Chapter 8 (Lilith)
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This chapter is the first part of Lilith's POVs. I'll release the second part of the POV sometime tonight when I end up getting around to edit it.

“Its been twenty minutes. Where is that bastard?” A feminine voice echoed across the room.

My gaze fell on the speaker and I couldn’t help but frown. Too ugly.

All of her parts were beautiful, from her lustrous golden blond hair and perfectly sculpted face to her far too expensive clothing and jewelry. Yet somehow, when you put all her features together, she wasn’t just unattractive, she looked hideous. As a woman who only appreciated true beauties, this woman’s presence was very displeasing.

But I wouldn’t say my thoughts out loud. After all, this woman had the same status as me. Invidia, the Demon Lord of Envy. She was the youngest and least powerful of the current Demon Lords, but one of the most ruthless as well. A human who murdered her parents, sold her sister into slavery and betrayed her country and people all out of jealousy.

Maybe it was her personality that even made her appearance disgusting.

“Most likely he’s getting his beauty sleep. Perhaps you should try it, Invidia.” The person next to me responded while taking a sip of his drink. Although the drink was red, I knew it wasn’t wine. Vampires only drink blood.

Amadius, the King of Vampires and the Demon Lord of Greed. While I was not attracted by men, I couldn’t help but admit that he was pretty handsome. The dark hair, shining red eyes and pale white skin made for a pleasing contrast. His appearance made me think of one of my demon knights and I felt my body go hot. Ah, I really want to go home and enjoy my beauties.

“What are you implying, leech?” Invidia’s face darkened as her eyes fixed on the man beside me.

“Nothing at all, nothing at all. I just think the beauty sleep might help a bit with the whole…” Amadius made a vague gesture with his hand towards her face.

“You oversized mosquito!” The Demon Lord of Envy palms slammed on the table.

“Invi! Don’t be mean to ‘Madi, quickly apologize!” A pleasant, almost magical, voice reached my ear.

The person who spoke this time had the appearance of a young girl not older than twelve. While she looked mostly human, the pixie wings and green hair were a dead giveaway. She was a woodland fairy.

Most would be fooled by her appearance but I had known her for quite some time. We both became Demon Lord’s together almost four hundred years ago. She was Ellie, the Demon Lord of Wrath.

Although she was named after the aspect of wrath, I had only seen her brought to anger three times.

The first time was my fault. Since she was so cute and naive, I had thought I would be able to make her submit and join my harem with a little bit of work. Unfortunately, she caught on to my actions and almost killed me. If Amadius had not stepped in, I would’ve certainly died. Not only had I almost died, I also had to pay Amadius’ rescue fee which had taken me a century to pay off.

The second time was when the leader of an independent city state had tried to kidnap her. Due to her appearance, he had thought he could force the little fairy to be his wife and become the husband of a Demon Lord. The city no longer exists.

The last time she was brought to anger was when the previous Demon Lord of Envy had tried to assassinate her. However, he had overestimated himself and ended up dead before any of us could interfere.

I sighed, my heart in turmoil. Such a shame. I would never be able to eat a beauty like her. A girl like her would never submit to me, regardless of what I did.

She did remind me of my pet back home. While their appearances were a little similar, their personalities were completely different. Kitty was so submissive and completely obedient, she would never disobey me, let alone harm me.

It was odd though. At first, I had only shown interest in her because she had been my first and only successful test subject for her new spell. As far as she knew, no one, not even the gods, had ever turned a man into a woman. Although that was probably because they wouldn’t bother doing it. It still gave me a little satisfaction that I had been the first.

But the more time I had spent with the girl, the more I had grown attached to her. Even when I was away from her or playing with other girls, I still found myself thinking about her.


The words were soft, and yet everyone heard it. The room quickly grew silent, as everyone turned towards the owner of the voice.

Golden blond hair, sharp green eyes full of indifference and a face of perfection, even Amadius was completely inadequate compared to him, let alone the rest of us. Even though he sat with the rest of us, his demeanour displayed his true thoughts. Arrogance.


