Chapter 21 Delays
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I am sorry to inform that the next chapter will be delayed.

It was a choice between leaving everyone on a difficult cliffhanger for most of a week, or delay that cliffhanger so that the resolution can come quickly. I have personally chosen to go the latter route, as I am not a fan of excessive cliffhangers.

Season finales in particular I hate, and have dropped shows because of them. I've even dropped a show I was binging because I got tired of every episode ending in a cliffhanger even though I could've finished it later that evening.

I hope everyone understands and accepts my reasoning as to why there will be no chapter for a little while longer.

That said, I have additional news.

I have made some small edits across many chapters thanks to the mistakes some of you have found. In particular, I am very thankful to Bilagaana's efforts.

I have also changed the description of how the skill [Appraisal] works in chapter 20 in light of Truth pointing out that despite my efforts, it was still very much OP.

Additionally, Scarlet's stat page has had some updates in chapter 11, some for consistency, but mostly to adjust the numbers in preparation for future chapters.

Finally, I have made a Ko-fi page for those who are interested in sending some caffeinated bliss my way. It will not effect the series in any way, but will be massively appreciated. I will also consider a Patreon if I hear enough support for it.

Thank you for reading my story, and I hope everyone'll continue to enjoy it as I enjoy writing it.