Chapter 3 Clown sings a song
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As my name says I am a clown and a clown I should be. Oh here comes a lovable wolf to feast on my rotten flesh. Not today puppy, stab. Oh yes, feel the love of my HAPPY STABBY. Wait, dont run away I am showering you with my love. Is it because I smell? Here let me bathe in your blood to get clean. Yelp. Oh, now wolfy has gone quiet well let's start. (humming) This is the way we rip the flesh, rip the flesh, rip the flesh so I can get something to eat. Look, a still beating heart, i guess you still are alive well thanks for the meal. Oh, the still beating heart popped when i tried to pull it out and now all that delicious blood is soaked into the ground.

That was good but what to do with the leftover parts of wolfy. I know let's make him into a nice little statue to commemorate this important event. Put the head on top, paws in this position, now he looks like he is dabbing, perfect. Oh I need to use SHIV. Can not forget my job that those damn two gave me. Now to be moving along. Let's sing a song to pass the time. 🎶If a hearse should come flying by. You know your the next to die. They'll wrap you in a clean white sheet. Then throw you down about six feet deep. It goes all right for a couple of weeks. But then your body begins to leak. Worms crawl in, worms crawl out, worms play pennical on your snout. Your body turns a ghastly green. Puss comes out like whipping cream, with me without a spoon.🎶 What a great song, mother use to sing that to me as I would go to sleep. Another wolf has come, let me sing you to your eternal sleep, kick. 🎶 if a hearse should come flying by.🎶 stab stab die you lovable piece of meat. 🎶 you know your the next to die🎶 quit running from my love its making me sad. I'm a sad clown now, nobody likes a sad clown. ALWAYS WITH A SMILE. Such a bloody mess puppies make when the die, SHIV time.