124. Extra: Modern AU (part 3)
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Thank you to Brin A and MCJohnston for the kofis!! 🤗


Sun Fuyu felt like he was floating thereafter. During every break at the florist shop, he would run over to the cat-cafe to peek at Wen-ge.

“Meow! The little human is here again! Pats, pats!

The white cat always came over when Sun Fuyu appeared. This human seemed to actually listen to cat-commands.

Often, Wen-ge was busy with customers, and he would only have time to come over and give Sun Fuyu a new sweet drink. But just watching was enough to settle Sun Fuyu’s heart, sweetness on his lips and seeping into his chest. He planned to later search the internet for dating tips...

Aunty Liu held her tongue whenever she saw him return with pink bubbles surrounding him. She felt that it wasn't surprising that Xiao Fuyu had become enamoured with Wen Zhihao...and at least she knew all of Wen Zhihao’s weak points…



In the late afternoon, Wen Zhihao was able to take a proper break. Xiao Fuyu had come by to see him during the day, so it made sense for him to return the favour.

Wen Zhihao stepped out of the cat cafe and towards the florist shop. He could see Sun Fuyu through the glass front of the florist shop.

Sun Fuyu was quietly tending to some flowers, his gaze soft, mouth moving as he quietly spoke to the plants. The late orange light cast a warm glow to his features, and highlighted the beautiful flowers and plants that surrounded him…

No, Sun Fuyu was the most beautiful. The cutest. The most adorable—

Realisation bloomed in Wen Zhihao’s heart.

He liked Sun Fuyu.

Somehow, Xiao Fuyu had entered his chest, a little Sun Fuyu now sitting in his heart. Sun Fuyu was so amazing. He was so powerful with the sword, yet so cute when working hard with the flowers and the plants.

Sun Fuyu looked up and met his gaze through the glass. A bashful smile grew on Sun Fuyu’s lips. “Wen-ge,” he mouthed.

Wen Zhihao nodded back and headed into the shop.

“Wen-ge!” Sun Fuyu quickly looked around. There were no customers at the moment, so he directly gave Wen Zhihao a big hug. He then looked up, all big brown eyes and soft black hair. “Wen-ge, thank you for the roses this morning...Can we kiss now?”

For a few moments, Wen Zhihao’s brain went offline. ???? What happened? Where am I? How did this happen? Surely he had just imagined what Sun Fuyu said? But he was still gazing at Wen Zhihao...and now his lips were turning downwards in sadness…

Wen Zhihao’s heart was pierced. “Of course,” he breathed.

In an instant, Sun Fuyu lit up again. He leaned in and gave the lightest of pecks on Wen Zhihao’s lips. He leaned back again, a big smile growing on his face. “Like Wen-ge so much,” he said, his eyes curving in joy.

Wen Zhihao rubbed Sun Fuyu’s head. “Like Xiao Yu so much too.”

Sun Fuyu grabbed Wen-ge’s hands and swung them lightly, grinning.

A certain Aunty Liu Jing cleared her throat.

Sun Fuyu startled, eyes going wide. “Aunty!”

“There’s not much left to be done in the shop tonight, someone else will do it. Xiao Fuyu, you go with Wen Zhihao and play...but remember to come back in time tonight, understood?” At the last words, Liu Jing gave Wen Zhihao a particular look.

“Of course, Aunty,” Wen Zhihao said innocently. “Come on Xiao Yu, if you ask Huang Jialing, she’ll definitely let me finish early too!”

“Okay! Let me get my belongings first!”

Aunty Liu sighed as the two left the florist shop, Sun Fuyu holding those pink and red roses to his chest and following after Wen Zhihao.

Her cabbage running after the lazy cat, ah.

But both of them looked extremely happy, and as their aunty, Liu Jing was happy for them.



Extra Modern AU extra (part a):

Wen Zhihao and Sun Fuyu talked together a lot. That was how they realised something about two of their customers respectivelythey were a pair.

A man dressed in expensive suits named Lin Yijun had started to frequently come by the florist shop to buy flowersthe most expensive onesin increasingly bigger bouquets and exquisite pots or vases. As a business elite, he splashed money out indiscriminately.

A man dressed in a long black coat named Zhou Sheng had started to frequently come by to the cat-cafe, reading through old court proceedings and complaining to Wen Zhihao about some “scum man keeps delivering me flowers! Does he think a few flowers is enough to bribe me over? What does he take him for, a corrupt lawyer?

Zhou Sheng had been a poor scholarship student who had entered into a rich No. 1 Senior Middle School. While the grades of the school and the rate of entry to top tier universities was impressive, Zhou Sheng had a depressing time there.

Now, over ten years later, he was a practising lawyer, persecuting some of those very same rich families whose children had bullied him and whose adults were muddied with illegal dealings.

