112. Double Happiness
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In the end, Wen Zhihao wasn’t able to go back to sleep for long. The moment the sun rose, both Sun Fuyu and the children awoke, anxious and excited to start the day—the day of the long-awaited wedding!

Wen Zhihao couldn’t in good conscience stay in bed, so he got up too.

Even though it was late autumn, the day was auspiciously clear with shining sun.

The morning was filled with movement. After flying over to the kitchen to have breakfast, they headed back to the two bedrooms to pack everything up, which meant stuffing everything into either Wen Zhihao’s or Sun Fuyu’s spatial rings.

“All ready to move?” Liu Zhongmin came over in the late morning.

“Shifu Liu,” Sun Fuyu said respectfully. He held out the two key tokens for the rooms.

Liu Zhongmin sighed as she took the tokens back. “I’ll miss you.”

“Shifu!” Sun Fuyu protested. “You are still my master, I will come every day to train!”

Liu Zhongmin’s sad expression turned into a grin. “I know, keep up the hard-work.”

With the keys handed over, Wen Zhihao and Sun Fuyu and their children all moved their things to the new house.

Their items were taken out and placed neatly in the relevant rooms. With these personal touches, the house became their home.

They then headed back to the kitchens for a quick lunch. After having a rest, Aunty Liu Jing took charge.

“Old Tang, take Wen Zhihao to get ready. Xiao Bai, Ah-Yi, Tiantian, you are going with your Uncle Wen,” Liu Jing directed. “Xiao Fuyu, Ah-Zhe, Ah-Lanxi and Ah-Yifan, stay with me.”

Wen Zhihao grasped Sun Fuyu’s hand gently before they parted. “I’m looking forward to your handsome appearance.”

Sun Fuyu smiled shyly. “Yes, soon.”

Old Tang slapped Wen Zhihao on the back. “Let’s get going ba, I predict that it’ll take a while to clean you up and make you handsome.”

“Old Tang,” Wen Zhihao protested. He picked up Xiao Bai and followed Old Tang out, Ah-Yi and Peng Tiantian walking beside them.

They went to Elder Liu Ru’s central-sect quarters, where she was waiting along with Hu Jialing, Lin Yijun and Zhou Sheng.

Hu Jialing was surrounded by cats, one of which was accepting food from Zhou Sheng; the other cats were giving suspicious looks at the grumpy Lin Yijun who looked as though he had just eaten something distasteful.

Elder Liu Ru looked at Wen Zhihao in surprise. “Disciple Wen, why didn’t you tell me you’ve become a Nascent Soul Cultivator? After the wedding, I’ll complete the administration and update your status to a senior cultivator. You’ll also need to be measured for a new set of senior robes.”

Wen Zhihao’s brows pinched together. “Elder Liu Ru, you must be mistaken…”

Elder Liu Ru resisted the urge to sigh. “Disciple Wen, you are not even hiding your cultivation level.”

Surely I would have known if I reached Nascent Soul! Isn’t there supposed to be lightning? But Wen Zhihao put that puzzle aside. “Elder Liu, let’s talk slowly after the wedding. Let’s go inside so I can change my robes.” Wen Zhihao gave a nod to everyone present. “Thank you for being part of my group.”

Huang Jialing’s lips twitched. “Yes, I’m still confused as to why I’m here.”

“Do not worry,” Lin Yijun said, “Your presence makes more sense than Zhou Sheng’s.”

Zhou Sheng narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?”

“I’m happy that you’re all here,” Wen Zhihao said.

“Hm, that’s right, so, Lin Yijun, want to repeat that?” Zhou Sheng stepped up close to Lin Yijun.

Wen Zhihao decided to enter the temporary dressing room first, followed by the children, Old Tang, Elder Liu Ru, and Huang Jialing. Let the others talk (argue) outside slowly. The cats stayed outside, as though guarding the building.

For a cultivator like him, there was no need to complete superstitious bathing rituals to keep away evil spirits: the entire Golden Sun Sect kept them away. While Old Tang, Elder Liu Ru, and Huang Jialing entertained the children, Wen Zhihao went into an adjacent room to quickly bathe and then put on his wedding clothes: bright red robes intricately detailed with golden embroidery.

When he exited the bathroom, Lin Yijun and Zhou Sheng had come in, no longer arguing.

Old Tang clapped his hands. “Come here, you’ve worn your outer robes incorrectly!”

“Uncle, don’t you know?” Peng Tiantian shook her head in mock disapproval. “You’re an adult!”

Wen Zhihao smiled sheepishly. “Please help me.”

Together, Old Tang and Peng Tiantian helped him wrap the robe layers and tie the waist sash properly. Then, Wen Zhihao sat down, and Old Tang picked up the comb.

“Combing hair four times, for everlasting marriage, harmony, fortune, and good health,” Old Tang said seriously.

“Hm,” Wen Zhihao agreed.

Elder Liu then came over and helped arrange Wen Zhihao’s hair, pulling the upper hair back and into a hair bun, secured by auspicious ornaments.

Zhou Sheng gazed at Wen Zhihao’s smart red outfit and pursed his lips slightly. While cultivators had their own Dao-Companionship rituals, he had grown up in the mortal towns. Even when he was enslaved, he had heard about weddings, though they were never the joyous affairs like today. He had never thought that a cultivator could have this kind of event...

Lin Yijun glanced at Zhou Sheng. His eyes turned thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Sun Fuyu went to the staff housing, where Liu Jing lived. His group had three children, Ruan Lanxi, Wu Zhe, and Xu Yifan. Along the way, he met his Shifu Liu Zhongmin, and his shijie Hu Jingyan and shixiong Gao Ming.

