, the lord of seas and life.

The third lord was then given an order; to go forth and spread life upon the world and make it bountiful. Just like the first two lords the third lord did as it was told. It spread life upon the planet, plants started to sprout, small beings started to emerge and the world gained a system.

When all of this was done the three lords are given another order; to watch over this world and all that live in it. They have the right to give blessings, bring life and to protect it. But most important, they are to ensure that the planet will not be destroyed.

Under the watch of the lords and the deities life started to thrive, this also included the lords. The deities created more lords to help the three lords, afterwards unions were made between the lords and new lords were born to watch over the next generations. This cycle continued... Until the deities decided to leave.

As time passed new beings started to get greedy, wanting the wealth and power of the world all to themselves. Humans.

Humans turn against the lords and with the help of knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon them by the lords, using the gifts that the lords have given them, they fought them.

The lords not understanding what greed is, not understanding why the humans are doing these asked for peace only for them to be slain using their very own gifts to humanity. Due to the deities' orders the lords are unable to fight back for real, those who tried to defy the deities' orders had their existence erased.  One by one the lords fell, few escape to the vast emptiness of space never to be seen again.

The world continue to rotate even without the lords. As time goes by, history became obscure, many of the stories were forgotten, those that did not changed from mouth to mouth until it became far from the truth. Just like that the lords were lost in history of mankind.


"So... you're telling I'm just like that lord that can make planets?" Lapis asked after hearing the story from Vishna.

"You're not as powerful as him but you are of the same species I believe." (Vishna)

"And I'm suppose to believe... all that?" (Lapis)

"Why, what is it that you find hard to believe?" (Vishna)

"Okay, first I'm pretty sure I'm not a lord of rocks and fire--" (Lapis)

"It's earth and flames." (Vishna)

"That's beside the point. Look, if I really 'am the same species as that lord or something that would also make my parents the same species. I'm pretty sure that my parents will tell me something about it with how big of a deal it is." (Lapis)

"You do have a point..." (Vishna)

"Lastly how am I suppose to believe you, eversince you and those other giants appeared you started terrorizing us." (Lapis)

"Me and those other giants you speak of are different." (Vishna)

"How so?" (Lapis)

"They are inferior, an imitation. They are creatures that took the path of evolution by imitating the most dominant creatures back then, the lords. Also just like the rest of my kind I am bound to protect that planet." (Vishna)

"If you're bound to protect planet Earth then how come you're not helping us fend off those monsters?" Lapis pose this question with a frown on his face.

"Humanity killed my kins, you expect me to help them?" Vishna asked in mocking tone.

"Didn't you said those who didn't follow the order of the deities will have their existance erased?" (Lapis)

"As long as the ecosystem of the planet is not destroyed then I'm safe. I will only take action when a whole species or the planet itself is in danger." (Vishna)

Lapis can only frown at that.

"I don't care if you don't trust me. I just like to point out a certain predicament you have. Right now you're in space and the only one who can bring you back home is me. If I were you I'll be a good boy and listen to whatever I say." (Vishna)

Vishna stood up after talking and started to walk towards a door at the side of the hall. "I'll be waiting outside, come find me if you've decided if you want to stay here for the rest of your life or to go home. If you do want to go home then you'll listen to whatever I say." (Vishna)

With that Vishna is gone leaving Lapis alone to contemplate by himself. He approach a window and peer at the darkness of space. He stayed like this for minutes until he let out a sigh. Lapis look at where Vishna went and followed her.


And those events lead us back here to the present where Lapis who's back in his monster form is being beaten by Vishna who's also in her monster form. Vishna claim this to be a training but Lapis thinks she just want to beat him up today.

Days have passed since Lapis' arrived in the floating castle. During that time he learned how to control his transformation, he's also not having a hard time moving apround with his monster form anymore. That's all he can do right now though, he still can't use his abilities like that powerful roar from back then or summoning earth spikes. Vishan said that it'll come by instinct.