While Lin Yijun himself was a CEO who properly filed his taxes, Zhou Sheng couldn’t fully trust him. Not after his betrayal in school…

Wen Zhihao saw the sad Zhou Sheng when he thought no one was looking, and sent a quick text message to Sun Fuyu. Smart Sun Fuyu replied with a cute nodding sticker. A few moments later, Sun Fuyu walked over with Lin Yijun following him.

Lin Yijun and Zhou Sheng saw each other instantly through the glass.

Lin Yijun raced into the cat-cafe. “Zhou Sheng! Please, please let me speak!” He kicked off his shoes at the front and ran over to kneel at Zhou Sheng’s feet, ignoring the other patrons.


Suddenly, Lin Yijun started to sneeze. Redness spread across his face.

Wen Zhihao came to a realisation. “Sir, I think you’re allergic to cats. I’m sorry, perhaps you can carry this conversation elsewhere…”

Zhou Sheng looked at the sneezing Lin Yijun. “You! Allergic to cats?” He laughed uncontrollably.

“Zhou Sheng, please, I’m sorry, I’ll never stand in the way of your work, please…” Lin Yijun said in between sneezes. The redness on his face was part allergy, part mortifying embarrassment.

“Fine. Let’s go somewhere else,” Zhou Sheng finally said, finding some pity somewhere for Lin Yijun.

“A little tip, you can take some anti-allergy medicines,” Wen Zhihao said.

Zhou Sheng snickered. “Hm.”

Wen Zhihao and Sun Fuyu watched the two men stride out of the cat-cafe, feeling that they had done a good job.



Extra Modern AU extra (part b):

The short videos of Sun Fuyu in golden robes wielding a sword became popular, and so the staff at the florist shop and cat-cafe helped Sun Fuyu make even more videos.

Some dedicated netizens soon uncovered that Sun Fuyu had been a martial arts extra, but had been fired from his first job after negligence from the production teama project that had gone on to encounter more troubles after Sun Fuyu had left.

[This xiao gege is really too handsome!]

[That production team’s face must hurt, they let go of this great cultivator!]

[Calling any directors to give the xiao gege a job!]

And Sun Fuyu was indeed given job offers to act.

After discussing with everyoneincluding Lin YijunSun Fuyu joined the entertainment company under Lin Yijun’s management with an especially relaxed contract and went out for his first job (Zhou Sheng personally looked at the contract, much to Lin Yijun’s exasperation).

The first job was not too long. Sun Fuyu completed it smoothly. When he returned home at the end of it, there were many people gathered in Aunty Liu Jing’s apartment.

“How’s our little star?” Old Tang teased.

“Not yet,” Sun Fuyu said bashfully. “Are we all having dinner together?”

“First…” Aunty Liu Jing stepped forward and handed him some papers.

Sun Fuyu frowned. “This…”

“Adoption papers. I know you’re an adult now, you don’t need parents...but it would make me very happy if you would sign them,” Liu Jing said emotionally. “I love you as my own son. I’m sorry I hadn’t found you earlier, but it’s not too late now. It would make me so happy to call you my son, and have you call me ‘mother’.”

Sun Fuyu’s eyes grew red. He nodded quickly, not trusting himself to speak. He could only silently hug Aunty Liu.

No, Mother Liu.

Everyone clapped warmly. It was a long time coming, everyone had seen how dearly Liu Jing had doted on Sun Fuyu, and how Sun Fuyu had been effectively so filial to her.

When Sun Fuyu separated from Mama Liu, Wen Zhihao came over, dressed the neatest Sun Fuyu had ever seen him.

“Wen-ge,” he greeted.

“Little star, shining bright,” Wen Zhihao grinned back. “Spending every day with you has been a joy...Will you spend the rest of our lives together?”

Sun Fuyu’s eyes widened when Wen Zhihao went down on his knee and produced a small ring box. Shock was written all over his body.

Wen Zhihao’s gaze softened. “I’ve already asked permission from your mama Liu. All you need to do is say ‘yes’.”

There was a stinging sensation in Sun Fuyu’s eyes. “Yes! Yes!” He threw himself down into Wen-ge’s arms and squeezed as he could.

Wen Zhihao patted him on the back. “I love you, Xiao Yu. Let’s have the best married life together. We can get a villa with many rooms, for us, for Aunty Liu…”

Tears of happiness poured down Sun Fuyu’s face. He buried his head in Wen-ge’s shoulder.

So what if that fortune-teller had said he would die young? He came to this world instead and found family.

End of the Modern AU.



And so in both world lines, Sun Fuyu reached a happy ending ^_^

I hope Emi liked this prize~! And I hope everyone else liked this too!!


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