Chapter 3 – Public Fornication [+18]
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Later that day, a cute beastkin maid came to the room, and brutally kicked us from the bed with a storm of ice cubes. Killing all the slimes. The maid explained to us that we were floor guardians in training. As part of our training, we were placed on the fifth floor to serve as Lady Eligos' minions. Apparently among all the floor guardians, Lazy Eligos was the one who liked to fuck with rookies the most. As tradition, all floor guardians in training had to first go through her to get "fixed." 

The fifth floor did not differ from our room. Flesh walls, soft rugs, randomly placed cushions, poorly lit. Lady Eligos ordered us to walk endless laps across the fifth floor until further notice. 

Each lap was about two miles, but that held no relevance. Lady Eligos seemed more interested in humiliating us than in teaching us anything. We were not allowed to wear anything other than a white ribbon she knotted to our neck, a sign that we were her property. 

While I did the laps, I felt like my body was on heat. Walking barefooted across a soft rug was no hard task, but during random intervals the walls released lust inducing pheromones that smelled like vanilla. It was hard to resist the temptation. My succubus body begged me to surrender and throw away myself to sin. 

I resisted nevertheless. If we stained the rugs, Lady Eligos said she would punish us collectively. Something she seemed more than happy to do. 

"Mind over body," I said. 

I was almost done with the fifth lap, when the smell of vanilla congested my nose. I squirmed but kept pushing forward. 

"Random intervals, my ass."

Lady Eligos was clearly manipulating the pheromones manually. I would not let her have her way. I kept walking until I heard a girl moaning. It was the red-headed dragon girl. She was just standing there butt-naked, touching herself. I walked up to her to stop her, but before I could reach her, I started masturbating myself. Her moans were just too hot not too. 

When she heard me moan, she turned around and our eyes met. She immediately pushed me to the ground and mounted me.

[+35 EXP - You made someone succumb to lust]

My fall was softened by the rug. Her hands began assaulting my breasts. Our lips touched, and she invaded my mouth. I sucked her tongue dry. She started rubbing her genitals against mine. She was rough. I pulled her hair and she bit me back. The ghotic girl found us making love and tried to join us, but the demon girl pushed her away.

[+50 EXP - Exhibitionism]

[+100 EXP - You NTR'd someone]

The rubbing got faster and faster, she was very rough. Neither of us could take it anymore. We climaxed together. Lady Eligos be dammed. We fornicated mindlessly for hours.

After a while, when our passion cooled down, we cuddled. 

"It was the pheromones," She said. "Don't get any funny ideas, stupid." 

"Then why are you still playing with my breasts?" I asked. 

Her red pigmentation increased tenfold. But she didn't stop. 

"I need to ask you something really serious," I said, sliding my fingers across heir hair. "You must answer with a simple yes or no."

"Y-yes," She stuttered. Then pressed her face against my skin. Attempting to hide her embarrassment. "I'll be all y-"

"Did you also got transmigrated here?" 

She did not respond. But I could feel her skin burn with embarrassment. 

"I don't want to answer."

I spanked her ass. Her head arched, and we made eye contact. She turned even more red. 

"Maybe," She said. "But that you'll have to find out," Her smile was too cute to intrude any further. 

[Amber, The Dragon Girl has sent you a friend request]


After I accepted, we laid together for at least another hour before attempting to resume the lap. But then Lady Eligos appeared. One could say that she was the lady in black. Her black hair reached down to heir waist. Her bull horns were big and imposing. As expected of a higher demon, she was wearing a silky, see-through black dress that stretched down to her feet. Interesting enough, unlike all the other residents of this dungeon, she was wearing black slippers. 

"Look at what we have here, I let you all have total freedom, and the first thing you do is fornicate like pigs."

"How long have you been here!?" Amber asked. 

"I was here the entire time," She said. "You should've been able to tell by my scent. Each floor guardian has their own scent. Mine is Vanilla." 

"P-Perv!" I shouted.

Her beautiful gray eyes looked at us with both lust and malice. Her smile was dangerous. 

That night, Lady Eligos gave us all three a vicious spanking.