Chapter 7*
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Happy New Year! (^-^)

As I finished changing the bedding for the thirtieth time, I had one question that kept burning on my mind. Why the hell did this castle have so many rooms?

Was there really a need for this many rooms? This was only a single wing of the castle! Did every servant and maid have there own room?

This room was quite different from the others though. It was larger than the rooms I had cleaned before, even bigger than my personal room. But the biggest difference was that almost everything in the room was black. Did the room owner have something against bright colours?

I was already used to the abnormal stuff in this castle though. In one room I had seen all kinds of weird furniture like pillories, stockades, cages and other devices that I didn't recognize. But why would you need any of these devices in the bedroom?

This room was at least mostly normal, outside of the weird colour scheme. And the size of the room. Plus the bed was massive. It could fit at least ten people!

The bed did look very comfortable though. I had just changed the sheets and they looked so fluffy. At least this room’s bedding wasn’t dirty. Some of the other sheets I had changed had some weird fluids on them.

I had a sudden urge to wrap myself in the quilt. Maybe this was the instinct from the cat part of me. I was so tired though. I had already been working for a few hours without a stopping. Well, it probably wouldn’t be a problem to take a small break…

My hands brushed along the black cotton sheets, the fluffy sensation tickling my skin. Maybe it was a bad idea, but I was so exhausted.

Before I thought better of it, I jumped onto the bed and burrowed into the sheets. Mmm, soooo comfy and warm~. And the smell…newly washed bedding smelled too good! I wrapped myself in the sheets like a burrito and rolled back and forth. Maybe I could just stay here forever.

Rolling around in bed was too much fun. I should ask mistress for a bigger bed. But then she might ask for something in return. No she definitely would. Bad idea, bad idea!

But the oddly relaxing sensation of playing around in bed was really weird. I hadn’t really thought about it up to now but I really was a catgirl. I guess I had put it to the back of my mind with all the other stuff happening to me.

“It seems a stray little kitten found her way into my bed.” A sudden voice broke me out of my daze.

I froze under the blankets. I’ve been caught. I knew I shouldn't have taken a break! But I just couldn’t resist.

Before I could respond, I suddenly felt a hand stroke me over the blanket. Mmm~, this sensation was quite nice.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll have to punish you,” she said, her voice as cold as ice.

Once she said the word punish, I immediately poked my head out of the quilt before thinking. The last punishment I got was traumatic enough for one lifetime.

But after a second, I realized I was definitely tricked. Did this woman really have the authority to punish me? And now I couldn’t even think of an explanation as I stared at the woman in front of me with my mouth half open.

The woman was definitely a beauty though. Of all the girls I’ve seen, only mistress could compare with her. Her hair was a shiny black with a thin strip of purple, which matched her purple lipstick. And her skin was a very pale white. On others, it might make them look sick, but on her, it made her look like an ethereal beauty.

Her black leather dress showed off her sexy curves while also giving her an intimidating feeling. Her body could absolutely compete with Mistress Lilith’s. From the quick glance she took, her breasts were likely even bigger than her mistress’. It would feel so good to suck on them…wait where did that thought come from?

“Why were you in my bed?” The woman said, her eyes staring straight through my soul.

This woman was completely different from Mistress Lilith. Mistress was more warm and teasing, while this woman was ice cold. While mistress liked to humiliate me, at least I knew she wouldn’t hurt me too much. This woman though, she might actually kill me. She looked at me like I was an insect.

Despite this difference, the woman in front of me still gave off the same feeling as my mistress. Something deep down in my heart, an instinct, telling me I should definitely run away!

Her face suddenly drew closer as she continued to stare at me. I couldn’t meet her cold gaze as I looked down at my hands, my body trembling.

“Not going to answer?”

It’s not like I didn’t want to answer, you’re just not giving me a chance! At least, that is how I wanted to respond, but I could only let out a small whimper under her dominant attitude.