Somewhere in Pacific ocean, a big and powerful storm is forming. Lightnings are roaring, a hale of ice falls down from the sky, the winds howls as they churn the waves. In the midst of all this a mighty roar emerge. Following this roar a creature emerge from the great ocean.

The creature is made of corals and shells, with robust body two arms and three fat finger. The lower half of it's body is submerge in the ocean so only the upper half of its body can be seen. It stares at the sky as the storm continue to let out its roaring thunders, howling winds, solid hale of ice and cold droplets of water. It close its eyes as if listening on something. It stayed like this for a short while until it started moving west heading towards japan.


Meanwhile on certain base on Asia.

Alarms are blaring off and red lights flickers on and off on the halls.

"An unidentified monster has been sighted at Pacific ocean and is currently heading towards japan. All personnel are to prepare for battle."

Hearing this announcement Kian didn't waste time and head out to sortie.

Meanwhile at the command center Dawn is already in her post sitting massaging her forehead as she stare at the screen with her irritated eyes. "We just dealt with an attack days ago, the cleanup and rescue operations are still not over... At least the monster is not directly heading to our base this time." Dawn mumbles. After that she called the chief engineer. "Is St. Peter good to go?"

A voice of an old woman answered her, this old woman is none other than Rosa Maxwell. "St. Peter is now operational but still have some damages." Rosa said.

"That's better than nothing make preparation to send St. Peter to Japan ASAP." With that Dawn ended the call, she then turn towards the officer beside her and asked "Lieutenant do we have visual from the satelitte?"

"No ma'am, the subject is on the eye of a storm, the clouds are preventing us from getting a satelitte image, we will need to wait until our men made contact with the subject. Also it is good to note that the storm is getting bigger and bigger, I think the subject have something to do with this."


Meanwhile back at the floating castle in space. Lapis and Vishna are still in the middle of their training when suddenly Vishna halted her actions and stared on a far off distance in space. This earned Lapis a moment to catch his breath.

"I was once told that some idiots can learn by throwing them in fire." Vishan suddenly said. This earn her a confuse look from Lapis.

"What do you--" (Lapis)

Lapis wasn't able to finish his sentence as Vishna suddenly wrap her long body around Lapis. She then let out a burst of light and started to travel at extreme speed.

"WHAT IS IT THIS TIME?!!!" Lapis asked screaming.

"I just found a nice sparring partner for you." (Vishna)


Meanwhile back in Earth, somewhere in Asia the Guardian St. Peter is being transported to Japan. Inside this monster made of steel is a woman in a tight body suit. Her eyes are closed, her breaths are long and deep as she meditate preparing for the upcoming battle.

This woman is the pilot of St. Peter. She's an elite of elites, she went through intensive training just to earn this position. Her body and mind was put to the test so that it can withstand any kind of stress.

Her name is Karen Rosario. She got a black hair with some brown strands on them, her skin tone is somewhere between white and tan. After meditating she open her eyes revealing two deep coffee coloured eyes.

She then used the communication device of the St. Peter to ask a question. "This is St. Peter, how much longer until we arrive in our destination?"

"This is Major Dawn Mesmede," Dawn's voice was heard inside St. Peter through the communication device in St. Peter. "You'll arrive after 15 minutes. The Air force have started to engage the subject off shore. The navy can't do anything due to the storm, the ground forces are waiting at Tokyo bay, evacuation efforts have also started."

"I see, thank you, Major." (Karen)


Meanwhile back in the command center. A report came in for Dawn.

"Ma'am," Dawn's Lieutenant started. "The Air force manage to took a photo of the subject." He then handed Dawn the photo and continue his report, "this is the first time we've encountered this monster, hence we still don't have any data on it. It's temporary name and classification is up to you, ma'am"

Dawn looked at the photo and there she saw the monster made of shells and corrals with two arms and three big fingers. The lower half if its body is submerge in water.

