{ E.J.D.D } Ch. 4 [EDITED] ~ Unexpected Greeting ~
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"Young Miss and Young Lord, We've arrived at Elm City."

Hearing the voice of Butler Josine, I closed my eyes for a moment as I took a couple of deep breaths in and out.

Calming myself to the best that I could, I slowly opened my eyes to see the figure of Eterna slowly heading down the right entrance of the carriage.

As she stepped down the stairs, Butler Josine stood to the side with a respectful expression.

Getting off, she turned her head towards me.

"Era, why don't you come down, we've arrived. The townsfolk are even here to see you." She said with a small smile, but she had a mischievous tone for whatever reason...

Sighing, I forcefully calmed myself as I put on a fake facade and got out and stood beside Eterna, with Butler Josine closing the carriage entrance and getting back to the front of the carriage holding the reins of the horses.

Wishing us a pleasant trip, Butler Josine turned the carriage around and disappeared into the distance. He'd come back later to pick us up, is what he said...

I can't help but ask, but what is this? How did I end up in this situation? Can I leave? Can I escape now?

Not dwelling on it for long, I took a deep breath and followed beside Eterna as she advanced towards the huge gates leading into what they said is Elm city.

It looks like it's a big city. I can see that the walls stretch for quite a bit. Of course, it's not massive, it's just big.



How can I see so clearly?

What in the world... I just noticed but my vision is many times better than a few minutes ago...

I can see the grains of the wall even though I'm nowhere close to it...

Does this have to do with connecting to that `God's Record?`

Hmm... I'll see if I can ask Eterna later... Though, I still don't trust her or Butler Josine much...

As we walked up to the gate, I saw eight people wearing full-body knight armor equipped with... broadswords? I'm not sure on that part. I don't know swords.

Anyways, the guards as they saw us separated to four on each side as they created a clear path and kneeled with their swords pinned downwards and heads lowered.

Seeing this, I could only gulp... W-what is this?!

This is too excessive, isn't it?!

I don't know what to think of this... I somehow managed to keep my fake facade, though barely.

Actually, I might've stepped back a bit... I'm not sure...

Looking towards Eterna, I saw that she was completely relaxed...

"Welcome Goddess and Young Lord!" The guards all said in a respectful tone.

`This is just too much... I'm going to have a heart attack...`

Walking through the gate, I let out a quiet gasp as my fake facade completely fell, and I had to cover my face with my hand to calm myself and look away from the scene in front of me.

`I'm really going to have a heart attack! WHAT IS THIS DAMN IT!!!`

Why did I do this?

Well, you'd wonder, wouldn't you?

I don't know how many people were here but, there were definitely over 200... Children included.

And because there didn't seem to be much open space, they were everywhere, from corners to in the front...

And what were they doing you ask?

Respectfully bowing towards us...

Just why...

Calming myself a bit, I removed my hand from my face and looked at the crowd with hidden disbelief.

What does one do in a situation like this?

If I didn't avert my attention, my expression would be a full-on shocked and nervous shaking one.

Maybe Eterna saw my discomfort with the situation or maybe not, but a second later, Eterna clapped her hands creating a small vibration that ran through the air.

The townsfolk hearing it, all rose their heads and said, "Welcome back Goddess and Welcome Young Lord!" after which they all went back to doing whatever they were.

As they finally left and went on doing whatever, I took a deep sigh of relief as I looked around for a moment.

Unlike the buildings from the society in my memories, these are far more primitive.

I'm not sure about their level of technology from this though.

Letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding, I looked over at Eterna with a small shocked expression that slipped by and slowly asked, "What was that?"

Eterna looking at me remained silent and walked next to me as I had actually stepped back quite a bit and directed me to follow behind her which I did.

As we walked through the streets getting respectful bows and stares at us, Eterna began explaining to me why all this over the top things were even happening...

"I believe I gave you little information on this world, but I'll speak it again. This world is called Aeciation or one of the False Wonders by some gods. It is a world fraught with dangers beyond even many gods but also a world of adventure and riches as they say it."

"Quite a few Gods and Goddesses from this world's higher planes reside here due to these 'riches' and many other personal reasons. We gods seem to be quite revered due to the effect of our stay."

"Effect?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, did you think beings from a higher plane wouldn't cause changes when they go to a lower one? In your case, you've been taken away from the higher plane and had your divinity sealed so nothing happened while on the planet named Omeria. Here though, the gods are unrestrained."

Hearing her, my head clears up, as I start to ponder more on the matter.

