Chapter 12
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“The first item of today’s auction is this gorgeous rabbit beastkin. She is a former Rank D+ courtesan and her full status can be seen on the screen above me. Rabbit beastkin are one of the most submissive types out there so this little bunny is certain to please if you are looking for that type. Bidding will begin at 20 gold with 5 gold increments.”

“I’ll bid 20 gold!”

“25 gold.”


Instantly, the crowd broke out into a frenzy. It seemed this type was popular with the crowd. I could see why, owning your own personal bunny slave would probably be the dream of many men and women. It wasn’t that the girl was exceptionally beautiful, but she was cute in her own way and her face of despair just made you want to pity her. Or break her more.

Her status was also really good. Well, at least compared to mine.

Name: Lana
Race: Beastkin
Gender: Female
Class: Courtesan
Rank: D+
Strength: 12
Endurance: 18
Finesse: 61
Intelligence: 43
Wisdom: 32
Charisma: 80
[Dancing] - Level 9
[Singing] - Level 7
[Flirting] - Level 7
[Kissing] - Level 5
[Drawing] - Level 4
[Seduction] - Level 3
[Running] - Level 1
[Fist Fighting] - Level 1
[Submissive] - Receives pleasure from obeying orders of higher-ranked individuals
[Beautiful] - Charisma +20
[Dexterous Fingers] - Finesse +10, Bonus experience to any skills that require the use of hands
[Superior Flexibility] - Finesse +20
[Captivating Smile] - Charisma +20, 20% chance to persuade target when smiling if target’s wisdom is lower than users charisma
[Animal’s Instinct] - Ability to perceive danger preemptively

She sure had a lot more skills than me. I was still stuck with three, and one of them was [Cunninglingus].

I looked up at my mistress but she seemed disinterested in the bunny girl and was instead staring at Bella, the host. I could agree that the succubus was sexy, but she wasn’t the one for sale.

I looked up at the demon lord I was sitting on. “Mistress, are you interested in the host?”

“No, she just reminded of someone. Its been a while since I tasted a succubus though. It is quite amusing to dominate them.” She remarked absentmindedly. I wondered who she was thinking about, but if she was not willing to tell me, then I wouldn’t bother asking. Perhaps it was just the head maid, Miss Elizabeth. She was the only other succubus I had met so far.

The bidding for the rabbit girl eventually stopped at 110 gold and she was sold to a fat orc with a very perverted face. I felt bad for the little bunny, she really was too pitiful. But I was in the same position, just that my master was much hotter.

At this time, Mistress Lilith rang the bell in front of her. Immediately, the door opened and the same goblin walked in with a smile. Was he standing just outside the door?

“I’m here to serve, Miss Demon Lord.”

“Bring me some wine. The best you have,” my mistress replied without glancing over.

“It would be my pleasure.” The goblin shut the door and I heard him walk away.

But less than half a minute later, the goblin came back with a bottle and glass in his hands. This little guy was too quick! After he poured my mistress a glass, he bowed and left to my relief.

The auction continued with another couple dozen slaves. Some slaves were brought out to be sold together while the best ones were sold individually. I was most surprised by the vast diversity of the different people brought up.

There were both men and women of all kinds with all sorts of classes, skills and perks. While the pretty slaves with erotic skills and perks sold for more, not all the slaves sold were for sex. There was everything from soldiers to different kind of labourers to high-levelled bodyguards and even a old man who was a Rank A- musician. It was easy to tell their job by the outfits they wore. Some wore skimpy underwear, while others wore rags and the lucky ones, or most valued, wore expensive suits and dresses.

The only thing they all had in similar was the magical collar they wore around their neck, which would release a painful shock if the slaves disobeyed their orders. According to mistress, the collar was only necessary until they gained the [Obedience] perk, where they would no longer have the ability to disobey. Of course, she also explained the reason why I and the rest of her slaves wore the collar was because she liked to punish us in other ways.

There was one other question on the tip of my tongue though. In the end I couldn't suppress my curiosity.

“Mistress, why are their so many beastkin and human slaves being sold?” I asked. More than half of the slaves brought up had been either some kind of beastkin or a human, although there had been no cat people like me. Did people prefer these two races as slaves?

“Well that’s simple. Most of the slaves in the northern half of the continent are human and beastkin, only second to undead in number if you count them as slaves. But undead are only usable for trivial tasks as they cannot level and have poor intelligence unless their master is an exceptional necromancer,” she explained.

She continued as she took a sip of her wine. “Most of the slaves in the northern continent were caught from raids in the south, which is dominated by humans, beastkin and elves. Of course there are other races in the south, but they are a minority. Since the elven races are mostly secular and difficult to capture, the slaves end up being mostly human and beastkin.”

Oh, so most of these slaves probably had their families killed during the raids, kidnapped from their home and were then forced into slavery. I suppose I had already expected that but I still felt horrible inside when it was said out loud. Looking at them as they went up one by one to be sold for life, my heart clenched. Most of the slave either had a lifeless expression or a face of fear when they stood on stage, and it made me want to cry as I watched them.

What could I do though, I was stuck in the same situation. Although looking at their circumstances, maybe my place as a slave was not too bad. My mistress had been treating me better and better lately, especially today where she had been particularly warm. While she wouldn’t favour me forever, I could at least appreciate my position as her slave at the moment.

But what if I could make it last forever? Ever since I transmigrated into this body, I had been thinking of different plans to run away. Even if I had been tolerating my position, I could never accept the humiliation I suffered. My freedom, my body and even my gender were stolen from me, how could I ever accept it. But all this time, I had been ignoring the most crucial point, I had no chance of escaping. I was powerless, alone and, quite frankly, a complete coward.

I didn’t know if it was my [Submissive] perk or if it was just a part of my personality, but I was far too easily frightened. My body was also far too sensitive, and just a light spanking could make me cry like a little girl. I didn’t believe I would survive the punishment if I was caught trying to escape if even a small punishment could bring me to tears. And what could I do if I did actually escape? I had no way of protecting myself and was a total weakling, most likely I would just be enslaved again. Even if it was what Mistress Lilith wanted, maybe it was best to just accept my place. Did I really have any other choice?

“For our final item, may I present today’s most prized slave.” My thoughts were interrupted by the hosts words and I looked up in a daze.

At that moment, my eyes landed on the next slave that was brought to the stage and I felt my body freeze in surprise. The slave was wearing an exquisite green dress which showed off her slim yet sexy body. Her hair was golden blond and her eyes a pure green, but most notable though was her sharp pointy ears. She was an elf!

However, what enchanted me most wasn’t her looks but her expression. Unlike the other slaves, she looked at the audience without a trace of fear but instead with determination, despite the hatred shining in her eyes. Looking into her eyes, I felt embarrassed at my thoughts from earlier. In her situation, this girl had still not lost hope, so how could I? As I stared at her, I felt my determination to escape return to me, the fear from before dissipating. And the more I watched her, the more interested I became. Who was this woman?

And why did I feel so attached to her?