"For now we'll call it Sea Golem, Classification Leviathan. I want the air force to find a way to get rid of that storm before it hits land." (Dawn)

"Yes ma'am." (Lieutenant)


Time have passed and St. Peter is already at Tokyo bay. The storm has already hit land indicating the failure of the air force in finding any way to get rid of it. Just at the horizon of the stormy water Karen and the soldiers can see the Sea Golem just staring at them. It's being bombarded by the Earth Arm Forces but like usual it doesn't have any significant effect.

"It's been an hour now and its still not showing any signs of movements ever since it arrive." One of the soldier said getting impatient.

Inside St. Peter Karen made a call at command center. "This is St. Peter, permission to engage the Sea Golem."

On the other end of the line Dawn didn't immediately gave her reply as she's currently thinking on her options. Right now St. Peter is still damaged from its previous fight making a battle with a portion of its body submerge underwater risky a battle in land is more favorable for them, however a battle in land can only occur if the Sea Golem decided to take the fight to them. If the Sea Golem decided to stay on its spot however the storm that it created will destroy the city. In the end Dawn is faced with choice of taking the risk or not.

Dawn click her tongue in frustration as she gave her order. "St. Peter you have permission to engage the enemy."

With that order Karen took a deep breath and grip the levers to control St. Peter and push them.

St. Peter cautiously approach the Sea Golem with its shield raised and the spear on the other hand at the ready. The Sea Golem didn't do anything but observe St. Peter.

Moments passed and they are now both on each other's striking range, the waters almost reaching St. Peter's waist. St. Peter didn't waste anytime and strike first aiming at one vital part of the Sea Golem's body. The Sea Golem block the attack with its arm made of shells and corals and then it countered with a devastating punch aimed at St. Peter's damaged waist.

St. Peter manage to block the blow with its shield but the force send it reeling back. The Sea Golem let out a roar as if to warn the monster made of steel to not approach it. Karen disregard this and controlled St. Peter to continue the assault. The giants clashed causing the already churning waters to send massive waves as they strike, slash, block and smash each other.

Due to the danger the navy and the land forces retreated to a safer distance leaving only the air force to provide support for St. Peter.

The fight between the two giants continue with St. Peter looking and probing for openings to strike and the Sea Golem just staying on defense. Karen started to get frustrated as doing this leads to nothing so she decided to pull back a little and circle around the monster looking for openings. The Sea Golem remained still, even when its back is exposed to St. Peter it didn't do anything. Karen upon seeing this decided to take the chance.

The tip of St. Peter's spear started to emit a powerful heat energy, the temparature was so high the tip started to glow red. St. Peter then strike at the back of Sea Golem. The strike connects, the spear pierced through the Sea Golem's back.

"Good." Karen said finally seeing some progress. However something happened that caught Karen off guard. A new arm emerge from the Sea Golem's back and struck St. Peter's shoulder.

The strike was so powerful it caused St. Peter arm to become damaged and unable to operate. That arm also happens to be the one holding the shield. Now without the shield St. Peter is extremely vulnerable.

Before St. Peter can recover from the attack another arm sprouted out from the back of the Sea Golem and throw a punch aiming at St. Peter's unguarded chest.

"Sh*t!" Karen swear at her blunder.

But just as the punch was about to hit St. Peter something crash an top of Sea Golem. The impact was so strong it send huge waves which sent St. Peter quite a distance away.

"What?" (Karen)

Karen have a confuse expression as she try to figure out what is happening. She collected herself, look back at where the Sea Golem is. There she found the Sea Golem, but her attention is at something else. On top of the sea golem is creature resembling a western dragon with no wings, it has black scales, and purple spikes on its body. The Dragon class monster Violet Tyrant.


Lapis shout clearly hurt from the fall he just had. But due to his monstrous voice it sounded like an angry roar to those who hear it.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading this.