"So a god's divinity here somehow acts as a blessing almost right?" I asked as I thought more about her words.

"That's correct but also wrong. For you whose divinity is mostly sealed, you don't release any excess 'aura' and the same goes for low-ranked gods who don't have much 'authority' which correlates to divinity. Only gods above the 3rd rank can cause change and those below just don't have the 'authority' to. You saw my rank, I'm a 5th ranked Goddess. My mere presence alone brings luck and safety for this small city. What they did before was merely the respect they believe I deserve or at least that's what they said when I asked last time. I don't care too much about it though."

I see... I think I understand.

Though seems she's being vague with some things, but it doesn't matter, I can figure those out myself. It's quite self-explanatory.

It's simple really, Gods ranked above the 3rd rank generate excess energy that gets released from their body to their surroundings, and that in turn enriches their surroundings, it might even become stronger the longer a god with enough authority stays in the same place.

You know what, I'm accepting these things quite quickly... well rather than accepting it's more like just going with it as I don't fully have a grasp of things.


As I pondered, I didn't even realize Eterna had stopped as I went into my own world, which honestly has been happening too much.

Hitting something, I came back to reality and blinked twice as I stared at a wall.

Seems I almost walked right into a wall, and I would've if not for my leg hitting a small wooden sign.

I could hear the low snicker of Eterna... this is embarrassing...

I gotta learn to control my drifting mind...

"Heh, Era, let's go inside, or would you like to keep starting at the wall? Hehe." She said with a small mischievous voice.

So she can be playful hmm...

I just looked at her with a blank expression that hid my embarrassment and came towards her and headed inside whatever this building was.

"Welcome, Goddess Victoria and Young Lord Achraf. What can the adventurers guild help you with?" Said a feminine voice as soon as we entered which I could see drew the attention of everyone inside who were drinking/talking or doing whatever else.

While I couldn't see from whom the voice came and from where, my senses if you could call it that, had me look straight ahead in front of me as if telling me they were right in front of me.

"Oh ho, seems I've been caught." The voice said once again after which a young-looking woman with dark orange hair wearing what my mind keeps telling me is a typical mage outfit, whatever that is. She also wore a very tall, pointed black hat.

"That was some nice skills, young lord." She said to which I didn't reply as I was still processing that invisibility thing.

Though I didn't have to say anything as Eterna spoke up right after.

"Guild Master Dalma let's not play around," Eterna said in a sharp voice which made this person who is apparently named Dalma playfully narrow her eyes before shrugging her shoulders and laughing it off.

What a weird person...

After a moment, we were brought into a room on the second floor and served... tea? It looks like it but I'm not sure...

"So then... what brings the lords to this humble adventures guild?" Dalma playfully said making Eterna click her tongue.

Wow... I don't expect this person would reveal so many different expressions from Eterna...

It didn't seem like she'd show these types of expressions from her earlier demeanor.

I tried my hardest to seem invisible and whether it worked or not... who knows, I certainly don't.

"Guild Master Dalma, I would like you to find a suitable party for an expedition to the `Cursed Fields.`"

Hearing Eterna, I could see the Dalma's playful expression disappear and be replaced with a serious one which was quite a spectacle but also a concern for me.

What is these `Cursed Fields` that had this person become so serious all of a sudden?

"What's the reason?" Dalma plainly said.

"A trip, you don't have to worry about it. I'm just showing the young lord his territory." Eterna replied.

"Oh? Are you now..." Dalma said as she narrowed her eyes towards me which I tried to ignore to the best of my abilities.

I don't know what in the world they're talking about and I never sighed up for this... actually, I didn't sign up for anything...

I heard Dalma sigh as she shook her head and held it as she said, "How many?"

"Four." Eterna Replied.

"How far we talkin'?" Dalma questioned.

"Hm... just the first layer." Eterna replied.

"Sigh... skill level?" Dalma inquired.

"Silver, with a Gold if possible," Eterna replied.

"Sigh." Dalma shook her head once more looking at Eterna and saying, "Fine."

Hearing Dalma, Eterna replied with, "Good," as she smiled to which Dalma just tsked before getting up and walking away.

"Wait 10 minutes... I'll send a notice to the main branch." Dalma lowly said as she walked out of the room.

"Alright," Eterna said as she nodded before looking over at me.


I only remained silent.

I don't know what's even happening anymore.

One thing after another...

"We have 10 minutes before the adventurers arrive. Shall I inform you of what the 'Cursed Moutain' and 'Adventurer's Guild' is?"


"Um... If you wouldn't mind..."
To be continued...