Chapter 16
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I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, my lower body still tingling in pain from last night. I still couldn’t believe I was raped last night, unable to resist and forced to take it. Worse, I had even enjoyed it, welcomed it. I could still remember the immense pleasure of the ordeal and the satisfaction when I climaxed. If this continued, I would really become a mindless doll, no one could resist that amount of stimulation for too long before going insane.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my status had got even worse.

Name: Kitty
Race: Beastkin
Gender: Female
Class: Sex Slave
Rank: E
Strength: 1
Endurance: 3
Finesse: 16
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 51
[Cleaning] - Level 4
[Cooking] - Level 3
[Cunninglingus] - Level 2
[Anal] - Level 1
[Obedient] - Cannot disobey orders from higher rank individuals
[Adorable] - Charisma +20
[Perfect Skin] - Finesse +5, Charisma +5
[Masochist] - Some pain will be converted into pleasure

What the hell were with these weird skills and perks? Looking at my new skill, I frowned. I could at least understand [Cunninglingus] but how was [Anal] a real skill? What did it even do?

But the perks were just as bad. [Submissive] had been upgraded to [Obedient], which was bad enough by its self. I did not know if you could remove perks or skills, but I could only hope for a solution. If this perk could not be removed, my chances of escape were zero.

The [Masochist] perk was humiliating as well but at least it helped my situation a little. I truly hated pain and did not enjoy it at all so at least the perk would help mitigate some of the pain. I didn’t believe for a second that last night was the worst my mistress would do to me.

Tired of staring at my ever-worsening status, I hastily got up from the bed and went to bathe. Bath time was still the most relaxing time for me and one of the only things that could still put a smile on my face, the warm water felt so nice over my sensitive skin.

After throwing my dirty clothes on the floor, I couldn’t wait to step in the bathtub. But the image in the mirror quickly took the grin off my face. While I had already looked like a girl, the person in the mirror had no semblance of any male identity at all. In fact, if I wasn’t my own body at the moment, I would never believe any claim that I was anything other than a woman.

The first thing I could tell was that my breasts had grown even bigger, probably around a C-cup now. Even under my babydoll, the small jiggle they did when I bounced up and down could clearly be seen. My waist had also gotten slightly more slender and my butt had grown slightly larger, but not excessively large. I also thought my face had grown even more feminine but that might have also just been my imagination. Outside of the ever shrinking thing blocked by my belt, I was already a girl. These changes were happening all the time and many of them merged together, not to mention the body was already somewhat feminine when I transmigrated into it ten days ago.

I threw my clothes off, with the exception of the chastity belt which could not be unlocked, and slipped into the warm water. It was better to forget about the troubles I could not solve at the moment and just enjoy the time I had left.

After cleaning myself and getting dressed in my normal maid outfit, I went to open the door to find Miss Elizabeth for my duties.

Unexpectedly, at that very moment, the succubus had opened the door herself and I was almost pushed to ground. I looked up and couldn’t help but take a second glance at this head maid. Her dress today was far more conservative this time, covering up to her neck and down to her feet. She was wearing dark-framed glasses and her hair was tied up in a bun. Around her shoulder was a purple bag with an elaborate flower design. She looked almost like a teacher today.

Gathering myself up, I did a curtsy like I had been taught too. “Miss Elizabeth, I am here to serve.”

“Not bad, you’ve been coming along nicely. While you’re a little slow at learning, you never make the same mistake twice.” I blushed at both the praise and humiliation. Did she really have to say the first part?

“In a couple days, Demon Lord Invidia will be hosting a banquet. Our mistress isn’t on the best terms with her and would normally decline the invitation especially after yesterday’s auction, but surprisingly she still accepted anyway. She has also asked that you come along as one of her personal servants,” she said while eyeing me up and down, her gaze making me a little flustered.

“For the next few days, you won’t have any chores.” My heart jumped in joy, before being crushed by the next words. “Instead, I will give some lessons so you can best serve the mistress. Customarily, only senior servants would accompany the mistress on this sort of banquet, you must be quite good in bed if she allows a mere slave like you to go with her. If you perform well at this banquet, you may even have a chance to become her personal servant, which would get rid of your slave class.”

Good in bed? There had to better woman in the harem than me in bed considering I was only D-rank with low-level skills and was a complete virgin before yesterday. I had no idea why the mistress was so interested in me but if it gave me the chance to raise in ranks, I would take it.

“While slaves taken into the harem do not need an education as they are restricted to mundane chores, all servants require at least the basics. This includes history, language, mathematics and politics. Most servants will then specialize in certain areas like management, finances, arts, music or even sexual education depending on their role in the harem.” This explanation made a lot of sense. No one could learn every skill so the servants would just learn the basics and then focus on a specialty.

“Of course, if you do end up becoming a personal servant of the mistress, your status will raise by quite a bit. As a slave at the moment, even if you are favoured by the mistress, you are still beneath everyone except other slaves. But with this promotion, you will be equal to a retainer in the harem, even I will not be able to order you around.” She gave me a smirk, as if daring me to start giving her orders. I think I would be fine just having my slave status rid of.

“We will begin with geography and history, as we can gloss over most of the specifics and leave more time for your communication skills, especially writing.” The woman grabbed into her bag and pulled out a rolled up map. “But to understand the current political climate, you will also need to know the current nations that exist on the continent.”

