Chapter 4
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It had been eight days since I first awoke in my new body. Unfortunately, not much had changed since the first day. And what had changed…well I wish it hadn’t.

Some days I would awake in the morning in the arms of my mistress, cuddled deep into her embrace. Mistress Lilith would place me on her lap and feed me with a bottle. While it was humiliating, Lilith would never bring me to orgasm in the morning. That was reserved for the afternoon feeding.

Typically, she would only stroke my hair or pat my head, whispering sweet words into my ear. Occasionally, she would rub my ears, squeeze my legs or tease me with a brush across my panties. She would never bring me over the edge though because I still had my maid duties to attend to. My chores were always the same. Light work such as dusting and sweeping.

She would not visit me everyday. Miss Elizabeth would just hand me a bottle then. It was much less humiliating. Other days she would leave before I awoke. Or perhaps when I fell asleep.

Two days ago, I began to learn how to cook and even got the [Cooking] skill for it. Unfortunately, I could not eat solid foods. I tried when I first began work in the kitchen, but my body couldn’t handle it. Mistress Lilith was furious when she found out. I still remember the spanking she gave me. My bottom had only just recovered.

The biggest change over the week had been my body. My body had become just slightly more feminine and it frightened me thinking about the changes that were to come. My breasts had grown slightly larger, approaching a b-cup in size. Miss Elizabeth had said I would likely need a new bra made in just a week or two. My butt had also grown slightly larger, or so I thought, and my manhood had shrunk even further. Almost half an inch had been lost!

The worst part was my status, mainly my new…perk, which I had received when my rank increased.

Name: Kitty
Race: Beastkin
Gender: ???
Class: Slave
Rank: F+

Strength: 1
Endurance: 1
Finesse: 13
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 4
Charisma: 30
[Cleaning] - Level 2
[Cooking] - Level 1
[Submissive] - Receives pleasure from obeying orders of higher-ranked individuals
[Cute] - Charisma +10
[Perfect Skin] - Finesse +5, Charisma +5

I was now a Rank F+ [Slave]. It was quite an improvement, but my stats had barely changed. It seemed I received ten stat points upon my rank up plus the bonus stats from my new perk. However, I wasn’t able to distribute the stat points myself and most of them had gone into charisma.

The worst was the new perk [Perfect Skin]. My skin was now silky soft, flawless over my entire body. I was now completely hairless with the exception of the long pink hair at the top of my head, and my tail that peaked out of my skirt. My nether regions did not even have a single hint of hair!

Mistress Lilith would often comment about my beautiful skin, telling me how feminine it was. I knew she loved the feeling of it and would often glide her hands all over my body. The problem was that my skin was much too sensitive, and I would often squirm from her touch.

I hated this body. It felt like I was a newborn baby with how she treated me, despite the body being all grown up. And perhaps it was true considering how weak I was. Mistress Lilith explained that my stats had reset upon receiving her spell, and thus they were lower than most children. Even a child was likely stronger than me. If only I could increase my strength attribute, but I had no idea how. It seemed to be stuck at a single point!

It wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to find a way out of this hell. I had learnt quite a bit during the past week by overhearing gossip from the other maids. Sadly, I could not read. I had tried when I was cleaning the library, but all the words looked like complete gibberish to me. Perhaps I should be thankful I can at least understand what people say.

What I had learnt though only made me more terrified of Mistress Lilith. Her rank was likely higher than S-tier, none of the slaves or servants could come to a consensus on this point. Some said she might even be over level 100. Most of the common slaves were only around Rank D while the servants were at Rank C or B, which was still much higher than me. Mistress Lilith was one of the strongest on the continent though, one of the seven demon lords of the north.

The continent was split into two, the south which worshipped the three holy gods, and the north which worshipped the God of Chaos. The north was much smaller and much less populated, but was defended by seven demon lords appointed by the God of Chaos. The strongest of them was the Demon Lord of Pride who ruled over the largest territory. As for Lilith, she was the Demon Lord of Lust.

The south was where the beastkin like me inhabited as well as elves, humans, halflings and many other races inhabited. The north was mainly populated by demons but also had exiles from the races in the south.

Now that I knew Lilith was one of the seven strongest demons in the north, I had no idea what to do from here. Even if I levelled up enough, my class was still [Slave]. I could not disobey her orders unless someone removed the class or a more powerful person claimed me. At least, that was what I was told.

I would also need a more powerful mage to remove the [Blessing of the Nymphs] which seemed just as impossible. The blessing was what scared me the most. Seeing your body change slowly over time was horrible.

I couldn’t help but sigh as I laid on the bed with my eyes closed, still in my frilly maid outfit, waiting for my afternoon meal. It was still as humiliating as ever.

The other maids would often tease me throughout the day, calling me the same humiliating names that Lilith does. Sometimes there hands would roam near…certain areas. Fortunately, they never took it too far, likely because I was still the personal ‘property’ of the Mistress.

I was so tired of it all. I just wanted to leave. I didn’t know where, honestly anywhere was fine. I couldn’t even die. Lilith would just resurrect me and then I would have to face her…punishment.

What could I do? I had no plan, no strength and no allies. My entire life was controlled by her. Right now, the only thing I could do was submit until I was given a chance to escape.