Chapter 7 – Lolidom [+18]
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When I reached level 2, the system flashed my progress so far. 

Strength 1
Dexterity 1
Constitution 1
Intelligence 2
Wisdom 1
Charisma 18

I was two STDs away from becoming a sex toy. I need to be more careful. 

[Status: Slave] [Property of Lady Eligos] [5th Floor]

[Job: Dungeon Guide] [Race: Succubus]

[Traits: Pet]

[STDs: 2] [Friends: 2]

My stats were locked, it seemed that I needed to go talk to Lady Eligos to seek her approval if I wanted to use my newly acquired skill points. I searched for Savannah to acquire my reward. After walking for a few minutes all the way down the one corridor of the floor, I ran into the entertaining room. It seems it was impossible to continue deeper into the floor without first passing through here. 

Savannah and around another twenty elf-demons seemed to be killing time here. While Savannah and another three maids sat on the white sofa, the rest were sitting around it, in the soft black rug. Almost in a semi-circle. It seems public fornication was the norm on this floor. A bit less than half were going at it, while wearing their black and white maid outfits. The rest seemed more interested in gossip. If my assumption was not wrong, then that means that dark elves see sex as casually as breathing. 

When Savannah saw me, she waved at me. "I have a gift for you," She said. I immediately got horny. Despite having met her a few hours ago, I already missed her cold lavender eyes and tongue. 

I got close to her in anticipation. The other dark elvish maids seemed to be busy checking me out. When Savannah snapped her fingers, a green haired loli maid appeared. She was the same maid that had welcomed me and the adventures into the forth floor.

"Stella, give Succy-chan her reward."

She then brought forward a black and white maid outfit like the one everyone was wearing and left back to where she had come from.

"Put it on," She said. "You can't be running around naked all the time." 

[You have obtained a maid outfit]

I obliged and put the outfit on, but felt disappointed. I thought my gift was going to be something else. 

"Aww, why the puppy eyes," She said. "Come over here." 

She signaled that I could sit on her. Which I did. We started making out on the sofa, with our boobs pressed against each other. She flipped my skirt and poured her fingers on me. 

While I rode her fingers, I felt a satisfaction that I hadn't before. She was scratching my itch..

[You sent Savannah a friend request]


After she accepted, I had a love induced orgasm. We went at it for a few minutes until the rhythm slowed down and she pulled a magic mirror. I felt jealous at the attention she was putting into it. 

"Look, this is Lady Baal, dueling the adventures." 

I couldn't be bothered to watch, so I just kept riding her, while she put all of her attention into the mirror. Her long silver hair looked so hot when she was serious. But just before I was about to orgasm again, I suddenly fell from the sofa onto the rug. Then I felt as if I was shocked with electricity. Screams of pain packed the room. When I opened my eyes, the dark elvish maids in the room had turned into lolis, including myself.

There was only one person in the dungeon with such a devastating spell-casting ability... strong enough to affect an entire floor....

Lady Eva had gone loose. Floor guardians were not supposed to roam. Let alone attack other floors. At least our uniforms and everyone's black horns scaled down. Shoes didn't, although only Savannah was the only person in the room wearing any. Lady Baal's slippers. Showing off her status as the favorite. 

[Race: Succubus/Loli]

*Cute screaming intensifies*

Savannah was pissed. Her race had changed to [Dark-Elf/Loli]

"THAT STUPID WITCH WILL PAY FOR THIS," She said. All the maids in the room started foaming from the mouth, enraged. Their eyes sparking with murderous intent. Savannah kicked one of the wooden walls with her feet, creating a hole. Dozens of blunt weapons rained onto the rug. 

All of blunt weapons were made of solid and shinning steel, clubs, maces, axes. Among them there were also wooden muskets with bayonets. The lolified maids dashed forward like hungry hyenas and grabbed a weapon as fast as they could. Then Savannah, with a club in hand, charged out of the room. All the maids followed her. 

I barely grabbed a musket when hundreds of lolified maids started pouring out of the rooms and dipping into the hallway. My lolified body was too fragile to carry a weapon, so I just grabbed the magical mirror and laid down on the sofa, with my bare feet resting against the sofa's arm.

It was as if Lady Eva had kicked a hornet's nest, and now all the little bees were coming out to wage war. The magical mirror showed me as dozens of catgirls breached into the fourth floor, just for the first wave to be mowed down by a volley of musket fire. 

The maids had no time to reload. The second wave of catgirls charged. The maid captain ordered a bayonet charge. When the two sides collided, guts flew and heads rolled. Stains of blood splashed into the white walls of the corridor. The dark elves broke first. But when they tried to retreat, their fellow maids unleashed a second volley of fire. Friend and foe alike got mowed down. 


The third wave was not as friendly. The trench warfare that happened in the entrance of the fourth floor quickly made the corridor into a no-man's-land. Until Lady Eva unleashed a magical bombardment. She had made her move. 

When the dust settled, the battle had turned into a brawl. With Savannah smashing the skull of the catgirl captain like a bug. I was suddenly thrown out of the sofa by a group of maids who started barricading the entertaining room. Three loli maids struggled to pull an old-looking cannon, while a seemingly taller loli was hitting them with a leash. They mounted the cannon on top of the white sofa ,which was now barricading the entrance from the hallway. 

That ugly cannon was pitch black and surrounded with rims of gold. It seemed like it hadn't been used since the American Civil war. Stella then appeared, with a weird-looking flask which contained a fire looking liquid. She loaded the cannon with it, and I just saw on my feet, back to observing the fight from within the mirror. Stella didn't seem to be afraid of the situation, but instead she looked annoyed. 

"Stupid, she always does this," She said.

The entire maid army routed through the corridor, as they were being chased by murderous catgirls. Savannah tried to rally the dark elvish forces. 


Her shouts were put to a stop, when a catgirl boned her skull with a mace. 

The remaining elvish forces rallied behind the barricade. When the marauding catgirl forces appeared, a single artillery shot was fired. The entire corridor along with the catgirl forces combusted in hellfire. Everything burned. The few unlucky catgirls to be at the front attempted a suicide charge, as they burned to death. But they were blasted down by musket fire. 

"What was that!?" I asked. 

"Greek-fire," Stella replied. "Lady Baal has a rather peculiar taste for human technology,"  Her lavender eyes glinting with excitement. 

It was a clear elvish victory. Then Lady Eva made her appearance. The maids who up to now were fighting like rabid dogs to the last man, started dropping their weapons and fled. Even Stella who was a high-ranking maid, dropped her mace and began to tremble. The proud black and white uniform of the maids was suddenly soaked in yellow as they all made a run for their lives. I didn't understand why. 

Then the evil witch stepped over the barricade and petted me and Stella. "You two are adorable, I'll make sure to fatten you two really well. I'll tell you wonderful bedtime stories every night and then, I'll make you two a big pie to celebrate." 

I couldn't move. She hugged us both, pushing our faces and bodies into her. It felt forced. But my body just couldn't move. She then turned off the fire and ordered to follow her. She grabbed us both by a hand each. 

"Let's go, she said." 

I had no control over my body, It just walked on its own at Lady Eva's tune. I could feel a painful smile on my face. I looked over at Stella, and we made eye contact. She had a full smile too; it looked unnatural. 

We left the fourth floor, side by side. The evil witch just laughed. I was scared. Somehow I resist the temptation to pee myself. 

"Please, help, anyone," My begging went unnoticed.