“Chef Liu Jing, I know that you’re Xiao Fuyu’s mother, but you and I do have the same family name,” Liu Zhongmin said in a suggestive tone. “Can’t I adopt Xiao Fuyu too?”

Sun Fuyu blushed. “Shifu!”

Hu Jingyan shook her head in exasperation. “What would Elder Liu Ru say if she heard this?”

Liu Jing wrapped her arms around Sun Fuyu. “He’s my son! Now, Xiao Fuyu, you go inside to wash up, okay?”

“Emm.” Sun Fuyu escaped the embarrassing situation.

When he re-emerged, Ruan Lanxi, Wu Zhe, and Xu Yifan had changed into cute little golden robes. Gazes turned upon him.

“So handsome,” Liu Jing praised.

Sun Fuyu lowered his head, very embarrassed with all the attention. He sat obediently while his adoptive mother combed his hair and arranged it, inserting intricate gold and red hair ornaments. Liu Zhongmin also gave him a red-and-gold scabbard for his sword to make the rest of his outfit.

“Ready?” Liu Jing asked.

Sun Fuyu’s heart began to beat faster. “Ready.”

Outside, a row of big demonic cats awaited. They flanked his procession like a guard.

Sun Fuyu walked in the middle of the procession, with the children around him, Liu Jing beside him, and Liu Zhongmin leading the way.

There were no drums and no gongs—there was no need to use this method to scare away evil spirits, and cultivators’ listening ability would be pitted with such loud sounds. Instead, Gao Ming played a lively tune on his pipa and Hu Jingyan accompanied him on flute, while Ruan Lanxi happily shook a little bell.

There was no throwing out rice—no evil spirits would dare approach this procession of powerful cultivators.

There was also no lion dance—not really necessary when there were actual lions in the wedding procession.

Curious cultivators came out to watch, which made Sun Fuyu want to shrink his head and hide behind his adoptive mother.

But then he remembered that he was marrying Wen Zhihao, his Wen-ge, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about—but his heart still betrayed him with its fast heartbeat.

Just a few more steps, just a few more...



A large hall in a building near Elder Liu Ru’s mountain had been arranged for the wedding.

Outside the building was a large white-stone paved courtyard. Red banners with golden Double Happiness hung from the building’s front facade. A table covered in red cloth served as an altar, and a long red carpet split the courtyard in two.

Many others were there waiting for them: all the kitchen staff and farming staff, the older children/teenagers and adults that they had helped save, all of Sun Fuyu’s other shijies and shixiongs, Zhang Wu, Wang Li Wei and his friends, Huang Jialing’s girlfriend Qian Jiarui, array master Cheng Yahui, and the entire herd of demonic beasts. There were many cultivators from both the Golden Sun Sect and others, as well as various mortals from the nearby town like Old Third, the brush maker, and the teachers at the school the children attended.

As the two processions approached, Cheng Yahui activated the little array that caused flower petals to fall down around them, pink and red in the glow of the afternoon sun. The music being played by Wang Li Wei and Qian Jiarui merged with the processions’ music.

Sun Fuyu’s head turned as he saw Wen-ge’s procession approaching from the other direction.

The two groups stopped on opposite sides of the paved courtyard.

Neither of them were brides, so neither of them wore a red veil. Their eyes met across the courtyard, through the gaps between people.

Wen Zhihao’s lips curled up, and Sun Fuyu’s followed automatically.

“Xiao Yu—”

“Not so fast, Wen Zhihao,” Liu Jing cut in. “Before you can come closer…”

“En.” Wen Zhihao pulled a number of red pouches, each laden with nine high-grade spiritual stones. Nine for a long-lasting union.

“A token of my sincerity,” he said modestly. Lin Yijun helped distribute the red pouches to each member of Sun Fuyu’s group.

The children happily accepted the pouches. “Okay! Uncle, Uncle, you can get married now!”

Liu Jing patted the heads of the children. “Not yet, baobeis.”

Hu Jingyan weighed her pouch in her hand. “You have shown sincerity in sharing your wealth, but money is cold.”

Wen Zhihao stepped forward, in front of his group, and placed two hands over his heart. His gaze focused on Sun Fuyu, who was so bright and handsome in his red robes. “Sun Fuyu brightens up my life. His energy and hard work are admirable. He’s also very handsome.”

Sun Fuyu blushed.

Wen Zhihao continued, his lips curling up. “I love Sun Fuyu. To wake up every day with him by my side is a great pleasure. I want to live through every day with you, Xiao Fuyu. Hand in hand, side by side. I will love you and cherish you and honour you, for you deserve the best. So please, will you marry me?”

Sun Fuyu’s chest felt tight, his eyes sour. “Yes, yes. I want to. I will.”

Liu Jing smiled, deep emotions in her eyes. “Wen Zhihao, we find you sincere. Xiao Fuyu.”

Sun Fuyu stepped out of his protective group. But before he could reach Wen-ge, Old Tang placed an arm in front, smiling apologetically.

“Sun Fuyu, we will not let you approach,” Zhou Sheng declared. “Where is your sincerity?”

Wen Zhihao coughed. He took out some more red pouches of spiritual stones and gave them to his own group. “My wealth is Xiao Yu’s wealth, please accept this, which I give on behalf of Sun Fuyu.”

Liu Jing: “...”

Zhou Sheng: “...” He should have expected this.



To be continued~!