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Due to unexpectedly good progress in completing additional chapters (read: my favourite WNs had been slow to update this week), there is a bonus chapter today, along with another scheduled tomorrow.

I don't plan on making this a regular occurrence as the planned release schedule is twice a week, but when I have the chance.

I thank you all who are enjoying my little story, and hope you will continue to.


Thank you everyone for reading my story.

I've been reading everyone's comments and am ecstatic at the reception I had been getting. I hope to continue seeing more and more comments as the story progresses.

In consideration of Kavarien's comment, I had made some changes to chapter 09 around the 15% mark regarding MP.

I also added some additional skills to Scarlet's list in chapter 11. They are all skills that simply made sense for Scarlet to have, and as of yet there are no plans to have any impact on the greater story.

I would also like to know if people are happy with the stats I have made for her. Are they alright? Do the numbers feel overly low? If you have any opinions, I'd like you to give me your comments on it in this post. Now's the time for any changes before they become too difficult and ingrained to alter.

I don't intend to make changes to posted chapters a common occurrence, but will make announcements if I do so.

The next chapter will be released later tonight, with the intention of a biweekly release schedule. No promises though. Life aggros you when you want it the least after all.

Once again, everyone, thank you for enjoying my story, and I hope that you all will continue to as things progress.


Edit: Thank you to Arkus86 for pointing out a contradiction in chapter 10 when Scarlet discovers her new bag. It has been corrected.