Chapter 10
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I walked into my room and slammed the door with a bang. My hands were clenched and I felt cold sweat run down my back.

Throwing my humiliating outfit onto the floor, I looked for some sleepwear. Most of them were either pink or white, but I was starting to hate those colours. I grabbed a bright yellow negligee from the closet and put it on. It barely covered my butt, but none of the others would provide me much coverage either.

I quickly curled myself into my own quilts, feeling much safer in my own room. Sadly, my bed didn’t feel as comfortable as the vampire's bed. It was a little too hard for my liking.

My thoughts ran back to what happened today. As soon as that vampire had let me go, I had quickly run back to my room, not even notifying the other staff of my absence. I wasn’t about to risk getting caught by that woman again. She was even scarier than my mistress. Thinking of the bulge in her pants, I couldn’t help but shiver. I didn’t want to think of what would happen if I got caught again.

When I was running away, I hadn’t even had time to think of what mistress will do when she finds out I abandoned my chores. Fortunately, I had heard from Miss Elizabeth that she was gone on important business and wouldn’t be back until later today. When she does get back, I’ll just act all pitiful, say I got sick and hope she reduces my punishment.

I suddenly felt my body heat up. Why was it that whenever I thought about mistress that I suddenly became aroused? I couldn’t…actually be attracted to her?

I shook my head, trying to get that thought out of my brain. The person who enslaved me, humiliated me and even raped me, how could I be attracted to her?

But I still couldn’t explain how I was aroused all the time. Was she putting something in my food?

With nothing to do, I stayed in collapsed in bed, my arousal only continuing to torture me. My life was truly boring, consisting of working, sleeping or playing with mistress.

But now I couldn’t even sleep. And Mistress Lilith wasn’t here to relieve me.

Thinking about it, why did I need my mistress to help? I could just do it myself. And since she wouldn’t be here until later, as long as I cleaned up the evidence, no one would know.

I pushed my panties down a bit, revealing what was left of my manhood. I wanted to cry for my lost manhood. Could I even be considered a man? It was smaller than my pinky!

I would soon become a woman. That thought completely destroyed any excitement I had. Why the hell was I masturbating when I should be thinking of a way to escape, or I’ll never be able to jerk off again!

“What do you think you’re doing?!” With my panties down and member in hand, I jumped as the quilt was lifted off me. Standing beside the bed was Mistress Lilith, her face holding no expression except the hint of coldness in her eyes.

When the hell did she get here? I didn’t even hear the door open. Shouldn’t I have better hearing considering I was now part cat?

When I opened my mouth to explain, she suddenly clamped my mouth shut with her hand.

“Such a naughty girl, playing with yourself without permission. It seems I’ve been a little too easy on you, my pet.” She whispered, one hand holding my mouth shut and the other softly stroking my head.

I shivered. This tone of hers was…very scary.

And then her gaze landed on the side of my neck, and I felt a chill go down my back. Looking into her eyes, I saw they were pitch black.

“So you didn’t just play with yourself when I was away, you also found another woman.” She said as she rubbed the bite mark on my neck.

I whimpered into her mouth unable to say anything. How could I ever think that that vampire was scarier than my mistress? With her expression, I might really die this time.

She looked down to below my waist and smiled. “I suppose I should have expected as much, considering you’re always so horny during our little playtime. But I didn’t think you wanted to become a girl so much.”

I shook my head back and forth. When did I say I want to become a girl?!

Mistress Lilith ignored my pitiful expression and continued. “Unfortunately, I don’t want you to become a girl too fast now. Before then, we better make sure your little bitty is locked away. I want to be responsible for every one of your changes after all.” I felt the warm air from her breath brush over my ear as I suppressed a moan. Was it too late to run away?

A bright pink chastity belt appeared in her hands through magic, and a cold smirk appeared on her beautiful face. It scared me but I still felt myself becoming erect. This woman was truly too beautiful.

“Stand up, hands behind your head.” She ordered and I quickly scampered to obey.

Mistress quickly locked the last of my manhood away before I could say anything. It felt a little too tight but I didn’t’ say a word.

“Now what do you say, Kitty?” Mistress asked, her teeth biting my earlobe, as her fingers traced around the belt. I felt my penis strain against the new belt and I almost cried in frustration. God, I hated this body.

“T-thank you, mistress!” I stammered, still caught in the situation.

“Oh~ And what are you thanking me for?” She gave my nipples a pinch through my nightgown.

“Thank you mistress for locking away my clitty.” I said, my face reddening from the humiliation.

"She gave me a condescending pat on the head. "No more playing with others, do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress." I answered.

“Good girl. But I’m afraid you won’t be getting any pleasure today. That’s your punishment for playing without my permission. Now I have to go have…a talk with one of my subordinates. Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest, I have something special planned for tomorrow.” She said as she pulled the quilt over top me. She gave me a kiss on the forehead, the same as that vampire, and walked out the door. My gaze landed on her swaying hips as she left. She was obviously teasing me!

I could only let out a groan as I went to bed. Life was truly unfair.