Chapter 15**
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(Lilith POV)

I looked at her, her beautiful heart-shaped ass pushed into the air and her legs spread wide, inviting me in. Her frilly white skirt had fallen down to her waist, giving me a nice view of her lace pink panties. What a slut she was turning out to be. Just the thought of taking her first time made me shiver in excitement. I was never going to let her go, from now on she would belong only to me.

Was it not me who was supposed to be seducing her? Why did I almost feel like it was the other way around?

I rubbed my hand over her ass, admiring the slightly red colour from my playful swats. She whined as I gave her another slap. I just loved the way it jiggled though. I would need to find an excuse to give her another punishment later. The thought of her laid over my lap, panties down and ass in the air made me shiver from excitement.

“It’s time I taught you how to be a proper girl…so I’ve decided I’m going to take your virginity,” I said as I pulled her panties aside and stretched her ass cheeks. The little puckered hole that greeted me was quite cute and I began to tease it with my finger. “Mmm, your ass is nice and clean, perfect for a little slut like you.”

“Mistress!” She whined up at me, as she tried to squirm up. I pushed her down forcing her to stay on her hands and knees. The frightened look that crossed her face was absolutely adorable and I almost took her right then and there. “But I—”

“Shhh, sweetie. You want to be a good girl for your mistress, right?” I said as I pushed my finger into her tight hole. A smirk crossed my face as I saw the shock on her face as her entire body tensed up. I was going to enjoy breaking this girl.

“Say it, you little slut. Tell me what you want me to do.” I commanded her as I wriggled my finger in her ass. She tried to squirm away again but I held her with my other arm. I wouldn’t let this kitty get away now.

“P-please…” She was moaning now, wriggling beneath me in pleasure. I knew she was mine at that moment, a slave to the pleasure only I could give her. “Please take my ass, mistress.” She whispered, tears of shame shining in her eyes before her head dropped back onto the pillow, her face stuffed away. A pity. I loved that look.

“Good girl.” I coaxed her as I stroked her back. This time I didn’t want to break her too much, we would have plenty of opportunities in the future. I took my finger out of her hole and grabbed the lubricant from the nightstand. Using my finger, I lubricated her hole, preparing to make her a girl.

I had planned for this moment to be a turning point in her life. From now on, she would no longer climax unless she was being fucked in the ass, or in her pussy when the blessing was completed, like the horny bitch she was. She would be my personal ass slut for now, at least until the blessing fully came into effect. Then, I would truly make her a woman.

I pushed the tip of my strap-on against her cute little hole, one hand on the dildo, my other hand firmly gripping her waist. “Relax, kitty. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

She continued to lay there obediently, likely too scared to respond, Slowly, I moved the dildo further into her ass, spreading her tight little hole. She grunted as I pushed further, her fingers clawing the bedding. Her back arched as I thrust the entire cock in, my hips slapping against her thighs as I pulled her waist into me.

I wanted her to feel everything, the pain, the humiliation and even the pleasure as I took her first time. She was just a toy for my pleasure, a slave to be used how I see fit. I already knew she was looking for a way to escape, like many of my other slaves before her, but after this she should know her place.

I began thrusting back and forth into her, using her like a doll as she obediently laid there with her ass raised. The pleasure I got from the strap-on knob rubbing against my pussy felt so good, and something about seeing this submissive femboy becoming my obedient fucktoy sent shivers down my body. I heard her sob into the pillow, the sound making me even more excited. I smirked as I thought of the cute tears streaming down her face.

I leaned forward with the dildo halfway in her ass and bit her kitty ear. "Relax, little kitten. Just think like the girl you are," I whispered into her ears. "A girl who is experiencing losing her virginity. It will hurt at first but soon you will love the feeling of a cock in your tight, little hole. You're so soft and adorable, just a little girl needing a cock to fill her. I know you’re scared, but this is your special moment." With a pop, I thrust the dildo all the way in and held her firmly in place by the waist.

I began to thrust again, this time even more rough, building up a rhythm as I stroked and caressed the girl beneath me. I opened her dress and tore open her bra, revealing her cute breasts. She moaned as I fondled them and I smirked as I pinched her hardened nipples that revealed her obvious lust.

