Prologue – Pool of Blood
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White turned to black. Warm turned to cold. Smiles turned to lines. Tears turned to blood.


I watched. Confused, alone, scared, lost...


Then, something grabbed my hand. I looked down and saw my own arm being torn away. I cried in pain but it was cut off short as something grabbed my other hand.


Then, my legs, my eyes, my skin, my very bones, even my heart...


I drowned in blood.






“Stop it...!”


“STOP IT!!!!!!!”


I screamed and opened my eyes. My ragged breath caught up with me and I started coughing.


With sweat covering nearly my entire body, I panted and looked around. The familiar room gradually calmed me down and I sighed as I pushed my fingers through my hair.


The face reflected by the mirror in the corner of the room was back to normal. The face that I got used to see. No emotion, no nothing.


I glanced at the hour on the clock and slowly got out of bed. I quickly changed my clothes and I grabbed the bag on the floor before leaving the room. As I was heading to the front door, I placed a cigarette in my mouth and lit it. I placed my hand on the door handle and looked at a picture resting on the small table to my right.


“I’m out... old man,” I muttered, more to myself than anyone else. I opened the door and left.

Hello, people, for those that already know me from Life Hunter, I'm finally back.
Normally, I should have released this last year but, you know, you can go very deep into procrastination.


PS: If you haven't read Life Hunter, please don't feel like you need to. The only difference that would make is perhaps the references you'd be able to spot here and there but nothing too important. At least, nothing too important that cannot be learned in this novel particularly.

So, yeah, just wanted to say that in case some people decided to check out Life Hunter and don't give a chance to this one if they don't like it. I'd be a bit miffed since I think my writing has improved a lot since LHt. But, if you wanna read both, I won't stop you. That's for sure.