Chapter 14*
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My mistress had been in a bad mood since we left the auction. That woman had really pissed her off this time, I had never seen her this angry. The only problem with her anger was that she was not letting it out on the mysterious woman, but on me.

Before she let me go, she had told me to wait in my room for punishment. What kind of punishment would it be, I had no idea. As I pulled on my nightwear, a white lace babydoll , all I could hope for was something lenient as I knew she was just taking her anger out on me.

But when I saw her walk in with her perverted smile plastered on her seductive face, I knew I was in for it today.

“Kitty, pull down your cute panties, I want to see your progress.” She grinned down at me. She wore a bright red shirt and some tight, leather pants that showed off her curves and I felt some discomfort below.

I let out a small whimper as I pinched my lace panties and dragged them down to my knees. As I lifted my skirt for inspection, I blushed in humiliation! Why did I feel like a real girl?

“Good girl~ I can see your little clitty is still locked up like it should be.” She said as she roamed her hands over my new pink cage. Looking in the mirror, I saw that the chastity belt completely hid any evidence of my manhood. If anyone else saw me right now, they would never believe that I was still a man. I looked more like a girl than most of the other maids!

I moaned as her hands began rubbing my thighs. My skin was so sensitive against her roaming touch. “Mistress~!”

“Is it frustrating, sweetie? Do you want your girl clitty rubbed?” She patted my cage. “But bad girls don’t get that, do they?” She gave me a playful swat on the bum.

I felt my butt jiggle from the swat. Was it getting bigger? “I-I’ll be good, mistress.” I whined. Right now, I would do anything to get this blasted cage off. This teasing was killing me.

She lifted my chin with her fingers, forcing me to look up into her eyes. I strained my neck up as I realized that she towered over me. “Oh, I know you’ll be good…but will you be my good girl.” My body began to heat up and I felt my thoughts go fuzzy.

“I’ll be your good girl. I’m a good girl.” Before I could clear my mind, I blurted out the words. I felt even more pleasure as I said those words, to the point where I would give almost anything to release. If saying some words was all it took to have my manhood free, I would be the best girl for my mistress. I was completely seduced.

“Alright, I was going to wait another week, but if you insist on being my good little girl today, then I won’t refuse. Stay here, honey, I’ll be right back~” She pulled up my panties, snuggling them up against my ass, and slapped my butt again. I heard her giggle as she walked away, her ass swaying side to side seductively. She really was beautiful. It’s just that her sick, sadistic personality ruined the image.

Remembering her evil smirk, I felt a chill envelop my body but I wasn’t about to disobey now. Dressed in my white baby-doll nightie, I stood in the middle of the room waiting patiently for my mistress. I heard her rummaging in the closet until she emerged from the closet, naked from the waist down save for the new appendage attached at her hips with a harness.

My eyes widened as I stared at the fake, pink cock dangling between my mistress’ thighs. It wasn’t that large, likely around 5 or 6 inches at my best guess, but I could only feel ashamed as I thought it was still much larger than my…little thing.

“Kneel, kitty. You will want to get it nice and wet so it doesn’t hurt later.” I shivered at the thought of that… thing entering me, and wanted to run, but seeing as I had no choice, I reluctantly obeyed as she gently pushed me to the ground by my shoulders. She wouldn’t actually use it on me now, would she? I was still a boy…

Mistress Lilith took a step forward so the dildo was brushed my cheek, as the feeling of humiliation swelled up inside me.“Just do what comes naturally, sweetie.” she said with a gentle smile. I was tentative at first, but her soothing voice persuaded me, and I hesitatingly brought the tip of the pink cock to my lips. I was shocked at how real it felt as I began to suck the tip. I could almost believe I was giving a real blowjob if the dildo had not been so cool.

“Good girl, now see if you can take some more,” She whispered as she stroked my hair. I brought more into my mouth until I was felt like I would choke and began boobing up and down on my mistress’ cock. I heard my mistress groan from pleasure, likely from the movement of the strap-on back and forth against her pussy. There was likely a protrusion on the other end of the strap-on that stimulated her, after all mistress cared more about her pleasure than mine.

Knowing I was giving my mistress pleasure, I began taking the task even more seriously. If I could bring her to climax, maybe she might forgive me for yesterday’s incident. Placing my hands on her hips, I took the entire dildo into my mouth and pulled it deep into my inner throat. I managed to prevent a gag as I felt the fake cock tickle the back of my throat.

As I went to lean back, I felt two hands push the back of my head right back into my mistress’ cock. She firmly held my head as she began face-fucking me with her strap-on, her hips thrusting back and force into my face.

Eventually, I felt her release my head. As my drool dripped down my chin, I looked into her eyes, her gaze full of dominance as I felt my [Submissive] perk activate. The pleasure I received made me unable to ask what came next.

“Mmmm, you’re a natural cocksucker, aren’t you pet. But its time to make you into the proper little slut you want to be—” She pulled me up by the shoulders and gave me a swat on the ass, pushing me towards the bed. “Get on the bed with your cute, little butt in the air. Present yourself to your mistress.”

I scampered over to the bed, still naive of my mistress’ intentions. I had thought she would be removing my chastity belt, that she had forgiven me, but I had yet to know that the true punishment hadn’t even began.


Tomorrow's chapter will be the last daily chapter for now. I'll be trying three chapters a week (Probably something like Mon/Thurs/Sat) and hope I can keep up with that pace. Anyway, I have no intention of abandoning this novel and still have a lot of plans for it so I hope you can look forward to it :)