119. Extra: Honeymoon interrupted by two light bulbs
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After Wen Zhihao idly told Sun Fuyu about the tradition of ‘honeymoons’ back in his old world, Sun Fuyu immediately wanted to go on one.

Mama Liu Jing generously offered to take care of her grandchildren. With that, Sun Fuyu hugged his husband and whisked him out of the sect.

They strolled down memory lane. They toured old spots in the forest and walked down familiar town streets. The air was cold, and at night the dew would frost over. But the atmosphere between them was warm and filled with love.

On the last afternoon of their planned honeymoon, the two of them came to a cliff top overlooking the forest. Snow had fallen, blanketing the tree-tops in white.

A fire crackled merrily—mostly decoration as it was the heating talismans that actually kept them warm.

Wen Zhihao was resting his head on Sun Fuyu’s lap, his eyes closed as he slept.

Sun Fuyu stroked his husband’s hair, his gaze wandering between him and the surrounding scenery.

For a long, long time, he had been alone in all the ways that mattered. His parents and siblings shunned him on the unreliable words of a fortune-teller. The junior cultivators shunned him for coming from outside the sect. But as he was bullied by Wu Qingqing and her group, Wen Zhihao swept in and pulled him out of that cold pit.

Sun Fuyu neatened up some of Wen-ge’s hair on his lap. He still remembered the meat bun Wen-ge had given him, over a year ago… His heart swelled, so full of gratitude and love for the man who trusted him so much, to peacefully sleep like this.

Sun Fuyu himself was sleepy in the embrace of Wen Zhihao’s aura, but he meant his promise at the wedding. He stubbornly stayed awake and kept watch.

It was a good thing he did, because two certain cultivators suddenly appeared, flying up the cliff-face.

Sun Fuyu’s face immediately darkened. He’d like to kick them down the cliff. Maybe then they could encounter enlightenment at the bottom.

“Sun Fuyu, fancy seeing you here!” Zhou Sheng greeted.

Lin Yijun grabbed Zhou Sheng’s arm. “Don’t you see that Disciple Wen is sleeping?” he hissed.

“I’m awake now,” Wen Zhihao yawned, cracking his eyes open slightly. He pushed himself to a sitting position, leaning against Sun Fuyu for support. “Senior Lin, Senior Zhou, are you cold?”

“No, we are Nascent Soul cultivators—” Lin Yijun started.

“Can we sit?” Zhou Sheng interrupted.

Sun Fuyu took a breath, and then released it. He smiled sweetly at Zhou Sheng. “Senior Zhou, you miss my family’s Wen Zhihao so much ah? Sit down, let’s share a meal.”

Zhou Sheng’s gaze snapped to Sun Fuyu. This little junior! he grumbled inwardly.

Wen Zhihao chuckled. “A little snack and some warm sweet tea?” It was true that as a Nascent Soul (!!) cultivator, Wen Zhihao wasn’t cold. But he felt cold looking at the cold scenery, and any excuse for something sweet and warm was a good excuse.

Zhou Sheng looked away from Sun Fuyu’s sweet and slightly pitying smile. He laid out a blanket next to them by the fire and sat down. Lin Yijun sat down next to him.

And so, the date turned into a double date.

Wen Zhihao brewed some tea while Sun Fuyu shared some small cakes they had bought at a mortal town. After they nibbled at their cakes, Wen Zhihao showed them the device that Li Fanghua had made for him.

Lin Yijun studied it. “Interesting.”

“If you want one, I’ll ask Li Fanghua,” Zhou Sheng said, a little smugly. After all, he was the one who knew her first. “—Oh, by the way, I don’t need the calming stone any more,” he remembered.

After Lin Yijun admitted everything, Zhou Sheng’s ‘dreams’ consolidated as memories and his headaches disappeared.

Wen Zhihao shrugged. “Keep it anyway, you’ve already paid.”

Zhou Sheng’s eyes narrowed. Now that he was thinking about it, Wen Zhihao was a very suspicious person. Certainly, there hadn’t been a tournament in his past life…

“...Wen Zhihao, who are you?”

Wen Zhihao gave a perfectly innocent look. “I’m Wen Zhihao.”

Lin Yijun snorted.

Zhou Sheng narrowed his eyes at Lin Yijun. “No, don’t act like that, Lin-shixiong.”

Lin Yijun smiled wryly. “Disciple Wen, it looks like I need to offer you an apology. I had once questioned you, thinking that you and Zhou Sheng had been conspiring together.”

“Oh.” Wen Zhihao smiled sheepishly when he remembered. “In fact, back then I hadn’t known that Zhou Sheng was a demonic cultivator, so I wasn’t lying on purpose…”

Lin Yijun: “…”

“But Wen-ge wasn’t conspiring,” Sun Fuyu said pointedly.

“He wasn’t,” Zhou Sheng agreed.

Lin Yijun exhaled slightly. “Indeed. Please accept these in compensation.” He held out two clear blue tokens. “These will give you admission to the Clear Heart Hot Springs. Disciple Wen, I assume you know where they are.”

“Then I’ll accept and not waste time on rejecting,” Wen Zhihao cleared his throat. “And no, I don’t know where they are. I had always stumbled across them accidentally. I didn’t even know that it existed the first time…”

Lin Yijun: “.........................”

“Nevermind, the tokens themselves will lead you to your destination,” Lin Yijun forced himself to say.

Speaking of gifts, come on, Sun Fuyu, take this!” Zhou Sheng pulled out a yellow book.

Lin Yijun glared at him.

“Don’t give me that look,” Zhou Sheng protested. “They’re Dao Companions and married, very appropriate!”

“If Senior Zhou is being nice, then let me accept,” Sun Fuyu said sweetly. “If anything goes wrong, I know the perpetrator.”

Sun Fuyu didn’t look at it, instead immediately putting the yellow book into his spatial ring. “Now it’s getting dark, so let me and Wen-ge leave now,” he said promptly.

For Wen Zhihao and Sun Fuyu, it was time to return home and sleep in their bed.

Zhou Sheng pasted on a smile to counter Sun Fuyu’s sweet smile. “That’s right, Sun-shidi still needs to sleep well and grow up big, okay?”

“Don’t worry, Zhou-shixiong, one day I will reach your cultivation level. It is the greatest honour for the student to surpass the teacher.”

Wen Zhihao’s eyes curved in amusement. “Don’t tease Senior Zhou like that,” he admonished warmly. He helped Sun Fuyu clear up the fire and pack up their blankets.

Zhou Sheng’s brows twitched at the big words from little Sun Fuyu. “Then I will surpass Lin Yijun, who is my shixiong.”

Lin Yijun, who was packing away the things on their side: “.......................................” He had come with Zhou Sheng to have a nice time, yet why did he keep getting attacked like this?



Lighting a candle for Lin Yijun, who now has to deal with Zhou Sheng’s antics u__u

[at least now he has an R18 way to deal with Zhou Sheng ( ̄∇ ̄) ]

Also, yellow book feature in the next chapter by very popular demand haha