Chapter 5*
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“Mmm~ You look as delicious as ever, precious.”

I jerked awake as I head the sweet voice next to my ears. Staring down at me were cold, black eyes, filled with possession and domination.

“M-mistress…I was just a little tired so I—” I tried to explain, still stuttering from fear. The punishment from before still ingrained into my memory.”

She placed a finger on my lips. “Shhh, kitten.” She began to stroke my head and I laid into her embrace, the worries from before drifting away.

I snuggled in closer and almost startled in surprise from the realization that I was beginning to fell aroused from just being in her embrace. I felt my nipples harden beneath my bra and my erection straining against my underwear. I whined into her breasts, asking for more. I needed more.

“P-please, Mistress. I want more~” I looked up into her eyes, giving her a cute pout. I knew she liked it when I acted like this.

“Oh, I know you do, my horny little slut…” She rubbed the front of my panties, teasing me with her slender fingers. But as I pushed for more, her touch suddenly disappeared. “But I think you should do something for me first, don’t you?’

“Yes, I’ll do anything! Please, mistress—” I whined as a struggled in her arms.

“Alright pet, kneel on the floor in front of me.” She said as she let me loose from her grasp.

Despite the humiliation and the fear I felt coursing through my body, I quickly obeyed.

In front of me, Lilith lifted her skirt, showing me her beautiful, plump thighs and her sexy black thong. I was enraptured by the sight before her voice brought me back.

“Take them off my pet.” I went to pull them off with my hands but she slapped them away. “Use your mouth, kitty.”

“Y-yes mistress.” I bent my head down between her thighs and bit the top of her thong. It took me awhile to get it down to ankles as I struggled with my mouth.

“Good kitten, do you like what you see~?” She said, her voice as seductive as ever.

I nodded, unable to speak. In front of me was her beautiful shaved pussy, her pink lips glistening from the leaking juices. I felt some pride that she was turned on from being with me, but it quickly went away as I was reminded with a jingling from the bells on my tail.

“Give your mistress a kiss, kitten.” She moaned as she opened her legs completely to my sight.

I didn’t hesitate as I leaned into her pussy, giving it a light kiss. Before I could lean back, she gently, but firmly, grabbed my pink curls and pushed my mouth into her. “Lick, pet.”

Although embarrassed by my position, I quickly obeyed and extended my tongue, my desire to taste her prevailing over everything else. My first lick was tentative, but soon I was lapping her up enthusiastically. was Unlike my expectations, her taste was delicious. I couldn’t stop as I sucked up her juices with my tongue.

"That's it, my little pet. Lick my pussy with your kitty tongue." she moaned, her head bent back in ecstasy. “I hope you like this position because you’ll be down there often.”

“Mmmmmph~” I could only moan into her pussy, my face stuffed with her cunt as she gripped the back of my head. I continued running my tongue down her wet slit, searching for her clit. I had an unconscious desire to make her feel as good as possible. I needed her to praise me.

“Oh, Oh! Good girl, keep doing that. You love making your mistress happy, don’t you?” She said, running her hand through my hair. “Mmmm, look up here, sweetie. I want to see your eyes when I cum.”

I looked up and met her dominant gaze. I was completely focused on tasting her sweet juices, I loved the taste of her. Perhaps it was my own arousal that was making me addicted to her. I continued licking faster and faster hoping to get her off so I could have my own pleasure. I wanted her to orgasm as fast as possible so continued giving tiny licks to her special spot, watching her moan and wriggle all over from below. She was rocking her hips back and forth into my face, her juices spilling all over my face and neck.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, eat me you horny little slut. Take your mommy's cum!" She groaned as she finally orgasmed, flooding my little mouth with her nectar. I made sure to lick up all her juices, running my long tongue up and down her slit and inner thigh, not leaving a drop untouched. The taste was just too heavenly. I wanted to savour as much of it as possible, and I knew I would gladly do anything for this taste again.

I noticed her sigh in satisfaction as I lifted my face from between her thighs, her cum leaking down my chin. My entire face was covered in juices and I’m sure I looked like quite a sight.

Mistress Lilith laughed as she looked down at me. “You are so adorable~.” I remained on my knees, my face still completely soaked, waiting for my own pleasure. I couldn’t believe how aroused I currently was.

I squeaked as she lifted me up by the armpits, sitting me down on her lap. I was again surprised by how strong she was, or perhaps how light I was. I snuggled in her embrace as she placed the milk bottle to my lips. My mouth began sucking in the milk but I was almost disappointed by the taste. It was almost bland compared to how Mistress Lilith tasted.

But as I was still starving, I quickly gulped it down as she brought me to orgasm. She was rubbing me over my panties, like I was girl with a pussy despite the little tent peaking through the silk. But I didn’t care. If I had to act like a little girl to feel this pleasure I would.

“Oh you like that don’t you, you horny little bitch. Make squirties in your panties for Mistress”

I gasped out in excitement as her rubbing began to speed up. My back arched, and I widened my thighs even more to give her better access. Right now, I was completely hers.

“Ahh~ M-more, I need more…Mnnnn, I’m cummming!!” A combined mmoan and whimper left my mouth as a powereful force overcame my body as I exploded from pleasure. I felt my panties become drenched with my cum as I spasmed all over Mistress Lilith’s lap. This orgasm felt even better than the last ones, as I continued to push into her hand, unable to stop my body. I was lost in pleasure.

Dressed in my humiliating, pink maid outfit, my panties soiled with cum and my face drenbched in pussy juices, I must have looked like a complete slut.

“Good girl, I can tell you love getting your cute clitty rubbed.” She said, digging out as much cum from my panties as she could. I allowed myself a momentary respite as I laid in her embrace, too tired to move. “Lick my hand clean of your girl juices, kitten.”

I jerked at her words, but as he hand approached my mouth, I was too exhausted to resist. With some unenthusiastic licks, I cleaned her hand of my cum. It tasted weird, mostly salty with a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t nearly as good as Mistress’s cum, but I made sure to throughly clean her hand anyway.

“Now let’s get you cleaned up before bedtime. Come on, I’ll start a bath for you.” She picked me up in her arms, one hand on my back, the other lifting my butt. My legs completely numb, I clinged too her neck with my arms, the bells on my tail jingling from the movement.

“Yes, mistress,” was my only reply, my voice muffled by her large breasts. I could only let out a small whimper as I saw my status update.


You are now Rank E-

Class Advancement: [Slave] → [Sex Slave]

Perk Advancement: [Cute} → [Adorable]

New Skill: [Cunninglingus]