Chapter 5 – Rubbing under the night sky [+18]
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When we entered the next floor, the vastness of the sky mesmerized me. It was a sea of stars. The cosmos was inviting us to watch. Had I been an astronomer, I would've danced with delight. 

But we were here with other matters at hand. Underneath the night sky, the stars bloomed with bluish light into the meadows below. In front of us, a colossal maze stretching vertically with no end in sight. The hedge maze towered above us, three meters in height. 

The adventurers couldn't believe that we were still inside the dungeon. The floor couldn't possibly accommodate a sky. But it did. I could tell right away. It reeked like pumpkin pie. This was Lady Eva's domain. The witch of the swamp. 

The knight suddenly pushed me forward. "Guide us, that is why you are here."

He was brute as he was stupid. 

Inside of the maze, the walls were filled with bright fruits and delicacies. Alicia, the knight's twin, ripped a strawberry from the garden's wall. She smelled them to see if they were edible. 

"Grab as many as you want, they taste delicious," I said. "But don't eat them here, not in this floor."

Those strawberries induce explosive orgasms or ejaculations on those who ate them. 

I was under no obligation to help them. Only to guide them. But if I gained their trust, maybe I could snatch Alicia for myself. She obediently pulled a handful into her satchel and continued. As we walked through the maze, we saw hundreds of Greek like statues of naked men and woman in different erotical poses. The fate of those who ate the strawberries while traveling the maze. 

I followed the smell of the pheromones to the best of my ability. Along the way, catgirls attacked us. But like me, they were just low-level minions, and they got killed easily. Not that they truly died. No minions in the dungeon ever die, we just respawn. Eventually, as we made our way through the maze, we reached a hut. 

Lady Eva awaited for us outside, alone. She looked like a milf in her stereotypical witch clothes. If they fought her, they were dead. She stretcher her arms, welcoming us.

"Adventurers, have tea with me, and you shall continue your quest uninterrupted." 

"And if we refuse?" The knight asked. 

"I will end you right were you stand, my garden needs human fertilizer." 

We ended up going inside the hut without a fight. No matter how stupid they were, no low level was going to take upon a level two hundred. Lazy Eva's hut seemed like the warm house of an old lazy. Of course, I couldn't say that out loud without getting spanked. But I am sure the adventurers felt the same. When she made us sit at her round table, she brought forward five cups of tea. 

"Here, feel free to drink." 

As the disposable guide, I was forced to drink the tea first. The adventurers wished to wait five to ten minutes to see what happened to my body. Eventually my bladder couldn't take it anymore and I had to go pee. I was instructed to go pee outside, somewhere in the maze. 

Once at the mace, I peed where I knew no one could see me. I felt weird, the pumpkin pie smell once again was making me horny. Did I just peed away the magical potion? 

I was making my way back to the tea party with such thoughts in my head. But before I left the maze, someone pulled me by the waist and bent over. Their other hand pressed into mouth. 

"Shhhh, shhh, easy there," She said. Kissing my ear while her hand made its way down to my clit. Her fingers and skin were tender. She started rubbing me softly. I couldn't see who she was, but my body didn't care. 

"It will be to Lady Baal's satisfaction," She said as she tickled my clit. "if you could lead the adventurers safely into the next floor."

[Savannah has offered you a quest]

She then pushed two of her fingers into my mouth. "Do you understand?" She asked. 

I responded by sucking her fingers. 

"Keep sucking for a while longer, I have a gift for you."

I didn't know what she meant by that. I was already on the brink of orgasm. When her tail entered me and started pounding me fiercely on the G-spot. I just exploded. I couldn't help myself. I felt like a slut. But I couldn't get myself to tell her to stop. I kept sucking those fingers like a slut. 

After my third orgasm, she laughed and pushed me to the ground. Then that's when I could see her. She was a milk-white elf, with almost no tits, long silver hair, petite complexion, black side horns, bikini, tights and a green cape. 

"Succcy-chan, look at how much of a dirty slut you are, don't worry, I'll wipe you clean."

She was a liar. I could see it in her lavender eyes. When her tongue went inside of me, I only cummed more. 

Thankfully, no slimes came out, or I would've been extremely embarrassed. When she was done pleasuring me, I returned to the party. Only for the system to flash me with a new notification.

[Congratulations, you just obtained your second STD]

[Vesta's Itch (-0.5 Intelligence +4 Charisma) - self explanatory]

Fuck, I was getting dumber every time. 

When I entered the room, Lady Eva smiled.

"See," She said. "Succy made it back. That means you can drink the tea and no harm will come to you." 

The adventurers looked at me. "is that true?" 

I could not lie, as per the contract. "Yes, the tea has no magical properties, and it has nothing that you won't find in a tea served to you by another human."

The adventurers drank the warm tea. 

"And well, would you like some more?" Eva asked. She was genuinely happy that her tea was well received. 

The adventurers were stupid and drank more tea. She even gave us muffins that we could eat on our way back to the labyrinth. 

"See, we are invincible," the knight said.