Chapter 1 – Dungeon of Smut
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A void of darkness. I had died. 

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Constitution 3
Intelligence 3
Wisdom 3
Charisma 3

My stats popped up. Excellent, my stats are a jack of all trades, or more like I can't do jack shit. 

[The auction has begun]

Voices started bickering among each other. It was hard to tell who was who. The invisible voices had no shape or form. But I could tell there were at least five of them.

"His skills are too low."

"A thousand crystals for a hero like this?" 

"He lacks courage." 

"Better luck next time."

Their conversation did not last long. Their voices were colossal. I couldn't pinpoint the direction. I felt like a small toy standing on the side of the table top, waiting for the players and gods to place me on the board. 

Then a woman appeared. I don't know how, but I could tell she was the goddess of light. Her blonde yellowish hair was pristine and bright as a dandelion. Its beauty streamed down like roots, reaching gracefully all the way to her waist. The glance of her bright blue eyes hypnotized me. It felt like looking into a clear and blue sky. 

When her pinkish lips honored me with a smile, I melted. Alone in this darkness, she was the embodiment of light. Her hands, white and pure like her soul, reached out to me. 

"You can join my pantheon," She said. Caressing my cheeks with the softness of her hands. "But first I want you to do something for me." 

"I'll do anything," I replied. It was impossible to say no. She was gifted with beauty, big breasts and a big butt. 

[The goddess has proposed a few modifications to your profile, would you like to accept?]

When the system popped out again, the goddess started playing with my hair. 

"Don't make me wait for long," She whispered. 

Like any other horny male in their early twenties, I accepted the changes as fast as I accepted the ToS of games I played. 

[Gender changed to: Female]


"Aren't you cute now?" She said. "Now stay still."

I was still processing what had just happened when the goddess removed my clothes. Once I was naked from head to toe, she pulled a chastity belt made of black leather. 


"Huh?" She replied. 

"This doesn't feel right," I said. "I am not so sure I want to be a girl for the rest of my life, and even if I didn't mind, that belt looks fucked up." 

"Well darling, you are to be a battle-nun, I can't have you go get raped by goblins. My blessing only work while you are a pure maiden. If you were to fall for the tricks of an acolyte of lust, or feel the urge to masturbate, then all of your spells and blessing would be undone. This guarantees that none of that would happen."

 "T-then, if you knew all of that was a problem, why make me a female!" 

The goddess laughed. "If you weren't a beautiful maiden, filled in a world of temptation and sin, then what fun would there be?" 

"You are a perv!"

"Well darling, I wish you luck down below." 


The goddess, offended by my comment, shoved me down into the void. I fell down butt-naked into the darkness below. At least, she kept her stupid belt with her. 

[The auction has begun]

The voices now, unlike the previous ones, sounded more malicious. But just like before, they had no shape or form. Who was who was impossible to tell, but I estimated that at least seven gods were participating. 

"She might be an excellent choice for my breeding program." 

I felt a firm hand put pressure on my belly. 

"The Temple of Tentacles needs more priestess." 

When he said that, I felt tentacles drooling saliva over my naked body. 

"Another pet for my dungeon of flesh."

It felt as if she unloaded hot air on my left ear. 

"She is useless as a warrior, trash." 

This group of gods seemed more interested in my womb than in my stats. They fought over who would buy me. They started outbidding each other. 

"Three thousand crystals."

[Value increased to 3k Crystals]

"You are crazy." 

Whoever raised the price started laughing. The other gods raged at him. And then I couldn't hear their voices anymore.

[Error, the goddess of trickery lacks 3k Crystals]

[All other bidders have left the auction]

I fell deeper into the void. 

[Final Sale. Failure to choose a master within five minutes will result in termination]

I was suddenly bombarded with hundreds of proposals from people willing to buy me. But as I looked through them, they were all almost the same. Perverted heroes who wanted a sex slave, old kings who needed to borrow a womb, alchemists that needed a wife. The goddess of light truly screwed me over by making me into a woman. 

I was debating between allowing myself to get terminated and living a life of luxury with a king. But then a proposal came up:

"Succubus, Floor Guardian." 

"Well.... fuck it, that sounds way cooler than just getting fucked." 

[Your new master has requested private changes to your profile]

"Hmmm, sure, maybe he wants to increate my strength or something." 

[You will now spawn in the dungeon of smut]

Wait, Wh-


I was flashed with a blinding white light.