Chapter 6 – Flesh Toys [+18]
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Having left the hut of Lady Eva victorious, we made our way through the last stretch of the maze. Then it happened. The adventurers wanted to pee. 

This was no decision, I wanted to meet Savannah again. My body tingled with excitement. 

"If you pee right now, you won't make it out of this floor alive." 

[Lady Eva added you to her enemy list. She is now hostile towards you]

I could hear Lady Eva screech at the distance, she had been betrayed. The spell-caster girl looked at me confused. 

"Why is that?" she asked. 

"This garden becomes carnivorous once it detects human fluids," I said. It was a calculated lie.

"Is that possible?" The knight asked. 

[Due to your high charisma, the humans believed you]

"That is technically possible," She replied. 

"Well, we are so close to beating the floor, I am sure we can hold on a little longer," Alice said. 

I did my best to hide my smile. 

Once we reached the next floor, we entered Lady Baal's domain. Unlike all the previous floors, this one was well lit. The ceiling was decorated with transparent magical crystals. They emitted a white, natural light over everything in the corridor. Almost as bright as a modern bulb. The walls of the corridor were milk white and made of wood, while the fluffy rug on the floor was pitch black. This modern aesthetics of the place must've confused the adventurers, for there is no way they had seen something like this before. 

A young-looking dark elf appeared. She was milk-white like Savannah, her height was no taller than 1.55 meters. But unlike the rest of the demons I had seen before, she was wearing a skimpy maid outfit. She was barefoot but wore a black leather anklet on her right feet. Perhaps a sign of status? I didn't know. Her evil lavender eyes looked cute with her toxic, punk looking green hair. They went well with her two pigtails. 

"My Mistress has challenged you all to a duel, but she has noticed that some of you are in need of using the restroom and getting some refreshments." She said. "Believe me when I tell you, my Mistress has no fun winning a non-honorable duel. So if you are kind enough to follow me, I'll take you to the restrooms." 

The little elf looked at me, as if expecting me to go along with it. 

"Oh, yes, Lady Baal is the most lawful guardian in this dungeon. I am witness to her great honor," I said. 

[Due to your high charisma, the humans believed you]

"Alright, well will follow you, demon," The knight said. 

While the heroes followed the maid, I followed right behind them. I had the biggest shit-eating grin that I've ever had in a while, all my openings did. 

When we reached the restrooms, there was only one for a guy and one for a girl. Alice had to wait. This is when I whispered in her ear. 

"I know where to find another restroom." 

[Due to your high charisma and her lower intelligence, Alice believes you]

She followed me through the white corridors, like the good girl that she was. The maid did not even bother to stop me. She smirked when she saw what I was doing.

"Don't forget to check under the bed!" The maid yelled. I didn't know what she meant by that. 

I just took Alice deeper and deeper into the pheromones. Lady Baal smelled like lavender. Once the scent of sin was too strong for me to resist, I took Alice to a random room. To my delight, it was a fancy room with a bed and a private restroom, although it looked like a place where one would film a porno. 

"Don't worry Alice," I said, with an innocent smile. "I can take care of your satchel for you."

[Alice trusts you]

"Succy-chan, you are so kind."

[You have sent Alice a friend request]

After she accepted and gave me her satchel, I emptied all the potions on the ground, and threw the satchel into the bed. Then, like the maid suggested, I checked underneath the bed.

"Hmm, what's this... OH."

I waited for five minutes, but Alice never returned. I grabbed one of the strawberries and went to check on her, and when I leaned close to the white wooden door that lead to the restroom, I heard moaning. I opened the door to find Alice touching herself. 

"Wait, don't," Alice begged. She quickly put back her underwear on. 

I held her hand and pulled her out of the restroom. She put no resistance. I pressed the strawberry into her mouth and she devoured it. She exploded on her panties. When her mind rebooted, I had removed her soaking wet underwear along with all of her clothes. She tried to stand up, but she was tied to the bed. 

I parted her soft lips apart and invaded her mouth. Instead of resisting, she started sucking my tongue. I started kneading her breasts and squeezed them at my liking. She squirmed with pleasure and started moaning loudly as I broke the kiss and started sucking her nipples. 

I then moved to the edge of the bed to lick her firm juicy thighs and ran my tongue between them. I licked her thighs slowly and gently from one to the other. I gently placed my tongue on her swollen clit and kissed it. The taste of her juices made wet myself. I slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy and licked it shamelessly. She tasted so good. Her thighs were dripping wet. I licked up and down her pussy slowly in circles until she had another orgasm.

I slowly inserted the tip of my tail inside of her. I started thrusting into her slowly. She started moving her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. Her boobs bouncing with every stroke. I moved my tail in and out slowly, then increased the speed. She screamed in pleasure as my tail entered inside her and hit all the way to her womb. She started breathing heavier and my tail left no part of her pussy untouched. She started moaning loudly as her entire body started shaking in pleasure. Her pussy started convulsing, and I felt a warm wetness pouring out of her as she exploded yet again. 

Once I was done ravaging her, I made her eat my pussy like the little slut that she was. Once I was bored, I dressed her in her panties, and made her knee doggy style. I then made her eat the strawberries, one after the other, while I spanked her with a leather strip. 

"You wanted this, didn't you, you little slut," I said. Spanking her ass over and over, while she devoured the strawberries and climaxed on her now drenched white panties. 

After about ten climaxes and twenty minutes of spanking, we ran out of strawberries.

"Now, be a good little slut and stay on the bed hot and ready, until I return." 

When I left the bed, Alice was wearing nothing but her cummed panties. On my way to the door, I noticed that about thirteen maids had somehow gathered in the room without me noticing and were having their own little orgy watching me spank my new pet. 

[Alice is now your pet]

[+300 - Exhibitionism (13)]

[+500 - Passed down STDs into a human (2)]

[+300 - You broke someone's mind]

[Congratulations, you are now level 2]

[Your reputation among inhabitants of the 4th floor has increased]