I stared wide-eyed at Miss Elizabeth’s bag. The map was huge and should not have fit in the small bag she carried around her shoulder. Seeing my face, she giggled. “This is a low-level spatial bag, it can fit a lot more than just this map.”

I wanted to ask more but Miss Elizabeth had already moved on. She unrolled the map over my table, the edges of the drawing extending past the table and drooping down.

I couldn’t help but stare. The green and blue colours on the map were very vibrant and the lines of each border were drawn precisely. The map was certainly drawn by an expert, maybe a Drawer class existed in this world.

The shape of the continent looked like an hourglass, a somewhat narrow middle with bulging ends at the top and bottom, except the bottom end was bigger than the top section by a fair margin. In the narrow middle section, I could see little drawings of mountains, separating the two halves.

“I’m sure you’re aware that our continent is split into two sections, the north and south. Some people even consider them two separate continents due to their vast differences in culture, geography and belief.” I had heard about it, but it was difficult to visualize without the map. Seeing it drawn out made it much easier to understand.

She pointed to the southern part of the hourglass. I could see it was split into four large territories and numerous smaller territories. She pointed to one of the large empires that bordered the middle mountain range. “The southern region isn’t important so I will skim over it. The south is ruled by three holy empires. The first is the Revilon Empire, which borders the north, the largest of the empires who worship the Holy God Revilius, god of compassion, love and generosity. This empire is primarily beastkin, but many other races live there as well. It is the most prosperous nation on the entire continent, and follows the values of its patron god quite closely.”

So if I wanted to escape, this would likely be my prime destination. A nation of mostly beastkin would be an ideal place to live in.

She moved her finger to the left along the map, to the other territory that bordered the north. “The smallest empire in the south, but certainly not the weakest, is the Anos Empire, who worship the Holy God Protos, god of justice, diligence and temperance. The empire is highly xenophobic and any non-humans are already considered second-class citizens. It is also the only southern empire to allow slavery. For this reason, the empire has a very low population relative to the other two. They are also the most militarist of the southern empires and are the first to lead the crusade every hundred years.”

So avoid the Anos Empire then. I wouldn’t want to escape then be made a slave again.

She moved her hand south, beneath the Anos Empire. “Last is the Southern Dominion. Once ruled by the high elves and named the Heart of Averia, it is now ruled by a council of various races. It is a very tolerant nation, allowing even exiled demons and orcs to live in it. Although they were once unified in their worship to the Holy Goddess Asteria, goddess of courage, mercy and purity, they now they worship a mix of the three holy gods.”

Not a bad option to live in, I could put it down as my second option if I ever managed to escape.

“The final territory is the Great Woodlands. Its ruled by many different tribes of various races, including wood elves, beastkin and faeries. In the deepest, unexplored areas of the forest, there are rumours of supposedly extinct races living there such as the high elves, giants and even dragons.”

“But I saw a high elf the other day at the auction, how could they be extinct?” I still remembered that elf slave, the memory of her unable to disappear from my mind.

“That’s cute, dear.” She patted my head, as if coaxing a child. What kind of teacher was this? She didn’t even listen to me, you can’t just ignore your student.

“Now the southern part of the continent is not that important to us as the majority of people living in the north will never step foot there before they die. Separating the two halves are the Chaos Peaks, said to be raised by the God of Chaos in his war with his children, although that is most likely just a story. There is only one pass through these mountains, guarded by the Anos Empire in the south and the Demon Lord of Wrath in the north. Otherwise, the only way through is through the many dangerous paths over the mountains, which are used for raids against the south, or by boat.” Her finger slid northward, past the Chaos Peaks and into the northern half of the hourglass.

I could see that the northern half had a lot more borders than the southern half , despite its smaller size.

“Moving to the northern continent, we have six different territories, each ruled by a demon lord, as well as some smaller independent territories that have minimal political influence by themselves. The two largest territories are ruled by the Demon Lord of Pride and Greed, followed by four smaller, roughly equal in size, territories ruled by the other demon lords. The Demon Lord of Sloth is the exception and does not have his own territory.” Her finger moved to one of the smaller territories, one that did not border the Chaos Peaks. “This one here is the Territory of Lust ruled by our mistress, the Demon Lord of Lust.”

“This of course means our mistress is one of the most powerful people in the north, even though she does tend to focus on gathering beauties rather than money, land or resources. While she is the poorest and one of the weakest demon lords in pure power, her strength is not to be underestimated. There are less than a dozen people on the entire continent that could defeat her,” she said with some pride in her voice.

Did I really have to end up with such a powerful owner?

“With such a powerful mistress, the only people you need to be careful of offending are other demon lords and their subordinates at your first banquet. As her personal maid, you will need to learn which people to befriend and which to stay away from. The Demon Lord of Greed and Demon Lord Wrath are both on friendly terms with our mistress, while we are on very poor terms with the Demon lord of Envy and have a neutral relationship with the Demon Lord of Gluttony. The other two demon lords will be absent from the banquet, one will not bother to and the other will find it beneath him. Do you understand?” she explained.

I nodded, hoping her lecture would be over. I did not find her to be a good teacher.

“Now that we have some basic geography out of the way, I suppose we can get into the history of this world, don’t you darling? We will start at the beginning and work our way forward.”

I groaned. This was going to be a long few days.


Ok this chapter was longer than i thought it would be. A thousand words over my average. Anyway I changed the STATUS colour to blue, I think it looks better than the green I used before. Tell me if it looks better and I'll change the previous ones as well.