“Mnyah— annn~ N-nooo!” She squealed as she wriggled beneath me. Finally, I made her speak. I gripped her waist in my arms as she shook under the tension of my thrusting. “Oh! Oh my god!”

“Is it hitting your special spot? Do you like it in the ass? You must feel like a real girl now with a huge cock inside you.” I grunted as I pounded into her backdoor. She was shaking helplessly, rocking her hips back and forth into mine. I knew she was enjoying it now, despite the humiliation and pain she couldn’t resist the pleasure. I gave her nipples another pinch.

“Look at you, a horny little girl. Just a horny little slave girl.” I slapped her cute ass and thrust deep inside her. “Tell me what you are. Tell me you’re my horny little girl.”

“Mmmmph~ I’m your…hnnnn— I’m your horny little girl!” She screamed helplessly. I bit her kitty ear and felt her shiver beneath me.

“Good pet.” I giggled as I pulled out of her with a plop.

“Mmm~ N-no mistress, I want more!”

“Shhh baby, you’re too loud. You’ll wake up the whole castle with your moans.” I silenced her as I pulled off her cute white panties. I smirked as I noticed that they were damp in the front.

“Mistress, I’m sorry, I’ll be—”

I stuffed her noisy mouth with her own panties. “Keep those in, sweetie or I’ll have to punish you.” I gave her another swat on the butt, enjoying her wriggling butt.

I thrust back inside her as she screamed into her makeshift gag. I fucked her like the bitch in heat she was, thrusting hard back and forth into her ass. The tip of my dildo rubbed against her prostate, whimpers leaving her gagged mouth each time. I could feel my own orgasm come and I knew hers would soon follow as well. The pleasure of conquering a former boy was just too much.

“Take my cock, slut.” I continued pegging my slave, my thrusts getting faster and faster. Kitty had already completely surrendered to me, her body moving back and forth into the dildo. She was my obedient slave, my sissy fucktoy, my horny asslut to be fucked whenever I wished.

“Mnnnnn” She screamed into her panties. I grabbed a fistful of her pink hair lifting her head off the pillow. She had already given up any thought of resistance. The pleasure in her ass was the only thing left in her mind.

‘That's it kitten~ Let it out. Cum for your mistress.” I pulled her waist into me, her ass clenched completely around the dildo, accepting the full length of the cock. Her body stiffened before writhing in pleasure, cum leaking out of her little clitty and dripping through her chastity belt and onto the bed.

I moaned as I felt my own orgasm envelop my body as I shivered allover. I hadn’t felt this much pleasure in a long, long time. I pushed hard against the strap-on, inviting a cute yelp from the whimpering girl below. My body exploded as I left the dildo deep inside my toy. Slowly, I felt the pleasure drain away with a sigh as I let go of her hair. I knew I would be doing this a lot more from now on.

I look down at the girl below me. She was in a world of her own as she continued to bounce her ass against the cock, even while my own body stayed still. She wriggled hard, grinding her ass against the cock searching for more pleasure. It seemed she had not had enough as she panted breathlessly, her panties already gone from her mouth.

I pushed her off the strap-on, but it seemed she was still lost in pleasure as she continued to hump the air. I almost laughed at the thought that this slut was once a prince, before I captured him. Now, he…she was just an obedient slave to her own pleasure.

After I took off the harness, I pulled the girl onto my lap that was curled up in exhaustion on the bed. “I hope you enjoyed being a girl because we’ll be doing this a lot more times. Well, I have a number of positions we can try although I do enjoy taking you from behind.” I gave her a kiss on the top of her head as I stroked her inner thighs.

I held her in my arms as she sat obediently in my lap. I welcomed the change on her face, as it slowly changed from pleasure to confusion to shame, hatred and fear as she began to cry in my embrace. I almost wanted to take her for another round, but I stopped myself. She likely only had one or two more times before she became a woman completely. It wouldn’t do to change her tonight.

After all, I still had many more plans for my cute slave.


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