Chapter 4 – Waters of Lust
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Working for Lady Eligos was easy, and as she grew to like us, she allowed Amber and me to fornicate every day. Our routine on the fifth floor remained the same for weeks, except for occasional lore dumps and daily inter-floor gossip. It all went well until one day I got a notification. 

[The toll of hospitality has been paid]

Without warning or explanation, two tentacles grabbed me by the ankles and the flesh walls swallowed me. I fell through a tunnel of filth, into a warm pool of liquid. My mind faded to black.

When I opened my eyes, I was sitting in a fetal position, with my ass cheeks pressed against the wooden floor of a boat. 

I raised my head only for the tip of a sword to meet my chin. 

"Demon, you are to guide us to the dungeon core." 


His hair was blonde, and his eyes were menacing green. His armor was as pristine as that of a knight. 

"Brother, don't be so mean, she looks harmless," Said the girl behind of him. Her eyes and hair color just like his.

"Twins," I thought.

"Never trust demons," He replied. Putting his sword away. 

I thought that was the end of it. But then someone directly behind me started caressing my cheeks. It was a girl. 

"Don't worry, I don't mind cute demons," She said, whispering in my ear. "After we kill the dungeon core, you can become my familiar." 

I couldn't help but laugh. 

"A bunch of low-level schmucks taking on the dungeon core?"

The knight stomped the floor, almost capsizing the boat. I felt water drops fall onto my naked skin. Then he slapped me. Truly classy for a knight. 

"You are to remain silent, unless ordered to speak," He said.

He could beat me all the wanted, but by stating their hostile intentions they had signed their own death warrant. The dungeon core took every threat to her life extremely seriously. The difficulty and arrangement of each floor was up to her discretion. That they had made it this far just meant that the core was going easy on them. It was not unusual for low-level adventurers to beat one or two floors, then return home with a small price. 

We weren't really that deep into the dungeon. The place looked like a cave half submerged in water. The only source of light came from a magic orb cast by the adventures. 

The orb acted almost like a candle, illuminating the nearby water and reaching up to the flesh walls that surrounded us. The walls were twenty yards apart from each other, giving the impression that we were navigating an underground canal. This was definitively the 2nd floor. Home of Lady Mammon, the tentacle mistress. 

Lady Eligos told me once that this was one of the easiest floors to beat. Not because Lady Mammon was weak, but because it had one of the dumbest ways to die. 

The pheromones would intoxicate young lovers and friends and cause them to fornicate in the small boat. This normally resulted in them falling over into the water in a multiple different ways. Too many people in a tiny boat fornicating would accidently trip it over, some would push each other out of jealously, others were too busy merry making to notice Lady Mammon's tentacles slowly tilting the boat, and some other fools would throw themselves naked into the "river" for fun. 

Since this was the only obstacle this floor had, adventurers who could keep it on their pants were guaranteed to receive a reward. But those who drowned were forever cursed to serve Lady Mamon as non-sentient zombies. Although it was totally possible for a solo adventurer or a duo to make it out of here despite succumbing to lust. 

"Is that cinnamon?" The creepy girl asked. 

That was the smell of Lady Mammon. Unlike them, I was a succubus. There was no way for me to resist such a strong concentration of pheromones.

My moaning answered her question. I closed my eyes and started thinking about Amber, while fingering myself. 

While I masturbated, I heard three consecutive water splashes. 

The three adventurers had likely stripped naked and dipped into the warm waters of lust. By now, while they were too busy love-making to notice, Lady Mammon's tentacles were likely pulling them deeper into the depths of the water. Drowning was to be their fate. 

Thinking about it put my succubus body in heat. I was about to climax, but someone pulled back my hair, making me moan. 

A potion was emptied on my throat. After I swallowed, my lust was gone. It was the creepy spell caster girl. 

She threw the empty flask into the water, making a splash. 

"See, beating the dungeon core won't be difficult with potions like this," She said, patting me. "Just hold your lust for when you become my familiar. We can do mana transfers all day."

I couldn't blush. The potion was extremely effective. 

Lady Mamon, enraged at the blatant attempt at cheating, sent her horde of zombies to attack us. But they were no match for the adventurers, who slashed open any hands that clenched to the boat. 

After a few more minutes, the boat finally made landfall. The next floor would not be as kind..