Chapter 5 clown does some juggling
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I'm going to get it today. This is a skill all clowns must know. Juggle, juggle, juggle the pig heads into the air. Here is the kick, goallllllllllll! Right into a passing piggy. What's wrong bro? You want a piece of me and my HAPPY STABBY I will end you right here and now. Come and get some I'm a undying clown while your just pork cutlets. STAB. 

I think I have anger problems, that's bad if I am a clown let's SMILE. Oh, apparently I really wanted some company because here comes some new friends to play with. HAPPY STABBY you are going to be so beautiful covered in blood again. Stupid me, I forgot to give SHIV some love as well since I have a job to do. Now to properly stretch before going out to kill. One and two, get those hams a burning. 

🎶if a hearse should pass bye.🎶 off with his head. 🎶you know your the next to die🎶 that really hurt see how you like getting cut. 🎶they wrap you up in a clean white sheet🎶  this suit is one of a kind how dare you bleed on it, kick, kick. Come on, Mr. Buttons is here to play and I'm not leaving till you degenerates sing mother's song. 

No audience around means I can go back to practicing without being judged. Heaven forbid anyone judge Mr. Buttons on being a clown. One head, two heads, three heads, can I do four and away we go.