114. Extra [NSFW]: Wedding Night
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Thank you to Kitty and Brin A for the kofis!!!

NSFW warning! I hope you all enjoy this chapter ;P


As the sound proofing talismans activated, nervousness bloomed in Sun Fuyu’s chest. His eyes lowered, earnestly helping Wen Zhihao to remove the sash.

A hand rested under his chin, tilting his head up. Lips captured his own.

Sun Fuyu’s hands shifted, gripping Wen-ge’s robes as the rest of his body threatened to melt. Wen-ge...Hao-ge...Husband…

Wen Zhihao hummed. The sensations were transmitted directly to Sun Fuyu’s lips.

A shiver went down Sun Fuyu’s spine. Thrilling anticipation replaced his nervousness. This was their wedding night!

Sun Fuyu took the initiative to deepen the kiss. His little tongue ventured out, and Wen Zhihao welcomed him in. Their tongues caressed each other intimately, wet and hot.

Sun Fuyu wanted to press his lower body against Wen Zhihao’s to relieve the pressure, but there were clothes in the way.

Sun Fuyu’s smart hands pulled off Wen Zhihao’s clothes and then his own. The clothes and his sword were immediately put away into his spatial ring. Both of them were left with their plain undyed undergarments.

Wen Zhihao broke the kiss with a breathless chuckle. “How is Xiao Yu so talented?” His lips descended again. He enjoyed this slow building heat, something that he had never felt towards anyone before.

“Mmmmm,” Sun Fuyu moaned. “Wen-ge...husband...wait, ah…” He broke the kiss so that he could take off his hair ornaments.

“Oh, yes.” Wen Zhihao reached for his own hair, but his fingers were gently pushed aside by Sun Fuyu. Light fingers tugged off the ornaments, and Wen Zhihao’s long black hair cascaded down.

Wen Zhihao moved to kiss again, but Sun Fuyu boldly pushed his husband to the bed. The two of them fell onto the bed with a floof, with Sun Fuyu lying boldly on top of Wen Zhihao.

Sun Fuyu gasped. “Husband…Can I? Can we…?” Sun Fuyu gave him a pleading look. Their groins were pressed against each other, their remaining trousers unable to hide the stiffness hiding inside.

Wen Zhihao gazed up at him. “Whatever you want, husband.” He placed a hand on Sun Fuyu’s chest, and slowly wandered down.

Sun Fuyu shivered as Wen-ge’s fingers slipped under his shirt, fingers caressing his skin.

Soft yet firm, Wen Zhihao thought. Delicate yet strong. As Wen Zhihao stroked Xiao Yu’s skin, he felt a slight tremble, as though Sun Fuyu was trying to keep still.

Wen Zhihao looked up, only to see that Sun Fuyu’s eyes were firmly fixed down below. A red blush covered his cheeks. Sun Fuyu took so much initiative, but then became shy?

A feeling of wanting to cover Sun Fuyu in his hands grew in Wen Zhihao’s chest. Wen Zhihao’s lips curled up as his hand dipped down and reached inside to grasp something hot inside Sun Fuyu’s pants.

Sun Fuyu sucked in a sharp breath. “Wen-ge, that’s mine,” he mumbled, a slight whine in a voice. His hips shifted, not knowing whether he wanted to escape Wen Zhihao’s hand or thrust deeper into it.

Xiao Yu wants to be coaxed? Wen Zhihao’s grip tightened. He stroked up, down, up, his thumb rubbing the slit.

Sun Fuyu gasped. “Wen-ge...Wen-ge…” His arms, bracing him over Wen Zhihao, trembled.

“Feels good, husband?”

“En, feels good.” He bit his bottom lip, trying to restrain himself as he rubbed against Wen Zhihao.

Wen Zhihao stroked faster. Little Xiao Yu became increasingly familiar in his hand. His eyes deepened whenever Sun Fuyu gave a broken gasp.

Sun Fuyu’s head dropped, resting in the crock of Wen Zhihao’s neck. After a few more strokes, he couldn’t brace himself any longer, falling into the bed on his side.

Wen Zhihao turned to face him, hand holding Sun Fuyu.

Sun Fuyu’s lips were becoming bright red from how hard he was biting them.

“Xiao Yu was so good today. So handsome, so obedient,” Wen Zhihao praised softly.

Sun Fuyu looked up at him with wet eyes. “I’m good?”

“Very good. The best. Little Xiao Yu feels good too. Seeing you like this, it’s very alluring,” Wen Zhihao said huskily.

Sun Fuyu shook his head slightly, embarrassed by Wen Zhihao’s direct words. “Faster?” he whined softly.

“For you, of course.”

Clothing rustled in a repetitive pattern. Sun Fuyu felt hotter and hotter. The redness of his cheeks spread to his ears. Tingling built from where Wen-ge held him, the pleasure building up and up with each stroke, each twist. There was nothing in the world but the two of them, and Wen-ge’s hand on him...