I finally gathered my courage and met her gaze, but I immediately regretted it. Her expressionless face made my body shiver and I unconsciously tried to hide further in the blankets.

“I was just playing around a little...” I eventually mumbled out.

She grabbed my chin with one hand and squeezed my cheeks together. “Playing around in someone else’s bed, are you looking to be punished?”

I couldn’t speak with her hand keeping my mouth closed so I quickly shook my head back and forth. Tears began to swell in my eyes as I thought about another punishment. My little body won’t survive!

“You play around in my bed and make a mess of my sheets while evading your chores as a maid. I think its only fair that you should be punished, don't you?” She asked me.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that this was definitely a trick question. I didn’t want to be punished, but I know if I refused it would only make my situation worse. All I could so was pitifully nod my head, my cheeks red from shame.

“Then come here,” she said as she lifted me up from the bed and placed me onto her lap, facing towards her. How did I always end up in these humiliating positions? I could only suffer in silence though as I felt her hands brush my long, pink hair to the side.

“Such a naughty kitten, I’m only punishing you for your own good,” she said in the same cold voice. Her fingers continued top trace through my hair. I was too scared too look up at her so I could only stare at her open cleavage,

She grabbed my chest and began fondling my small breasts as she continued to whisper in my ear. “Tell me what you are, baby. I want to hear you say it,” she said as she pinched my nipples. I let out a small moan as she payed with me.

“I’m a naughty little kitten.”

“And what do naughty kittens need?” She asked as I felt her mouth kissing my neck

“They need to be punished,” I mumbled, my face burning red.

“Since you're such a good girl, I’ll just take a little bit then.” Suddenly, I felt a painful prick on my neck. She bit my neck!

I tried to squirm away but she held me down and I was far too weak. Realizing it was futile, I fell limp in her arms, my body trembling in terror. She was sucking my blood.

My eyes were opened wide in terror as I thought about this black-dressed beauty. Why hadn’t I seen it earlier? This woman was a vampire!

While sucking my blood, she began swaying her hips back and forth while I continued to lay slack on her arms. The frills of my maid dress swayed out and my white panties were revealed to the room. Not like anyone could see, the only other person in the room too busy feeding off me.

I was collared, wearing a maid dress and being groped and sucked by a vampire while sitting in her lap. I didn’t think my situation could get much worse until I felt something poke my pantied butt behind me.

The rod was hard and thick, straining against my pitiful excuse for underwear. Due to the distractions from her fondling and blood-sucking, I didn’t realize what it was for a moment.

I quickly tried to stand up, but her dominant embrace wouldn’t allow me to move even a little, her arms pushing my head into her giant breasts. Oh god, was this how I died? Being sucked lifeless by a futanari vampire?

Her legs began to bounce as she grinded herself against my butt. One of her hands snaked beneath the frills of my skirt and began to rub my tiny stick over my panties. Her motions were gentle but dominant and to my embarrassment, I felt myself being turned on. I tried to wriggle against her hands, asking for more.

But just as quickly as she started, she suddenly stopped her rubbing as her mouth left my neck. I whimpered and tried to rub against her legs but she stopped me with a spank to my butt. I looked up and saw a little bit of my blood dripping from her lips. My arousal immediately went away.

She lifted me up and stood me up as her tongue licked away the last of my blood on her lips. Her face was no longer expressionless, her cheeks flushed red and her eyes revealing a hint of desire. “Mmm, your blood is so delicious, only big sister compares to you. I wish I could just suck you dry. But I can’t be going too far or big sister might throw a fuss. You go along now kitty and make sure not to tell anyone about what happened,” she said, her hands smoothing out my skirt.

I nodded in response, still confused in my heart. Was I being let go?

“If your mistress ever abandons you, you can always come and find me.” She gave me a kiss on the forehead and sent me on my way.

I quickly scampered away, my eyes landing one last time on the bulge in her pants.