Lucien, the Demon Lord of Pride, born over three thousand years ago, was said to be the strongest living creature on the continent, with the power to rival one of the three holy gods. Even if the five of us in the room worked together, we would not be able to beat him.

While he looked somewhat human, albeit a completely flawless human, everyone here knew that he was really a dragon, and the oldest of his species still alive.

“We will begin the meeting without Sloth. Does everyone approve?” Lucien asked, but the tone of his voice did not allow for refusal.

“Gurthog agrees.” The last man in the room spoke with a grunt.

I did not know him as well as the others, despite having become a Demon Lord at the same time. He was the Demon Lord of Gluttony and the chieftain of the orcs residing in the northern part of the continent.

“It has been almost a century since we last gathered. What’s so important to call us all here?” I asked with a hint of displeasure. If it wasn’t for this interruption, I could be playing with Kitty!

Amadius glanced over at Lucien, his eyes filled with suspicion. “Are we telling everyone about that now? We still have over a decade until the ritual.”

“Indeed we should have had over a decade to prepare but it seems the fools leading the holy church decided to give us a little surprise this time.”

“Mind letting us in on your little conversation?” Invidia asked.

“I will explain, listen closely as I will not repeat myself,” Lucien began. “Three thousand years, the God of Chaos killed his lover, the Goddess of Order, for eloping with a mortal. In retribution for killing their mother, his two sons and daughter sealed him away as they did not wish to kill their own father. Before he was sealed away though, the God of Chaos cast his judgement on the people of this world for their sins. Seven titles were granted to mortals who best suited each sin. Their task to bring chaos to this world.”

“I already heard all this. Why are you brining it up now?” Invidia began but snapped shut as soon as Lucien’s faze landed on her.

For once, I wanted to agree with her. I was a demon lord, of course I knew all this.

But Lucien continued without acknowledging the interruption. “These seven eventually became known as the seven demon lords, as the demons were by far the largest of the races that worshipped the God of Chaos. We demon lords are of course granted many powers from our title. The first is that the further we embody our sin, the faster we may rank up. That is why the seven of us here are among the highest strongest individuals alive.”

“But if that was all that was granted, we would not be the most feared enemies of the southern continent. Of course, it is the aspect granted to each of us that gives us our true power.” The man stared forward, his eyes still full of arrogance.

Yes, the aspects were what gave us true power. They were something outside the system, or perhaps above it. Power that could only by us seven. My own aspect allowed me to force others to become aroused. Just my presence alone can excite people. My touch can make them slaves to pleasure. Of course, I have the power to control my aspect and change how much stimulation I offer. Complete use of my aspect could make anyone outside of another demon lord or their equivalent submit to me.

Using the combination of my skills and this aspect, I have gathered the strongest retinue of the seven demon lords. While my individual power was one of the weakest, I was also one of the most feared for my aspect.

“Our aspects are what allow us to rule over half of the continent, and while there are a few people that could match our individual strength, their are none that could defeat all of us.” Lucien spoke, his voice calm, and yet his words full of power.

“And yet despite our strength, four of us were still killed four hundred years ago. Even Amadius was heavily injured and only recovered after a couple centuries. Eight hundred years ago, three demon lords died. Another four hundred years before that, five demon lords were slain, only I and Sloth surviving.” Suddenly Lucien looked up and stared at the four of us demon lords, excluding Amadius. I suppressed a shiver as his gaze landed on me. “Have you never wondered how your predecessors died?”

“Did you kill them, LuLu?” Ellie asked. I’m sure she was the only person in the world who could give such an embarrassing nickname to the Demon Lord of Pride.

Lucien however did not react to his new name. “No, it was not me. The three holy gods are occupied with keeping the seal on the God of Chaos closed and unable to act themselves, they are still able to interfere with this world. They do not have the power to remove the seven demon lord titles, so instead they created their own titles. Three titles for each god for a total of nine heroes.”

“If the holy empires in the south had this trump card in their hand, why have I never heard about them?” Invidia asked.

“I have never heard about these so called heroes either.” I said.

“Gurthog same.”

“That is because these heroes are not from our world. Instead they are summoned here from another world. All for a single purpose. To kill us.”