“Wen-ge, I love you,” Sun Fuyu suddenly said. He gripped Wen-ge’s clothes, anchoring himself in the world.

Wen Zhihao’s gaze softened, so much that Sun Fuyu wanted to submerge himself in his eyes. “I love you too. Will Xiao Yu be good and come in my hand?”


His husband's hot hand and low, indulgent voice was too much for Sun Fuyu. With a broken gasp, he orgasmed, mind whiting out as he came in small spurts. Wen Zhihao kept stroking him until it was too much, and Sun Fuyu had to stop him.

Sun Fuyu panted unevenly as he slowly drifted back to reality when Wen-ge wiped him briefly with a cloth.

"...Wait! You too..." He touched the edge of Wen Zhihao’s pants, but he didn’t reach in.

“Don’t be scared,” Wen Zhihao teased. He pulled his dick out of his trousers. It was hard, leaking at the tip.

Sun Fuyu’s mouth grew dry. Hesitantly, he reached out to touch the hot thing.

“Hold it like you’ll hold your own,” Wen Zhihao guided.


Long, strong fingers wrapped around the ‘sword’. Sun Fuyu pressed his lips together, avoiding Wen-ge’s eyes. A slow tug up, then down, just like how Wen-ge had done it for him.

He looked up when Wen Zhihao’s thumb pressed against his lips. Sun Fuyu extended his tongue and licked the thumb. It was slightly salty.

Wen Zhihao’s eyes darkened at the action. His voice dropped lower, “If you don't want to, do you want to watch while I do it?”

“Want to!!” Sun Fuyu protested. He earnestly stroked faster and firmer.

Wen Zhihao’s breaths turned into heavy pants. “That feels good, Xiao Yu is very good at this. You can go faster.”


Wen Zhihao felt a bit helpless and a lot of fondness at Sun Fuyu’s determined expression. The pleasure slowly built as Sun Fuyu tried out different methods. At times, a small moan would slip out.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmm,” Wen Zhihao agreed, eyelids drooping half-mast.

“Does that feel good?”

“En, your touch feels good,” Wen Zhihao said, letting his hands wander under Sun Fuyu’s shirt, touching that soft, warm, lovely skin.

“Wen-ge— “


Sun Fuyu blushed. “En. Husband. You're just saying that it feels good to coax me.”

“It feels good.” Wen Zhihao pulled Sun Fuyu's face to him and gave him a deep kiss.

Sun Fuyu’s rhythm was disrupted by the kiss. He pulled away with a pout, focusing back on his very important task. “Next time...next time, I’ll…”

Wen Zhihao’s breathing stuttered. Next time?

“In the future...I’ll study and learn how to use my mouth,” Sun Fuyu said quietly. “I’ve seen a lot of positions...”

Wen Zhihao felt himself harden further in Sun Fuyu’s hand as his arousal spiked.

In the future, Sun Fuyu’s head buried in his groin, Wen Zhihao thrusting into his lovely, good mouth.

In future, Wen Zhihao lying in bed, Sun Fuyu holding his hips down as he swallowed Wen Zhihao’s dick—

“Faster, Xiao Yu, faster,” Wen Zhihao rasped.

Sun Fuyu obediently stroked faster.

“I love you,” Wen Zhihao said helplessly.

Sun Fuyu looked back up at him. “I love you too.”

Wen Zhihao determinedly kept his eyes fixed on Sun Fuyu’s face as he came.

Watched how Sun Fuyu unconsciously licked his lips, how his eyes brightened when he succeeded in making Wen Zhihao come. Sun Fuyu pulled his hand back, studying the pearly come with an academic focus.

Fuck, Wen Zhihao loved Sun Fuyu so much. This lovely young man in front of him…! How adorable was his husband?

Now, it was Wen Zhihao’s turn to catch his breath.

“We...should have a bath,” Sun Fuyu said, moving his come-covered hand away from him.

“Wet cloth, too sleepy,” Wen Zhihao yawned. His orgasm had rendered him languid and relaxed. The day’s tiredness came back.

“En.” Sun Fuyu climbed out of bed to prepare a wet cloth and cleaned himself and came back to clean up Wen Zhihao too.

They shuffled the blankets over them. Wen Zhihao laid on his back, already starting to doze off.

Sun Fuyu wriggled in as close as he could, resting his head on his husband’s arm, tangling their legs together. He rested a hand on his husband’s chest, feeling the rest and fall of his breaths.

He felt good, and he could feel that Wen-ge felt good too. In the end, it wasn’t so scary, was it? There were many things the two could do in the future. As long as it was with Wen-ge, Sun Fuyu will be comfortable.

With a yawn, Sun Fuyu followed his husband to sleep.



I like praise kink ^_^

Wanted more smut? Consider writing fanfic like Benomora's ;P

Actually, this is probably the most “romantic smut” I’ve ever written, LOL.